Where to Find High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld

Palworld is a unique life simulation game where you build a town, befriend cute creatures called Pals, and extract oil from them. One of the most valuable resources in Palworld is high quality Pal oil. This scarce resource is essential for crafting advanced items and equipment to help your town thrive. But where exactly can you find high quality Pal oil in Palworld?

An Introduction to Pal Oil

Pal oil is harvested from Pals and comes in different grades based on quality. The grades are:

  • Low-Quality Pal Oil – The most common type of oil. Used for basic crafting.
  • Mid-Quality Pal Oil – Better than low quality. Used to craft standard equipment.
  • High-Quality Pal Oil – The rarest and most valuable oil. Needed to craft advanced items.

High-quality palm oil is a key resource because it’s required for crafting polymers, which are then used to make high-tech weapons, tools, and facilities. Without a steady supply of high quality Pal oil, your town’s progress will be limited.

Where to Get High Quality Pal Oil Palworld

Sources of High-Quality Pal Oil

High-quality Pal oil doesn’t come easy in Palworld. There are only a few ways to obtain it:

1. Extract from Specific Pals

Certain Pals have a small chance of yielding high quality Pal oil when extracted. The Pals that can potentially drop high-quality oil include:

  • Woolipop – A sheep-like Pal found in grassy areas. The extraction rate is low.
  • Dumud – An elephant Pal that spawns in the jungle. Has a decent oil yield.
  • Digtoise – A mole Pal that burrows underground. There is a low extraction rate, but the oil is high quality.
  • Relaxaurus is a lazy dinosaur Pal found in the plains. Good oil yield.
  • Quivern is a bat pal located in caves. Low extraction rate.

To extract oil from these Pals, use the extraction machine once you’ve caught them. There’s no guarantee of getting high quality oil each time, but these Pals have the best chance.

2. Purchase from Wandering Merchant

A rare wandering merchant sometimes spawns in Duneshelter and sells one high quality Pal oil for a very high price. Duneshelter is located in the dangerous desert biome, so reaching this merchant requires surviving deadly sandstorms and powerful wild Pals. If you can safely make it to the wandering merchant, the high price may be worth paying to obtain this scarce resource.

3. Raids on Enemy Towns

You can organize raids on other towns controlled by Pal Masters to steal resources, including valuable, high-quality Pal oil. Planning a successful attack requires building up your arsenal and team of battle Pals. Use scouts to monitor enemy towns and launch the raid when defences seem weakest. Fighting enemy Pal Masters head-on can be very difficult, so quick hit-and-run tactics are best.

4. Quest Rewards

Some Pal Masters at the Pal Guild in Etton City will occasionally give out high-quality Pal oil as a reward for completing challenging quests. These quests typically involve hunting down rare Pals, extracting large amounts of standard oil, or crafting specific items. The quest requirements are demanding, but give high quality Pal oil as compensation. Speak to Pal Masters regularly to check for oil-related quests.

5. Loot from Dead Pals

On very rare occasions, wild Pals that spawn in Palworld will already carry high-quality Pal oil on them. When these Pals die, either from your attacks or environmental hazards, they have a small chance to drop the oil they were holding. The spawn rate for these oiled up Pals seems completely random and incredibly low. But if you come across one, be sure to loot the body right away before the oil disappears!

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What to Craft with High-Quality Pal Oil

High-quality Pal oil is so valuable because of what it allows you to craft. Here are some of the advanced items and facilities that can be created using high quality Pal oil and its derivative, Polymer:

  • Assault Rifles – Powerful ranged weapons for your attack Pals.
  • Grenades – Allow human characters to cause devastating AoE damage.
  • Advanced Assembly Lines – Produce items and oil much more efficiently.
  • Automated Turrets – Provide autonomous base defence.
  • Combat Exoskeletons – Give a huge boost to a human character’s strength and speed.
  • Surveillance Systems – Allow covert monitoring of enemy towns.
  • Mech Suits – Let a character pilot a deadly robotic mech in battle.

As you can see, the crafting benefits of having a steady quality Pal oil supply are huge. The investment required to obtain the oil reliably is well worth it.

Protecting Your High-Quality Pal Oil

Once you secure this valuable resource, you’ll want to keep it protected. Some tips:

  • Store excess oil in the warehouse, not the resource stockpile.
  • Build walls and turrets around your oil refinery.
  • Train sentry Pals to guard oil storage and refining areas.
  • Craft alarms and surveillance to detect thieves.
  • Only let trustworthy humans handle the oil.
  • Make allies with other Pal Masters to discourage raids.

Limiting access and keeping close tabs on your high quality Pal oil stockpile is crucial. Don’t let this scarce resource go to waste!

In Conclusion

High-quality Palm oil is an extremely valuable but tricky-to-obtain resource in Palworld. With some effort and luck, you can secure a steady supply from Pals, quests, merchants, and raids. This scarce oil lets you craft elite weapons and facilities to take your town to the next level. Protect your stockpiles and utilize this special oil to gain an advantage over rivals!

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