Where to Find and Breed Beegarde in Palworld


Where To Find Beegarde Palworld is one of the most unique and valuable Pals in Palworld due to its honey production abilities and explosive combat style. Finding and catching a Beegarde can be difficult, but with the right strategy and resources, you can add this valuable Pal to your collection.

Where To Find Beegarde Palworld

Where to Find Beegarde

There are a few key locations in Palworld where Beegarde spawns:

Mossanda Forest

The lush Mossanda Forest area is a prime spot to find Beegarde. This Pal enjoys the forest environment and can often buzz around the trees or grassy fields.

When searching in Mossanda Forest, bringing Mega or Giga Pal Spheres is recommended. Regular Pal Spheres may not be strong enough to capture a feisty Beegarde. You’ll also want to equip a stun weapon like the Stun Batton or Triple Bow to stop Beegarde from blowing itself up during battle.

Some specific coordinates in Mossanda Forest where Beegarde spawns:

  • (112, 36)
  • (168, -223)
  • (275, -110)

Check these spots thoroughly, battling and capturing any Beegarde you encounter.

Mount Flopie Summit

The dungeons of Mount Flopie Summit are another known Beegarde location. Traversing the summit and battling through the dungeons can reveal a Beegarde.

The dungeons have random spawns, so you may need to enter and re-enter a few times before spotting a Beegarde. Patience and persistence are key.

How to Breed Beegarde

If you need help finding a Beegarde in the wild, breeding is another option. The Breeding Farm allows you to combine different Pals for a chance of getting a Beegarde egg.

Tanzee + Melpaca

One of the most effortless pairings is a Tanzee and a Melpaca of opposite genders. Tanzee brings a wind element, while Melpaca provides psychic abilities. Together, they can produce the explosive Beegarde.

Put the Tanzee and Melpaca in the Breeding Farm and wait for your Beegarde egg.

Other Combinations:

  • Fuddler + Eikthyrdeer
  • Pengullet + Arsox
  • Tanzee + Dumud
  • Gumoss + Dumud
  • Celaray + Kelpsea Ignis
  • Cattiva + Univolt

Trying different pairings of Pals can eventually lead to a Beegarde, so get creative with your combinations!

Once you receive the egg, hatch it in an Incubator to finally obtain your coveted Beegarde.

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Why Beegarde is Valuable in Palworld

Now that you know where to find and breed Beegarde, let’s discuss why it’s such a helpful Pal. Here are some of Beegarde’s essential traits:

Honey Production

Beegarde constantly produces honey, which is an essential ingredient for making Cake. Cake can then be used to tame and breed new Pals. The more Beegarde you have, the more honey and Cake you can produce!

Combat Abilities

In battle, Beegarde can perform explosive suicide attacks, dealing massive damage by blowing themselves up. Their honey can also inflict sticky status effects.

Beegarde is especially effective against grassy and water-type plants thanks to its firepower. It can hold its own against some more vital late-game Pals.

Generates Money

You can harvest and sell the excess honey produced by your Beegarde. Honey sells for a high price and is an easy way to make money.

Rare and Unique

There aren’t many Beegarde in Palworld, so finding and catching one feels like an accomplishment. Some players specifically collect Beegarde due to its novelty.


With honey production, combat power, and money-generating potential, Belgrade is one of the most dynamic and valuable Pals you can have in Palworld. Take the time to search Mossanda Forest, conquer Mount Flopie Summit dungeons, and experiment with breeding combinations until you finally capture this iconic Pal. You’ll be reaping sweet rewards once you have a few Beegarde buzzing around.

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