Valorant Night Market Europe Time: Best Deals Revealed

The highly-anticipated Valorant Night Market has landed in Europe! From December 13, 2023, through January 8, 2024, European Valorant players will have exclusive access to deep discounts on premium weapon skins. Read on to learn about Night Market timings, how to access the deals, and tips for making the most of this limited-time event.

When Does the Valorant Night Market Take Place in Europe?

Riot Games has set the following schedule for the current Valorant Night Market event in Europe:

  • Start: December 13, 2023, at 2:00 AM Central European Time (CET)
  • End: January 8, 2024 at 11:59 PM CET

So, European players have a month to take advantage of the rotating skin discounts.

Unlike regular store discounts, which often last just a day or two, the Night Market sticks around for several weeks. This gives you more flexibility to log in and browse the available weapon skin deals.

The next European Night Market after this current one will likely take place during March or April 2024. They occur about once per Act or every couple of months.

Valorant Night Market Europe Time

How Can I Access the Valorant Night Market?

Accessing your exclusive Night Market deals is easy:

  1. Launch Valorant and log into your Riot account.
  2. Check the top right of your screen for the Tarot Card vendor icon next to the standard shop tab.
  3. Click the Tarot Card icon to view your Night Market offers.
  4. Scroll through your six weapon skin offers and discounted prices.
  5. If interested in purchasing, click any skin and press the Purchase button.
  6. Repeat for any other skins before the event expires!

Remember, the Night Market system will look the same across regions. Only the exact timing windows vary.

So once you know how to find the event icon, you can access any future Night Markets quickly.

Will Additional Content be released during This Night Market?

For players worried they might miss out on even more excellent skins, no need to fret! Riot has not announced any special skin drops or bundles released exclusively alongside this Night Market event.

It seems the episode-centric “Give Back” bundle released in late November will remain the only new content related to Episode 6 Act 1.

Of course, Valorant regularly adds new skin lines. But nothing suggests previously unseen content appearing specifically due to the Night Market’s presence. The six weapon skin offers should be randomly generated from the same pools.

As always, players can watch social media for any surprise announcements. But the schedule looks clear for this Night Market window beyond the usual competitive mode updates.

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Can I Receive the Same Night Market Deals Next Time?

A common question is whether players can snag the same discounts again at a future date. Unfortunately for hopeful buyers, the answer is no – reappearing deals go against the Night Market’s core design.

Each time the event triggers, six new weapon skins are generated randomly for your account. The game does not allow accurate duplicates across multiple Night Markets.

However, you can receive offers for skins from the same overall collection again. For example, landing three Kingdom Collection guns this time doesn’t block more Kingdom skins next go around.

But that exact “Kingdom Spectre” skin won’t repeat your way. Rarity and exclusivity make reappearances impossible by intent.

So, if that dream offer with the perfect 60% off discount pops up? It is now or never before that skin likely vanishes from your future markets. Consider buying it to avoid serious marketplace FOMO!


With its long duration and ability to heavily discount premium cosmetics, the Valorant Night Market is one of the most exciting regular in-game happenings. Anticipation understandably runs high when each new instance draws near.

For European players, now marks the perfect chance to score weapon skins that best fit personal tastes and collections. Log in before January 8, check out all six deals, and take advantage of the advice above! Maximizing these limited-time offers takes a bit of dedication – but the rewards are well worth it.

Happy hunting for those deep Night Market discounts! May the odds gift wraiths and dragons galore upon your weaponry…or at most negligible advantage slightly more reasonable 30-50% price cuts.

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