Where to Sell Pelts in RDR2 Online

Red Dead Online allows players to hunt animals and sell their pelts for cash. However, the process differs from the story mode of Red Dead Redemption 2. There is no trapper to which you can sell pelts and carcasses to craft clothing and equipment. Instead, it would help if you sold your hides and carcasses to butchers around the map. Explore “Where to Sell Pelts RDR2 Online”.

How to Find Butchers to Sell To

Butchers can be identified on the map by their cleaver icon. They are located in major towns and settlements throughout the five states. Here are some of the locations where you can find butchers:

  • Valentine – Located near the saloon in the centre of town
  • Strawberry – Northern end in the city, opposite the general store
  • Rhodes – Next to the general store
  • Saint-Denis – Multiple locations throughout the city
  • Blackwater – Southwestern part of town near the docks
  • Tumbleweed – At the north end of town

When you enter a butcher location, you will see the butcher standing behind a table or counter. Approach him to sell your pelts and carcasses.

What are The Prices for Pelts

The amount of money you receive for selling a pelt depends on several factors:

  • Animal Type – Rarer and larger animals command higher prices for their pelts. Legendary animals provide the most money. Smaller common animals like rabbits and raccoons yield low-value pelts.
  • Pelt Quality – The condition of the pelt determines its value. A perfect, undamaged coat is worth more than a poor one. Use the right weapons to get clean kills and preserve pelt quality.
  • Demand – Prices fluctuate depending on demand. Sometimes, pelts will be in a hot market, causing prices to rise substantially.
  • Butcher Inventory – Each butcher only has a limited amount of cash. Once they run out, you may get lower pellet prices until their inventory resets.

At a minimum, larger animal pelts like deer, boar, and bears will net $2-$4. Higher value animals can yield $5-$10 per pelt. Top-tier legendary animals can fetch anywhere from $15-$50 per pelt.

Where to Sell Pelts RDR2 Online

What You Can Do With Pelts

Selling pelts to butchers is not your only option. Here are some other uses for pelts in Red Dead Online:

  • Donate to Cripps – Bringing coats to Cripps at your camp allows him to convert them into materials used to produce goods. This levels up your Trader role.
  • Craft Clothing/Items – Use pelts at the Trapper to craft unique clothing like coats and hats. You can also craft item upgrades like bandoliers and holsters.
  • Daily Challenges – Skinning animals and selling pelts can complete many daily challenges for bonus XP and gold.

What are The Hunt Tips for Quality Pelts

To maximize your income from selling pelts, keep these hunting tips in mind:

  • Use the right weapons – Small game arrows for small animals, rifles for medium/large game. This preserves pelt condition.
  • Aim for clean kill shots by targeting the head or vital organs. It goes to the body and can damage the pelts.
  • Use Dead Eye to place photos and get clean kills carefully.
  • Use a knife to skin animals – shooting or damaging the skin reduces pelt value.
  • Store pelts properly – stow them on your horse if you can’t sell them immediately to prevent decay.
  • Legendary coats are automatically stored in the Trapper inventory when skinned. You can sell them anytime.
  • Check the player menu to see your accumulated pelts – it caps out at 10 of each type. Sell them once you reach the limit.

What are The Most Valuable Pelts to Hunt

While all animals yield some value for their pelts, these species provide the most money due to their size, quality, and demand:

  • Bears – Black bears, in particular, yield top dollar for their thick, large pelts. Grizzly bears also pay well.
  • Alligators/Crocodiles – Skinning these giant reptiles provides high-value hides. Their meat also sells well.
  • Deer – The common deer has a large pelt that sells reasonably. Bucks pay more than does.
  • Pronghorn – Second to deer for valuable medium mammal pelts. They are abundant on the Great Plains.
  • Bison – These majestic beasts roaming The Heartlands have thick hides that sell for top dollar.
  • Moose – Found in the snowy areas of Ambarino, moose provide excellent quality pelts.
  • Legendary Animals – Based on the creature, all legendary pelts sell for the highest amounts, from $20 to $50.

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Tips for Locating Profitable Hunting Grounds

Hunting in areas with many high-value animals is critical to making money from pelts. Here are some top spots for finding profitable prey:

  • Big Valley (West Elizabeth) – Many bears, deer, pronghorn, and bison populate this area.
  • Tall Trees (West Elizabeth) – An excellent region to find bears and deer. It also has elk.
  • Bayou Nwa (Lemoyne) – Alligators abound in this swampy southern locale. It also has boars.
  • Bluewater Marsh (Lemoyne) – Another prime alligator hunting zone in the south.
  • Scarlett Meadows (Lemoyne) – Deer and pronghorn proliferate in the meadows along the Dakota River.
  • Heartlands (New Hanover) – This central territory has plentiful deer, pronghorn, rabbits, and bison.
  • Roanoke Ridge (New Hanover) – Lots of boar, deer, and badgers in the heavily forested mountains.
  • Ambarino – The snowy north has moose, deer, rams, and badgers. Plus, legendary animals.

By targeting these areas, you can efficiently hunt, skin, and gather piles of valuable pelts to sell for cash. Spend some time exploring the landscapes to find concentrations of certain animal types.

Legendary Animals For Big Money Hunting

When you reach Naturalist Rank 5, legendary animal sighting missions become available. These specially marked creatures have unique coats and provide precious pelts when skinned.

Here are some tips for hunting legendary animals:

  • Equip the varmint rifle – sedative ammo prevents damaging the valuable pelts.
  • Study animal clues like fur and tracks to locate the creatures.
  • Spawning is random, so you may need to return another day if they don’t appear.
  • Use Dead Eye, cover scent lotion, and stealth to get close without alarming them.
  • Check possible spawn points marked on the map. Most have preferred territories.

With large sizes and unique, high-demand coats, legendary pelts bring $20-$50 at the Trapper or Butcher. Each provides a significant payday, making them the most profitable hunting quarry.


While the Trapper is gone, selling pelts for cash to butchers around the map is the best way to profit from hunting in Red Dead Online. Seek large mammals like deer, pronghorns, bears, and alligators to maximize income from each pelt. Hunting efficiently in areas with lots of high-value spawns is the key to making money. Use the right tactics and weapons to get clean kills and perfect pelts. You can bring in hundreds of dollars per hunting trip with time and practice. Just keep Cripps from buying too many of those pelts for the Trader business!

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