Winton Overwatch: Tips & More

Winston Overwat refers to a beloved meme and joke within the Overwatch community, centring around a misspelling of the name of the game’s super-intelligent gorilla scientist hero, Winston. This lighthearted meme has spawned a passionate fan subculture celebrating Winton and all his quirky brilliance.

The Origin of the Winton Overwat Meme

The earliest known appearance of the Winton Overwat meme was in a Reddit post on March 29, 2019, by user FungusXd. The post featured an image of a Winston plushie with the caption, “My favourite Overwatch character, Winton Overwat.”

This silly misspelling resonated with the Overwatch fanbase and quickly took off as a joke and meme. People began creating and sharing their Winton content across Reddit, YouTube, and TikTok.

Some of the most famous early Winton memes include:

  • The original FungusXd Reddit post now has over 5,000 upvotes.
  • A November 2022 TikTok video by @spiderdum featuring Winton gameplay footage that garnered over 800,000 views and 120,000 likes.
  • A November 2022 TikTok by @yawnymays of Winton dancing with over 1 million views and 200,000 likes.

The Appeal of Winton

So, what makes the Winton meme so appealing to Overwatch fans? Here are some of the factors behind its popularity:

  • Nostalgia: Winston is one of the original heroes from the launch of Overwatch in 2016. Veteran players feel a sense of nostalgia seeing this classic character portrayed in a new humorous way.
  • Cuteness: Misspelling Winston’s sophisticated name as the sillier “Winton” adds an element of cute absurdity. Fans lean into this cuteness by creating plushies, figurines, and other soft Winton merch.
  • Creativity: The meme has spawned a wave of fan art, animations, music remixes and other creative content celebrating Winton’s eccentric genius. People enjoy expressing their fandom through creative outlets.
  • Community: Winton has become a way for the Overwatch community to bond over their shared appreciation for Winston and the game. Memes bring people together through humour.
Winton Overwatch

Winton’s Abilities and Gameplay

But beneath the funny memes, Winton Overwat has some severe abilities that make Winston a formidable Overwatch hero. Here’s a look at how to play Winton effectively:

Tesla Cannon

Winton’s primary weapon is the Tesla Cannon, an automatic short-range electric gun that locks onto nearby enemies. The cannon does constant ticking damage, which is excellent for disrupting the enemy team.

Jump Pack

With his Jump Pack, Winton can leap across the map, damaging and knocking back any foes he lands on. Use this mobility to ambush enemies and single them out from their team.

Barrier Projector

The Barrier Projector generates a protective bubble shield that blocks enemy fire. Use it to give Winton and teammates safe space on the objective or when diving into battle.

Primal Rage (Ultimate)

Winton’s powerful Primal Rage ultimately transforms him into a raging beast, vastly increasing his health and attack power for a short duration. Go on a rampage and cause chaos among the enemy ranks.

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Mastering Winton: Tips and Strategies

Here are some top tips to master Winton Overwat’s skills:

  • Disrupt enemies – Use your abilities to isolate vulnerable targets and divide the enemy team’s formation. Winton excels at disruption.
  • Counter snipers – Jump on top of long-range snipers like Widowmaker and brawl them in close quarters. Snipers are easy prey for Winton.
  • Focus supports – Use your Tesla Cannon and mobility to eliminate fragile support heroes like Mercy and Zenyatta quickly.
  • Learn from guides – Study Winton strategy guides on YouTube and sites like Overbuff to keep improving your skills. Join the Scientist Ape Academy!
  • Have fun! Don’t remember to relish and enjoy Winton’s quirky abilities. Play with creativity and humour!

Countering the Scientist Ape

Enemy Wintons causing problems for your team? Here are some top hero picks and tips to counter the eccentric gorilla:

  • Reinhardt – Use your barrier to block Winton’s Tesla Cannon and knock him back with Rocket Hammer.
  • Zarya – Absorb damage with Particle Barrier to gain energy, then melt Winton’s health with your beam.
  • Reaper – Get up close and blast Winton away with your Hellfire Shotguns.
  • Mei – Freeze Winton in place to leave him vulnerable. Your ice walls also impede his mobility.
  • Brigitte – Bash Winton mid-leap with Shield Bash or protect allies with Barrier Shield.
  • Focus fire – Team focus fire can quickly burn through Winton’s limited health pool. Call him out as the target.


The Winton meme may have started as a silly joke, but it has evolved into a full-fledged celebration of everything that makes Winston such a beloved hero. When playing Winton, remember to channel the scientist ape’s curious spirit, noble intentions, and courage in the face of adversity.

Winton Overwat has cemented his place among the game’s most iconic heroes by bringing humour and camaraderie to the Overwatch community. His meme legacy is a testament to the passion and creativity of Overwatch fans. So the next time you play, consider choosing the brilliant, banana-loving Winton!

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