How Does Valorant Night Market Works?

The Valorant Night Market is a particular in-game store that gives players access to discounted skin bundles for a limited time. This rotating store pops up randomly during Acts, offering players a chance to score premium cosmetics at a fraction of their usual price. If you want to grow your collection without breaking the bank, the Night Market is an event you won’t want to attend!

What Exactly is the Night Market?

The Valorant Night Market is a themed store that appears in your Valorant client during select Acts, typically once per Act. When the Night Market is active, a sparkling card icon will appear in the top right corner of your home screen. Clicking on this card will open the Night Market store interface.

Inside the Night Market, you’ll find six random weapon skin bundles discounted between 10-50% off their regular price in the standard store. These discounted skin bundles can come from any skin line if they fall under Premium, Deluxe, or Select Edition tiers. The Night Market does not offer exclusive skin bundles.

Alongside the weapon skins, the Night Market may offer accessories like gun buddies, sprays, and player cards at a discount.

How Do the Discounts Work?

The discounts offered in the Night Market depend on the tier of weapon skin chosen:

  • Select Edition skins receive between 30-50% off
  • Deluxe Edition skins receive between 20-35% off
  • Premium Edition skins receive between 10-25% off

The Night Market shows you the exact discount percentage on each skin card. Unfortunately, while the deals are reasonable, these discounts are fixed and non-negotiable. You cannot haggle for a better price!

Valorant Night Market

What’s the Selection Process?

The weapon skins shown in your Night Market are randomly selected from among skin lines you don’t already own. So you won’t be offered discounts on skins you’ve previously purchased.

The selection is also unique for each player. Players will have different weapon skins in their Night Market. So, if your friend scored an amazing Sheriff skin, don’t feel disappointed if it’s not in your market!

How Long Does the Night Market Last?

Once it appears, the Valorant Night Market is open for around two weeks. The exact end date is shown when you enter the market.

You have 14 days to purchase skins that catch your fancy before the market shuts down. The skins you passed on won’t cycle back through, so grab your favorites before they disappear!

Tips for Using the Night Market

To make the most of the Valorant Night Market, keep these essential tips in mind:

Check Daily for New Skins

The selection refreshes daily, so new skins could appear if you own some options. It’s worth revisiting to see what’s new.

Watch Skin Spotlights First

Preview weapon skins in the collection tab before you buy. Make sure you love them in action!

Trade-In Unwanted Skins

Trade two unwanted skins for a small discount on Night Market skins. Just hit “Trade In” on the skin you want.

Aim for Premium Skins

Premium Edition skins have animation effects and custom audio. Better value for money!

Set a Budget

It’s easy to overspend in the Night Market. Decide your budget beforehand to avoid buyer’s remorse.

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Is the Night Market Worth It?

For thrifty players looking to score some premium skins at a fraction of their regular price, the Valorant Night Market is incredibly worthwhile. Playing for a few weeks could net you $100+ in weapons skins!

Of course, with random selection, the Night Market also brings the risk of disappointment if it doesn’t offer the skins you hoped for. But when those dream skins are discounted, it makes the wait worthwhile.

For most players, the Night Market marks one of the most exciting and rewarding times during any Act. And since it appears randomly, it keeps the surprise and anticipation high!

How Often Does the Night Market Appear?

The Valorant Night Market has no set schedule or cadence. It arrives randomly at some point during most Acts, but there is no guaranteed appearance pattern.

Some Acts may see multiple Night Markets go live, while others could pass without a market. This uncertainty is part of what keeps anticipation high for when that glittering market card finally pops up.

On average, expect to see between 1 and 3 Night Markets per calendar year. Each market appears for precisely two weeks before disappearing.


To ensure you catch the next Valorant Night Market whenever it arrives, check your Valorant client regularly for that dazzling market card icon. Daily logins raise your chances.

Once inside the market, refresh until you find skin bundles that appeal. Set a reasonable budget and stick to it! Trade unwanted skins to save on your top choice.

Most importantly, act decisively before this discounted skin bonanza disappears in a flash. Happy hunting for those perfect skins at perfect prices!

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