Where to Find Sulfur in Palworld

Sulfur is one of the most essential resources in Palworld, used primarily for crafting gunpowder and ammunition. However, sulfur can be tricky to find in large quantities. This guide will explore the best locations and methods for farming sulfur in Palworld.


Sulfur is an essential resource to craft explosives like gunpowder and dynamite. It is also used to smelt some metal ores in a furnace. Without a steady supply of sulfur, you won’t be able to use firearms or high-tier metals in Palworld.

The key to obtaining sulfur is exploration and preparation. Sulfur does not spawn as abundantly as wood or stone. You need to specifically seek out sulfur deposits, mainly found underground or in volcanically active regions. Having the right equipment and pals will make collecting sulfur much easier.

Where to Find Sulfur in Palworld

Where to Find Sulfur

Here are the main biomes and locations where you can find sulfur deposits in Palworld:

Underground Dungeons

The most reliable way to find sulfur early on is by exploring underground dungeons. These dungeons have various loot-like weapons and resources. Look for sulfur nodes that spawn in some of the rooms. The nodes can be mined with any pickaxe to extract sulfur.

Dungeons get more complex and dangerous the further you explore. Be sure to take powerful pals that can help you defeat monsters and bosses. The deepest levels tend to have more sulfur deposits.

Desert Biome

The desert biome in the southwestern region of the map contains scattered sulfur deposits. Check around tall cliffs and plateaus to find nodes embedded in the rock faces. The very centre of the desert has a high concentration of sulfur.

Bring plenty of water and equip heat-resistant armour before mining here, as the desert gets extremely hot. The desert is also home to deadlier monsters, so keep some muscular pals by your side.

Volcano Biomes

Volcanic areas like Mount Obsidian have an abundance of sulfur embedded in the volcanic rock. This is one of the wealthiest sulfur locations and the most dangerous. You’ll need top-tier cold/heat-resistant armour to survive here.

The volcanoes are guarded by mighty beasts and giants that will attack any intruders. Be very well prepared before attempting to mine sulfur here.

Methods to Farm Sulfur Effectively

Once you’ve located a few sulfur deposits, here are some tips to harvest it efficiently:

Use a Heavy Metal Pickaxe

To mine, sulfur nodes require a heavy metal pickaxe like the iron or mithril pickaxe. Using the basic stone pickaxe will be extremely slow. Upgrade your pickaxe to maximize your sulfur-gathering speed.

Transport Sulfur Safely

Carry spare boxes or sacks to store the sulfur you collect. Sulfur takes up a lot of inventory space. You can also summon a light pal box nearby to offload your sulfur as your inventory fills up. Plan your transportation route carefully.

Set Up Mining Camps

Set up small mining camps with furnaces, chests and spare pals for sulfur spots far from your base. Collect a large batch of sulfur by mining through the day and night before transporting everything back home.

Use Pals to Defend

Bring pals who can fight and defend your mining camp. Set them to aggressive mode so they automatically attack monsters that approach. This lets you focus just on gathering sulfur without distractions.

Mine with Explosives

Once you have some gunpowder, you can blast groups of sulfur nodes with explosives. This lets you rapidly extract sulfur compared to standard pickaxe mining. Just be cautious of angry giants that may investigate the explosions.

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How to Crafting with Sulfur

The two main uses of sulfur are:

Making Gunpowder

Gunpowder is essential for all firearms, explosives and missiles. Combine sulfur and charcoal at a chemist’s table to produce gunpowder—stockpile gunpowder to craft ammo as needed.

Smelting Metals

Sulfur can be used as a flux in furnaces to smelt certain ores like copper and tin into metal ingots. When you want to process metal ores collected on mining trips, have some spare sulfur.


With the proper preparation and knowledge of sulfur locations, you can amass large stockpiles of this precious resource. Sulfur allows you to arm yourself and your pals properly against the dangers of Palworld. Always be well-equipped when heading out to gather sulfur. Use the sulfur bounty to craft powerful weapons and gear that ensure your dominance. Stay safe on those mining expeditions!

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