Wild Rift Nasus Counters: Tips and Tricks

Nasus can be a formidable opponent in Wild Rift with his ability to scale infinitely by stacking his Siphoning Strike. However, there are counterplay options and strategies you can leverage to reduce his impact and give yourself the best chance at defeating him. This guide will provide “Wild Rift Nasus Counters Tips and Tricks” for countering Nasus in Wild Rift.

Deny Nasus Early Game Farm

As a late-game hyper carry, Nasus needs ample time farming to accumulate stacks on his Siphoning Strike and reach his powerful spikes.

Do Not Push the Lane

Avoid pushing the lane early against Nasus. This allows him to farm under a tower comfortably near his turret’s safety. The ideal scenario is to freeze the road on your side of the map, denying Nasus the ability to walk up and last-hit minions.

Harass and Poke Frequently

Use your champion’s abilities to poke and chip away at Nasus’s health bar repeatedly. This forces him to play cautiously instead of feeling comfortable walking up to stack Siphoning Strike. Coordinate swindles with your jungle to set Nasus even further behind.

Every bit of health and mana Nasus uses on sustaining in lane is a resource not spent on stacking his damage.

Itemization Choices

Smart itemization can counteract Nasus’s threat.

Invest in Grievous Wounds

Nasus’s ultimate (Fury of the Sands) increases his health and lifestyle. Purchasing Grievous Wounds reduces incoming healing and counteracts part of what makes his maximum so powerful during all-ins and team fights.

Build Armor Penetration

As Nasus often builds significant armour thanks to his passive, creating armour penetration allows you to shred through his tackiness in the mid to late-game team fights. This prevents him from becoming an unkillable drain tank.

Buy Quicksilver Enchant

Nasus’s Wither is central to his trading patterns and lockdown. The Quicksilver Enchant actively cleanses any disables, allowing you to escape Wither’s movement, and attack speed immediately slows.

Wild Rift Nasus Counters Tips and Tricks

Play Around with His Power spikes and Cooldowns.

Please track when Nasus unlocks new power and when he has critical spells available or on cooldown.

Respect His Level 6 Power Spike

Once Nasus reaches level 6, his ultimate grants him increased damage and durability for 15 seconds. Expect his threat level to ramp up upon hitting 6, only overextending with the vision of Nasus. Avoid fighting him while his ultimate is active.

Fight Him When Wither Is On Cooldown

Nasus’s Wither impedes his enemies’ ability to kite him or escape his threat range. Without Wither available, Nasus loses a significant piece of his trading pattern. Look to force skirmishes and fights when you know Wither is unavailable.

Through proper counter-itemization, exploiting his early game weaknesses, and capitalizing on power spike and cooldown windows, you can significantly reduce the influence a Nasus has over a Wild Rift match. Please coordinate with your team to shut him down early.

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Champion Counterpicks

Certain Wild Rift champions have kits with built-in tools to counteract and survive against Nasus.


Her mobility allows her to dash in and out of combat, avoiding being crippled by Wither while whittling Nasus down. She also builds armour penetration to cut through his tackiness.


Pantheon’s combination of armour penetration built into his kit plus his targeted stun permits him to pressure Nasus repeatedly in the early levels. His roaming ultimate also enables him to counter-gank Nasus.


Irelia has the tools to survive extended all-ins with Nasus thanks to her damage reduction and healing on hit. She can avoid his cripples with properly-timed dashes. Her actual damage also shreds tanks.


Beating Nasus requires limiting his scaling potential early through lane pressure and harassment. It would help if you built to counteract his most vital assets while capitalizing on windows where he lacks ult or has critical spells on cooldown. Pick champions with the mobility and resilience to match him. Stick to these Wild Rift Nasus Counters Tips and Tricks, and you will have an excellent chance of overcoming a Nasus!

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