Palworld: Vixy Guide

Palworld is a unique life simulation game where players can recruit, befriend, and battle alongside cute creature companions called Pals. One of the most useful Pals in the early game is Vixy, known for passively generating valuable resources when housed in a ranch. With proper care and investment, Vixy can be an invaluable asset for farming gold and other resources in the opening hours of Palworld.

How to Find and Catch Vixy

Vixy can be found wandering in specific locations around the Palworld map. It spawns in a vertical stretch of land west of the Tower of Rayne Syndicate, northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings, and the area just northwest of the first major boss battle against Zoe and Grizzbolt.

Vixy should be relatively easy to track down as a common spawn while exploring these regions. It is around levels 5-6, so a standard Pal Sphere is all needed to engage and attempt to catch it. However, Vixy does have a slightly lower catch rate than other Pals of a similar level. Expect to go through a few Pal Spheres before successfully recruiting Vixy to your party.

When catching, be careful not to inflict too much damage on Vixy. Having a lower level Pal on your team can allow you to gently whittle down its health safely. Rushing in with your strongest Pal may defeat Vixy instead of catching it! Overall, though, Vixy is an easy addition early on if you explore the right areas.

Vixy Palworld

Vixy’s Special Ability – Item Generation

Once caught, Vixy’s defining trait is its passive ability to generate valuable items when housed in a ranch over time. Specifically, it will dig up Gold Coins, Arrows, and Pal Spheres for you to collect. This makes Vixy an excellent “set and forgets” Pal for resource farming in the game’s opening hours.

The items generated depend on Vixy’s level. At level 1, it will produce 1 Gold Coin every 5 minutes. By level 5, it outputs 1 Gold Coin every 2.5 minutes. Upgrading Vixy to level 10 boosts this to 1 Gold Coin every 1 minute, adding up quickly!

Arrows are also generated, with 1 Arrow created every 2.5 minutes at level 1. This improves to 1 Arrow every 1 minute at level 10. Pal Spheres are the rarest item from Vixy, with only 1 produced every 10 minutes. But these can still be valuable to build up a stockpile.

A high-level Vixy can generate up to 60 Gold Coins, 60 Arrows, and 6 Pal Spheres per hour while left in a Ranch. This outpaces most other early options for passive farming.

How to Upgrade Vixy for Increased Production

To maximize Vixy’s resource generation, players want to upgrade it as quickly as possible. Leveling up Pals in Palworld improves combat capabilities and enhances special abilities like Vixy’s item creation.

Upgrading Vixy early is an investment that pays off. The cost of experience books may seem steep initially, but it will be quickly regained through the increased gold and item output. Here are tips for fast leveling of Vixy:

  • Complete quests – Many early game quests reward experience books as completion prizes. Divert these rewards towards leveling up Vixy first.
  • Farm experience crystals – These crystals provide a big chunk of Pal experience when consumed. Farm them from crystal nodes and feed them to Vixy.
  • Cook experience meals – Combining ingredients at a cookpot can create meals that boost Pal’s experience gain. Use these to supplement Vixy’s leveling.
  • Defeat bosses – Boss creatures drop lots of experience books when defeated. Early bosses like Zoe and Grizzbolt are great targets.

With a steady supply of experience items, Vixy can quickly reach level 10. At this point, it will churn out a storm of gold, arrows, and spheres from the comfort of the Ranch.

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How to Use Vixy’s Resources

The resources generated by a high-level Vixy open up a lot of options for early game progression in Palworld:

  • Gold coins – These can be used to purchase supplies, weapons, armor, and even Pals from traders. Vixy provides a steady income.
  • Arrows – A supply of arrows allows liberal use of bows. Players can engage enemies safely from range rather than risky melee.
  • Pal spheres – Stockpiling spheres enable catching and building a powerful Pal team. With Vixy, you can catch them all!
  • Item crafting – Many valuable items like medicinal herbs require gold to craft. Vixy provides the capital to invest in these.
  • Purchasing equipment – Better gear protects both the player and the Pals. Vixy’s gold allows buying equipment upgrades.
  • Ranch expansion – Adding space to house more Pals requires gold. Vixy can fund expanding the number of Pal slots.

Vixy’s resources propel progression. A mountain of gold and items prevents bottlenecking during the critical early game. Investing in Vixy pays dividends.

Vixy Falls Off in a Late Game

While extremely useful early on, Vixy does become less valuable in the late stages of Palworld. Its typical item generation of 1 Gold Coin and 1 Arrow per minute is outpaced by other money-making methods later in the game.

Once systems like the Pal Tree are unlocked, players can generate resources and experience much faster. Other Pals have also begun surpassing Vixy in resource generation, scarce species like Golden Vixy.

At this point, the early game hero Vixy is usually swapped out for Pals, who has more excellent combat utility. However, this is the only Pal that can match the immense value Vixy provides within the first 10-20 hours. It remains a staple of starting new save files and speedrun strategies.

Vixy – The Cornerstone of Early Game Progression

Vixy punches far above its weight class in the early stages of Palworld. No other familiar wild Pal comes close regarding valuable item generation from the moment it is caught. When found and upgraded quickly, Vixy becomes the engine of progression that propels the game’s opening hours.

It passively produces a mountain of gold, arrows, and spheres, enabling catching and strengthening a diverse Pal team. Its resources fuel purchasing supplies, expanding infrastructure, and crafting items. Starting a new profile means returning to Vixy to kickstart development even late into the game.

Vixy removes all resource roadblocks and lets Palworld open up in its critical early game. While eventually outclassed, no Pal can match Vixy’s immense value immediately after it is caught. The unsung hero enables players to access all of Palworld’s fun systems quickly and powerfully. For an easy-to-obtain Pal, Vixy delivers an outsized impact. It is arguably the most important Pal within the first 20 hours of this unique life sim.


Vixy is a valuable utility Pal in Palworld that:

  • Passively generates gold, arrows, and spheres when housed in a Ranch
  • Can be found early on in specific regions of the map
  • It has a slightly tricky catch rate, so bring weaker Pals
  • It should be upgraded ASAP to maximize resource production
  • Provides the income to purchase items, Pals, and upgrades
  • Loses utility later once systems like the Pal Tree open up
  • It remains essential for starting new save files and speedruns
  • Is a critical Pal for early game progression and opening up the life sim

Vixy may not be the most vital combat Pal, but no other familiar Pal matches its money-making power in the critical opening hours of Palworld. It jumpstarts the game’s fun systems and removes roadblocks for early advancement. For new players, catching and upgrading Vixy should be a top priority.

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