What are Penetration Kills in MW3?

Penetration kills, also known as wall bangs, are one of the most satisfying ways to get eliminations in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Landing a bullet through a wall or object to take down an opponent requires precision, map knowledge, and the right loadout. While challenging, penetration kills are an essential skill that can give you a major advantage in MW3 multiplayer.

Understand the Penetration Kills?

Penetration kills refers to eliminating an enemy by shooting through a wall, floor, ceiling or other object that obscures them. Instead of having a direct line of sight on your target, you need to anticipate their location and fire bullets that can penetrate the surface to hit them.

This allows you to take down campers, defend objectives, and catch opponents by surprise as they hide behind cover. Pulling off these wall bangs successfully requires understanding bullet penetration mechanics, map layouts, and common camping spots.

Why Are They Difficult?

Several factors make penetration kills some of the toughest to execute consistently in MW3:

  • Limited wall-bangable surfaces – Only certain materials like wood, sheet metal, and some concrete can be shot through. Bullets cannot penetrate thicker or hardened surfaces.
  • Accounting for bullet drop-off – Damage and bullet penetration are reduced over longer distances, so adjustments must be made for longer shots.
  • Lack of penetration indicators – There is no visual marker to indicate if a wall can be shot through. Players must know through experience.
  • Chance and guesswork – Without actually seeing your enemy, there is some guesswork involved in judging their position. Even then, the shot may miss or fail to get a kill.

Mastering penetration kills requires extensive knowledge of map layouts, spawn logic, and high mechanical skills. But the payoff of getting these satisfying multilayer kills is worth the difficulty.

What are Penetration Kills MW3

How to Get Penetration Kills More Easily

While challenging, there are several strategies and tips to help you successfully pull off wall bangs more consistently:

Use Bullet Penetration Assault Rifles

Equipping an assault rifle with high damage and penetration power will make hitting wall bangs much simpler. Top options include:

  • ACR – Great for longer-range penetration kills due to high accuracy and damage retention.
  • M4A1 – Excellent all-around rifle effective at most ranges, the M4A1 can pierce many surfaces.
  • CM901 – Hits hard up close with high penetration to take down enemies behind lighter cover.

Run FMJ Attachment

The FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) attachment is the most important tool for getting penetration kills. It significantly boosts bullet penetration power, allowing bullets to pass through thicker objects or even multiple walls. This multiplier effect is essential for map locations with more cover.

Learn Wallbang Spots

Each MW3 map has certain high-traffic spots where enemies frequently camp or hide in cover. Learning these wallbang hotspots through experience allows you to anticipate and prefire accurately. Some examples include:

  • Firing through bedroom walls in Dome
  • The garage doors are on Lockdown
  • Second-floor windows on Village

Watch skilled players to find these spots or experiment in private matches.

Prefire Common Camping Spots

Penetration kills rely heavily on guessing where players might be based on common camping behaviours. Pay attention to typical spots enemies lay prone or head glitch, then prefire through those surfaces to catch campers. The hit markers will indicate if you landed the wallbang.

Use Bullet Hole Indicators

Small details like bullet holes and particle effects can help pinpoint enemy locations for your next shot. If your first wall bang attempt leaves a bullet hole, use that to adjust aim and dial in the penetration kill.

Equip Snapshots

The Snapshot grenade tactical pulse briefly highlights enemies through walls and objects. This tool is great for precisely locating a target to take down with precision gunfire. Pair snapshots with FMJ rounds to execute a wall bang easily.

Abuse UAVs

Knowing enemy locations is huge for penetration kills. Keep pumping out UAVs so your team has a constant vision of where players are positioned. This allows you to precisely wallbang campers the moment a UAV sweep picks them up.

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Top Penetration Kill Spots on Rust

The small map of Rust provides ample opportunities for wall-banging enemies with its tight corridors and shipping containers. Master these key penetration spots:

The Platform

This elevated centre platform commands the entire map. Enemies head here for quick scopes and to control spawns. Prefire the platform edges through the thin metal to pick off undesirables.

Blue Container Corner

This tight corner next to the blue containers is a favourite hiding spot. Spray through the container edge to surprise crouched players.

Back Alley

Behind the platform is a high-traffic alleyway with plenty of wallbang potential. Target the corners of the yellow and white containers to catch runners.

Central Tower

The interior stairwells of the tower are penetration hotspots. Bang enemies through the exterior metal sheets or by firing up the stairs.

The Shanties

These small wooden shacks have very wallbangable surfaces. Go prone and shoot through walls, floors and ceilings to demolish campers.

Penetration Kill Locations on Terminal

The terminal provides awesome penetration kill opportunities across its open interiors and plane fuselage walls.

Main Ticket Hall

This area sees constant action. Target the ticket counter and wall edges to kill crouched enemies.

Upper Hall Overlook

The second-floor windows provide a strong overview of the hallways below. Wallbang-prone players through the floors.

Plane Interior

The aeroplane has very porous surfaces. Shoot through seats and walls to shred campers. Focus on the rear sections.

Gift Shop

The gift shop overlooks a major chokepoint. Hit wallbangs by shooting through the windows and shelving inside.

Burger Town Window

This broken window has a direct line of fire down the hallway. Walling enemies are approaching through the glass frame edges.

Mastering Penetration Kills

Penetration kills represent the pinnacle of skill, accuracy and map knowledge in COD MW3. Here are some final tips to master these ultimate kills:

  • Learn penetration kill spots on each map through practice
  • Fine-tune your angles and aim to perfection
  • Move unpredictably between shots to avoid return fire
  • Pair wall bangs with equipment like snapshots and UAVs
  • Adjust aim based on distance, material and bullet hole patterns
  • Use FMJ on all classes to maximize penetration potential

With the right loadout and practice, you can terrorize lobbies by taking down enemies through every wall. Penetration requires dedication but delivers immense satisfaction. Master the art of wall banging to step up your MW3 multiplayer game.

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