What Does Storm Flip Do in Fortnite?

What Does Storm Flip Do in Fortnite? This new addition flips the storm itself, allowing you to create dangerous storm effects or protective bubbles. In Fortnite’s ever-evolving meta, mastery of the Storm Flip can give you a decisive edge. This guide will break down exactly how the Storm Flip item works, viable tactics for its use, and tips to wield it effectively across various situations. Whether using it defensively or aggressively, the Storm Flip affords creative applications that can dramatically turn the tide of battle royale matches. We’ll unpack the mechanics and diverse utility of this game-changing throwable to help you get the most out of asking, “What does Storm Flip do in Fortnite?”

What is Storm Flip

The Storm Flip is a throwable item in Fortnite designed to create a growing area of storm effects. When utilized, it inflicts damage per second while expanding in size, engulfing the point where it was thrown. Notably, this damage applies to anyone inside the storm area, including friendly fire.

Two Ways to Wield the Storm Flip

  1. Outside the Storm Circle:
    • When thrown outside the storm circle, the Storm Flip generates a small storm sphere. This sphere steadily expands, causing damage to players within its confines.
  2. Inside the Storm Circle:
    • If thrown inside the storm circle, the Storm Flip generates a protective sphere. This sphere grows, shielding anyone inside from passive storm damage. It reaches its size limit and eventually fades.

How to Get Storm Flip

The Storm Flip is a versatile Epic Rarity item that can be found as ground loot, in chests, and in Supply Drops. Its rarity adds an element of strategy, as securing this item can significantly impact the outcome of a match.

Steps to Use the Storm Flip

  1. Obtain the Storm Flip:
    • Find the Storm Flip in floor loot, Loot Chests or Supply Drops.
  2. Identify the Situation:
    • Determine whether you want to create a safe zone or protect yourself from storm damage.
  3. Throw the Storm Flip:
    • Depending on your objective, throw the Storm Flip inside or outside the storm circle.
  4. Adapt Your Strategy:
    • Adjust your approach based on the situation, either creating a safe zone or applying pressure on opponents.

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Pro Tips for Storm Flip Mastery

  1. Forcing Opponents Out:
    • In the final stages, use the Storm Flip to push opponents into the open, making them vulnerable.
  2. Defensive Use:
    • Throw the Storm Flip at yourself during a fight caught in the storm to create a safe zone for planning.
  3. Navigating the Storm:
    • Safely navigate through the storm by creating a protective zone with the Storm Flip.
  4. Disrupting Opponents:
    • Disrupt enemy positions by throwing the Storm Flip into buildings, especially when they hide behind cover.
  5. Combining with Other Tactics:
    • Enhance its effectiveness by combining the Storm Flip with other tactics, such as building or using fire.


The Storm Flip in Fortnite is more than a mere throwable item; it’s a game-changer that can determine victory or defeat. Its versatile applications, from defensive maneuvers to offensive plays, make it a must-have in your arsenal. Remember, adaptability is key, and strategic use of the Storm Flip can greatly impact the outcome of the game.

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