Wild Rift Sett Counters: Tips & Tricks

Sett is a formidable top laner in Wild Rift, known for his robust skill set and ability to win extended trades. His combination of damage, crowd control, tackiness, and mobility can make him a challenging opponent. However, Sett does have counters that can give you an edge against him in the lane. This guide explores tips and tricks to counter Sett in Wild Rift.

Which Champions Are Strong Against Sett

Picking the right champion against Sett is vital in countering him. Here are some of the best picks to consider:


Jax is one of the strongest duelists in Wild Rift and excels at extended trades against Sett. His Counter Strike ability allows him to dodge Sett’s Haymaker and avoid taking damage from it. Meanwhile, Jax can stack his passive and use his ultimate to out-damage Sett in longer fights. Take short trades with your Empower and Leap Strike to whittle Sett down.


Vayne is a highly mobile ADC with % health actual damage from her Silver Bolts passive. This allows her to shred through Sett’s large health pool and sustain damage. She can Condemn Sett away if he uses Haymaker to disengage. Vayne wants to avoid extended trades and can kite out Sett with Tumble.


Camille has a strong poke and sustained damage versus Sett. She can harass him from the range with Precision Protocol and avoid unfavourable trades. Her Hookshot gives mobility to dodge Haymaker or escape when Sett ults—Time Hookshot to prevent the crowd control and damage from his combo.


Kennen excels at short, burst trades in lane using his Electric Surge-empowered auto attacks. His Lightning Rush allows him to dart in and out against Sett. When Sett tries to all-in, Kennen can stun him with Slicing Maelstrom and avoid extended fights. Build some magic resist to counter Sett’s damage, too.


Fiora outpaces Sett in 1v1 duels at all points in the game. She can riposte his Haymaker stun with her party and stun Sett to turn trades in her favour. Fiora can poke vitals using Lunge and disengage using Burst of Speed to control the lane tempo. Her ultimate also shreds through Sett, giving her kill pressure.

Wild Rift Sett Counters

Which Itemizations Are Strong Against Sett

Building the right items is crucial to limiting Sett’s damage and fight survivability. Consider the following options:

Plated Steelcaps

The armour and damage reduction from Plated Steelcaps is highly effective at reducing incoming damage from Sett’s punches and Haymaker. This is your first item purchase against AD opponents.

Randuin’s Omen

Randuin’s active slows Sett’s attack speed significantly, allowing you to mitigate his autos in trades. The crit damage reduction also limits Haymaker’s burst potential.


Thornmail reflects damage to Sett when he autos you. This deters extended trades as he damages himself when punching you. The anti-heal also limits his Grit healing.

Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart provides armour and an attack speed slow aura, making extended trades difficult for Sett. He relies on autos to stack Grit – this limits that.

Quicksilver Enchant

Quicksilver Enchant can counter Sett’s ultimate. Time the active just before he lands to cleanse the damage and crowd control from his ultimate immediately.

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Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Beyond picks and items, you can also employ specific gameplay strategies to counter Sett:

  • Harass and poke frequently with abilities in the early levels before Sett has kill pressure. This forces him to use Grit stacks defensively rather than aggressively.
  • When Sett uses Haymaker, try to walk behind him so only the outer end clips you. This reduces the damage taken since the centre of the ability does the most damage.
  • Avoid extended all-in trades or brawls with Sett. His Grit stacking and Haymaker excel in these scenarios. Use mobility and disengage tools to kite him.
  • If Sett builds Stridebreaker, keep a distance so he can’t slow you and land the centre of his Haymaker.
  • When swindling Sett, try to bait out Haymaker first so your jungler can engage without getting stunned.
  • In team fights, focus fire Sett with crowd control so he can’t get into the backline. Burst him before he can use Haymaker.
  • Time Zhonya’s Hourglass during Sett’s ultimate animation to avoid damage and crowd control altogether.

Critical Takeaways for Countering Sett

  • Pick mobile champions with poke and disengage tools like Jax, Vayne, and Camille.
  • Build early armour such as Plated Steelcaps and Randuin’s Omen.
  • Avoid extended trades and kite Sett’s all-ins.
  • Poke frequently early and bait out his Haymaker.
  • Use mobility, displacements, and Zhonya’s to dodge his ultimate.
  • Focus on crowd control. He settles in team fights, so he can’t combo carries.

Sett is a dominant lane, but he does have exploitable weaknesses. Using the correct picks and strategies covered here, you can effectively counter Sett and gain an advantage over this robust juggernaut. Careful play that avoids his strengths and abuses his weaknesses will lead to more wins against Sett.

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