Where to Get Lettuce Seeds in Palworld

Lettuce is an important crop in Palworld that can be used to craft beneficial recipes for your character and Pals. Obtaining a steady supply of lettuce seeds is crucial to setting up a prosperous Lettuce Plantation at your base. In this guide, we’ll go over the main methods for getting lettuce seeds and how to use them effectively.

How to Buy Lettuce Seeds

The easiest way to get lettuce seeds in Palworld is to purchase them from the Wandering Merchant at Fisherman’s Point. The merchant stocks 200 lettuce seeds that can be bought for 200 gold pieces. This allows you to quickly set up a Lettuce Plantation without finding seeds through other methods.

The Wandering Merchant can be found at the lake east of your base. Interact with him and select “Let’s trade” to access his shop. Under the “Crops” tab, you’ll find the lettuce seeds for sale. Stock up on as many sources as possible to kickstart your lettuce farming operation.

The merchant will continue to sell lettuce seeds every time he respawns. Check with him whenever you pass by Fisherman’s Point to replenish your seed supplies. Having a steady flow of new seeds will ensure your plantation remains productive.

Where to Get Lettuce Seeds Palworld

How to Obtain Seeds from Pals

Certain Pals in Palworld have a chance of dropping lettuce seeds when defeated or caught. Farming seeds from Pals takes more effort than purchasing but can save you money in the long run. Here are the main Pals that can provide lettuce seeds:

Bristla – This small insect Pal has a 10% chance to drop 1-2 lettuce seeds when defeated. Bristla is found commonly on Maple Mountain.

Broncherry Aqua – This aquatic Pal drops 1-3 lettuce seeds with a 15% drop rate—Defeat Broncherry Aqua around the lakes and coasts.

Cinnamoth – The moth-like Cinnamoth has a 20% chance of dropping 2-5 lettuce seeds. Find it flying around flower fields and forests.

Wumpo Botan – This rare Pal has the best lettuce seed drop rate at 30%. Defeat Wumpo Botan in the dense jungles to get 3-8 seeds.

Work on catching or defeating these Pals as you encounter them to build up a stash of lettuce seeds for your plantation. Combining purchased and dropped seeds is the optimal way to amass the volume needed for large-scale lettuce farming.

How to Set Up the Lettuce Plantation

Once you have acquired lettuce seeds, it’s time to set up your Lettuce Plantation at your base. This requires unlocking the Lettuce Plantation structure at Technology Level 38 for 3 Tech Points.

You’ll also need to gather the required materials:

  • 100 Wood
  • 100 Stone
  • 10 Pal Fluids
  • 10 Lettuce Seeds

With the materials gathered, navigate to the Build menu at your base and select Lettuce Plantation. Choose a location with ample open space for the plantation. It’s best to place it near your other farm buildings so your Pals can work efficiently.

After construction, interact with the Lettuce Plantation to plant lettuce seeds. Be sure to plant seeds in all the available garden plots to maximize your lettuce output.

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How to Grow and Harvest Lettuce

Once planted, the lettuce seeds will take about 1 in-game day to mature fully. Assign your Pals to work on the Lettuce Plantation using the Manage Pal Labor menu. The more Pals you have farming, the faster the lettuce will grow.

When the lettuce plants reach maturity, your Pals will automatically harvest them. Each harvested plant provides 1 lettuce for crafting recipes.

As you harvest, plant new seeds to keep the Lettuce Plantation constantly producing. Having an uninterrupted crop cycle is the key to mass-producing lettuce.

Ensure your Pals are always assigned to keep harvesting, as the mature lettuce will rot if left uncollected for too long. Maintain diligent plantation management, and you’ll have enough lettuce for recipes.

Lettuce Recipes

Lettuce is used to craft 5 different recipes in Palworld. Here are the main recipes that benefit from a steady lettuce supply:

Rushoar Hot Dogs – Hot dogs that provide a +20% defense boost for a short duration. Requires 2 lettuce along with other ingredients.

Salad – Restores 20% of a Pal’s HP and increases work speed. Needs 1 lettuce plus other produce.

Leaf Sandwich – Decent healing item that restores 15% HP. Uses 1 lettuce.

Vegetable Juice – Mix of vegetables that slightly restores HP and cures poison. Uses 1 lettuce.

Grilled Lamball – Powerful healing dish for your character. Requires 2 lettuce along with lamb meat.

Having a Lettuce Plantation churning out lettuce will let you cook up these useful recipes consistently. The temporary bonuses and healing effects are well worth the effort of establishing lettuce farming.


Lettuce is an important crop in Palworld that is used to craft beneficial recipes. The two main methods for getting lettuce seeds are purchasing them from the Wandering Merchant and collecting them as drops from specific pals. Once you have seeds, set up a Lettuce Plantation at your base to grow lettuce on a scale. Maintain the plantation diligently, and you’ll reap the rewards of a hearty lettuce harvest. Use the lettuce to cook up stat-boosting hot dogs, healing salads, and more for you and your Pals. With a productive Lettuce Plantation, you’ll have access to a steady supply of lettuce to elevate your Palworld cuisine.

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