Watch Dogs 2: Characters Revealed!

Watch Dogs 2 Characters, the sequel to Ubisoft’s 2014 hit Watch Dogs, brings players to the San Francisco Bay Area to join the ranks of the hacker group DedSec. This ragtag group of hackers is on a mission to take down the advanced surveillance system called ctOS that has taken over the city.

To accomplish their goals, DedSec relies on the diverse skills of its core members. While some provide tactical hacking expertise, others contribute creativity and marketing savvy. Each character plays a vital role in the group’s operations.

Marcus Holloway – The Protagonist

The star of Watch Dogs 2 is Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker from Oakland. Marcus has a personal vendetta against the CTOS system after being wrongfully profiled as a criminal at an early age. This motivates him to join DedSec and serve as the protagonist throughout the game.

As the group’s newest member, Marcus takes on the most daring field assignments. He quickly has to prove himself by performing various cyber ops and infiltrations. Marcus’ energy and optimism reinvigorate the morale of the other members. His skilled hacking abilities also make him a valuable asset to DedSec.

Sitara Dhawan – The Artist

The creative force behind DedSec’s branding and visual imagery is Sitara Dhawan. A gifted artist, Sitara spearheads the group’s use of graffiti, videos, and social media to get their message out. Her artistic talents give DedSec a distinct counterculture look.

Sitara takes an interest in Marcus from the start, seeing his potential to be the group’s public face. She helps guide and shape his reputation within DedSec and beyond. Sitara also coordinates many of the group’s more daring public stunts, using her creativity to make an impact.

Watch Dogs 2 Characters

Wrench – The Wild Card

DedSec’s most unpredictable member is Wrench. Wearing a customizable LED mask to conceal his identity, Wrench provides both tactical support and comic relief. He has a brilliant technical mind but an unruly personality.

Wrench joins Marcus on several vital missions, often helping improvise creative technical solutions. But he also follows his chaotic whims, sometimes complicating missions. Wrench’s sense of humour makes him very likeable despite his erratic nature. He adds an entertainer’s spirit to offset DedSec’s more severe hackers.

Josh Sauchak – The Organizer

He is an expert programmer and grey-hat hacker who tries to walk the line between illegal and ethical hacking. Josh supports Marcus and others out in the field from his computer station. He monitors security systems, overrides protocols, and taps the needed data. Josh also helps plan effective missions step-by-step so that risks are minimized. His organizational skills allow the group to work cohesively.

Dusan Nemec – The Villain

While DedSec represents heroic hackers, Watch Dogs 2 also has an anti-hero in Dušan Nemec. As the CTO of Blume, the corporation behind ctOS, Dušan secretly uses DedSec as a pawn for his profit and power.

Dušan represents the dark side of technology run amok, manipulating both the hackers and public perception. He will stop at nothing to assert Blume’s control through ctOS. Dušan is the primary antagonist, trying to undermine DedSec’s efforts to empower citizens.

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T-Bone – The Veteran

An ally from the original Watch Dogs, Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney, has gone into hiding in the Bay Area. Marcus tracks down this legendary hacker and convinces him to lend his skills to DedSec.

As the most experienced hacker, T-Bone becomes a mentor to Marcus and the others. He provides wisdom about avoiding risks and pitfalls based on his past. T-Bone also unlocks new capabilities for DedSec, like his Robot Operating System, which lets the group hack heavy machinery. His knowledge brings valuable support.

The Hacker Dynamics of Marcus and Wrench

Within the core DedSec group, Marcus Holloway and Wrench have a particularly intriguing dynamic. However, they have very different personalities; they bond closely throughout their missions.

Marcus and Wrench first meet when Marcus joins DedSec. Though initially sceptical, Wrench likes Marcus’ bold attitude and skill, nicknaming him “retro.” The two discover they share similar tastes in movies and music and a love for hip-hop culture.

As they cooperate on operations, Marcus and Wrench develop a mutual understanding and camaraderie. Their ability to play off each other’s strengths makes them formidable. Wrench can follow Marcus’ lead or improvise technical solutions. Marcus also appreciates Wrench’s humour, which injects fun into tense situations.

Fans have speculated this close friendship may have romantic undertones. Their banter and chemistry have led some to ship them as a couple. Ultimately, Marcus and Wrench’s relationship represents two comrades fused by the bond of their fight for justice. Their friendship embodies the hacking spirit of DedSec itself.


DedSec is more than just a group of hackers. They represent an empowered generation seeking to fight corruption and evil through technology. The Watch Dogs 2 Characters give this crusade both brains and heart.

Marcus’ boldness, Sitara’s creativity, Wrench’s humour, Josh’s reasoning, and T-Bone’s wisdom combine to make DedSec an unstoppable force. Each contributes their form of power and tech mastery. Together, they embody the diverse skills and values needed to spark positive change in their online and offline communities.

Ubisoft had this diversity in mind when crafting the core characters. Each brings a unique background, personality, and expertise. This allows players to experience the hacking fantasy from multiple perspectives united by a common cause. DedSec’s members prove that technology, in the right hands, can change society for the better.

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