Where to Find Wheat Seeds in Palworld

Wheat seeds are an essential resource in Palworld that allows you to breed new Pals, craft flour for cooking, and plant wheat to harvest. You can use several methods to obtain wheat seeds in Palworld’s expansive open world. Explore “Where to Find Wheat Seeds Palworld”

How to Defeat or Capture Specific Pals

One of the most direct ways to get wheat seeds is by defeating or capturing certain Pals that drop them. Here are the Pals that will yield wheat seeds when defeated:

Flopie (Grass, #028)

Floppies resemble sheep and are found grazing in open grassy areas during the day. They can be located west of the Crossing and around the Ancient Ritual Site. Defeat a Flopie, and they can drop 1-3 wheat seeds. Flopies are docile so that you can capture them easily.

Dinossom (Grass, #064)

These large sauropod-like Pals dwell in the forested Valley of Prehistory. Defeat a Dinossom, and they can drop up to 5 wheat seeds. Dinossoms do not retaliate when attacked, so capturing them is also an option.

Cinnamoth (Grass, #041)

Cinnamoths are moth-like creatures found in forests at night. They spawn in the Whispering Woods west of the starting area. Cinnamon has a chance to drop 1-2 wheat seeds when defeated. They are passive and can be captured without fighting.

Robinquill (Grass, #048)

These tiny bird Pals are familiar across grasslands and forest edges. They spawn abundantly north of the Crossing. Robinquills can drop 1 wheat seed when defeated. You can also capture them by approaching carefully.

Flopie (Grass, #028)

Yes, Flopies can be a good source of wheat seeds, too. Their docile nature makes capturing them en masse easy to farm wheat seeds. Flopies spawn west of the Crossing in grassy plains.

In summary, targeting Grass type Pals like Flopie, Dinossom, Cinnamoth, and Robinquill is an effective way to gather wheat seeds. Remember, you can capture them instead of defeating them if you want to avoid fighting.

Where to Find Wheat Seeds Palworld

Purchase from Merchants

Another straightforward way to buy wheat seeds is from the merchants wandering Palworld. Merchants randomly spawn throughout the world and sell assorted goods.

Wheat seeds can be purchased from merchants for 100 gold each. Stock up on some gold nuggets through mining, selling loot, or Pal battles, then track down a merchant to buy wheat seeds.

Some reliable merchant spawn locations include:

  • The small settlement west of the Plateau of the Windswept Hills
  • The logging camp south of the Whispering Woods
  • The outskirts of the hamlet east of the Verdant Prairies

Check these locations frequently, and you should encounter merchants selling wheat seeds. A large stockpile of gold will allow you to purchase plentiful wheat seeds from merchants as needed.

Looting Chests

Palworld has many treasure chests scattered about that contain random assorted loot. These chests will respawn their contents after a while, so revisiting them can yield wheat seeds.

Some easily accessible chest locations that can contain wheat seeds:

  • The abandoned ruins east of the starting area
  • The ritual stones west of the Crossing
  • The hollow tree trunks in the Whispering Woods
  • The small cottages in the hamlet east of the Verdant Prairies

Make rounds to these chests every few in-game days, and you’ll likely loot some wheat seeds eventually. The chest at the ritual stones is a perfect spot to check regularly.

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How to Farming Wheat

Once you have a few wheat seeds, you can start your wheat farm at your base. This will provide a renewable source of wheat and wheat seeds.

To farm wheat:

  1. Plant 3 wheat seeds adjacent to each other tilled grass blocks.
  2. Wheat will mature after about 3 in-game days.
  3. Harvest the grain once developed to obtain 1-3 seeds per crop. Replant for more grain.

With several wheat farms, you’ll have a steady supply of seeds for breeding Pals and crafting flour. Protect your farms from hazardous Weather Pals that may trample crops.


  • Defeat/capture Grass Pals like Flopie, Dinossom, Cinnamoth, and Robinquill
  • Purchase seeds from merchants for 100 gold
  • Loot chests that respawn like those at the ritual stones
  • Plant wheat seeds to create renewable wheat/seed farms

Reliably obtaining wheat seeds means you can breed new Pals, craft flour for cooking, and grow bountiful wheat. Use these farming, looting, and hunting methods to get your hands on wheat seeds in Palworld.


Wheat seeds are a versatile resource in Palworld that can be obtained through battling specific Pals, purchasing from merchants, looting chests, and farming wheat crops. Target docile Grass Pals that yield seeds build up gold reserves to buy seeds in bulk and make routine checks of high-yield bins. Planting wheat provides renewable seeds once you have initial seeds. With wheat seeds, you can sustainably breed Pals, cook various flour recipes, and grow unlimited wheat for profit and crafting. Use these methods to locate and cultivate wheat seeds into a resilient seed stockpile.

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