What is Strafing in MW3?

Strafing is one of the most critical movement techniques to master in first-person shooter games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Moving left and right in quick, sharp motions while firing your weapon makes you a much harder target for enemies to hit. Strafing gives you an edge in close-quarters combat and allows you to track better and take down opponents.

In this comprehensive guide, we will break down everything you need to know about strafing in MW3 – from basic strafing methods to more advanced techniques. Mastering strafing takes time and practice but can give you the skills to dominate your opponents.

What is the Meaning of Strafing in Modern Warfare3?

Strafing means moving sideways left and right while aiming down your weapon sights. The two main types of strafing in MW3 are:

Horizontal Strafing: The most common strafing method where you simply move left and right while aiming. This makes you a moving target and more challenging to hit.

Circle Strafing: Strafing in a circular pattern around your opponent to maximize evasion. Circle strafing takes more coordination but is highly disorienting to enemies.

The key is to strafe in quick, sharp motions – don’t just slowly walk left and right. The more erratic your movements, the harder you’ll be to target.

Benefits of Strafing in MW3

There are many advantages to utilizing strafing while in combat:

  • Makes You Harder to Hit: Rapidly moving side-to-side presents a smaller target for enemies to land shots on. Even millisecond delays in their aim can save your life.
  • Keeps Crosshairs on Target: If opponents move unpredictably, strafing allows you to track their movements and keep aim.
  • Dodges Incoming Fire: With good timing/reaction, you can strafe just as enemies shoot, causing them to miss shots they thought were lined up.
What is Strafing in MW3

Basic Strafing Techniques

Now, let’s go over some strafing fundamentals that all players should know:

1. Don’t Strafe Too Quickly

Rapid strafing can make you near impossible to hit, but move too fast, and you lose aiming control. Find a balanced rhythm that maximizes evasion while retaining precision.

2. Stay Aware of Surroundings

It’s easy to fixate on an enemy while strafing. But don’t get tunnel vision – watch for other opponents approaching from the sides or behind.

3. Practice Strafing Technique

Like any skill, strafing requires practice to polish. Spend time working on timing and crosshair control in private matches.

4. Use Cover While Strafing

Darting side-to-side makes you harder to hit, but using cover gives protection from shots. Combine both techniques.

5. Get Right Weapon Feel

Weapons like SMGs with quick handling suit strafing. Find guns with the right balance of accuracy/mobility.

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Intermediate/Advanced Strafing

Once you have basic strafing down, it’s time to evolve your technique:

1. Add Jumps and Slides

Incorporate jumping, sliding, and other evasive moves. This adds variation to throw off enemy tracking.

2. Master Circle Strafing

Circle strafing is challenging but highly deadly. Practice circling opponents while firing.

3. Improve Aim Down Sights Speed

Faster ADS (Aim Down Sights) allows quick target acquisition while strafing. Use ADS boosting attachments.

4. Level Up With Perks

Perks like Stalker speed up movement and aiming while strafing. Unlock gear to enhance technique.

Common Strafing Mistakes

While improving your strafing, beware of these common errors:

  • Strafing Too Wide: Sweeping left/right in big motions makes aiming difficult. Use short, quick shifts instead.
  • Not Pre-Aiming: Begin firing once your strafe starts. Don’t strafe; instead, try to aim.
  • Stopping Between Strafes: This pattern becomes predictable. Maintain fluid, constant motion.
  • Forgetting Radar: Don’t just focus forward. Check radar/minimap to avoid being ambushed from behind or on the sides.

Tips for Mastering Strafing

Follow this advice to take your MW3 strafing to elite levels:

  • Drill strafing daily in private matches to build muscle memory
  • Find optimal sensitivity allowing speed + control.
  • Learn maps to utilize terrain/objects for cover.
  • Practice circle strafing to maximum disorientation.
  • Use perks boosting movement speed and walking steadiness.
  • Review match replays to analyze areas needing improvement.

It takes dedicated practice, but mastery of strafing delivers a potent edge in MW3 firefights. With map knowledge and skills like jump and drop shooting, advanced strangers become lethal forces nearly impossible to take down.


Strafing is indispensable for dominating enemies in thrilling Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer matches. From basic sideways movement to advanced circular strafing, perfecting this evasive technique helps you stick to targets while denying opponents clean shots.

Remember to find the optimal weaponry, gear, and sensitivity settings tailored to your strafing style. Drill movements like slide canceling, jump shots, and strafe patterns relentlessly. With enough practice, you’ll give enemies nightmares trying to line up a kill shot on your nimbly strafing form.

Now, unleash your new strafing skills and show no mercy on the battlefield!

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