Valorant Night Market: December 2023

The next Valorant Night Market is approaching, starting December 13, 2023. This highly anticipated in-game event allows players to purchase skins for their weapons and characters at discounted prices. Here’s everything you need to know about the features, available skins, tips for purchasing, and more for the December 2023 Valorant Night Market event.

Overview and Duration

The Night Market event will run from December 13, 2023, through January 8, 2024, lasting about 26 days. This makes it one of the longest-running Night Market events that Riot Games has held.

During the event, players can access a market with six random weapon skins available for discounted prices. The discounts run from 40% to 70% off the original Radiant Points price.

The Night Market allows dedicated Valorant players to grab sought-after skins, scarce ones, for their primary weapons at nicely reduced prices.

What’s Included in the Night Market

The weapon skins included in each player’s December 2023 Night Market are randomly selected. However, Riot Games has implemented some rules around what may appear:

  • Skins available cover all tiers: Select, Deluxe, Premium, Ultra, and Exclusive
  • You cannot receive skins from the current Act’s featured bundles
  • The chances of receiving a skin you already own are lower
  • The higher the tier of the skin, the lower the possibility of it showing up

This means that for most players, the Night Market will include a selection of random skins from various past bundles and events, with the possibility of premium items appearing but no guarantee.

Valorant Night Market December 2023

Speculation on Featured Skins

Based on previous Night Market lineups and current availability, some skins that experts speculate may show up in the December 2023 event include:

  • Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 (Vandal, Operator, Ares)
  • Daydreams (Operator, Judge)
  • Intergrade (Classic, Sheriff)
  • Champions 2022 (Phantom, Vandal, Operator, Ares)
  • Origin (Operator)
  • Ion (Phantom, Sheriff)
  • Sensation (Operator)

Of course, due to the randomization, only some are guaranteed to see these skins in their market. But they seem likely to appear for at least some portion of players.

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Tips for Purchasing Skins

If you get lucky with the skin selection in your December 2023 Night Market, here are some tips for getting the most value out of your Radianite points:

  • Prioritize skins for weapons you use often in matches
  • Consider getting Exclusive or Ultra Edition skins since they are otherwise expensive
  • Don’t refresh too often trying to get better skins since the selection is random
  • Remember to save Radianite Points beforehand to upgrade any purchases
  • Focus on skins you’ll enjoy using long-term, not just because they are discounted

How to Access and Refresh the Night Market

Accessing the Valorant Night Market once it opens on December 13 is simple:

  • When you first log in, there will be a prompt on the left side of the menu
  • You can also select the market symbol next to the Store tab
  • Click the prompt or market symbol to view your discounted skin offers

Inside the Night Market interface, you can scroll through the weapon skins and see how much each cost.

During the event duration, players can refresh their selection once per day to reveal six new random skin offers. If you don’t love your initial lineup, try refreshing daily, and you may get lucky with a better set of options.


The inspiring Valorant Night Market event returns on December 13, offering players deep discounts on sought-after weapon skins for over two weeks. Strategically reviewing your selection, saving Radianite, and comparing skin values can help maximize this final Night Market event for Episode 7, Act 3. Check out the skins discounted just for you later in December!

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