Valkyrie Apex Legends: Guide & How to Unlock

Valkyrie, whose real name is Kairi Imahara, is one of the most mobility-focused Legends in Apex Legends. As the daughter of Viper, an elite pilot from Titanfall 2, she carries on her father’s legacy with an impressive set of movement-based abilities. In the right hands, Valkyrie can dance circles around opponents and get her squad into – and out of – tricky situations.

If you’re looking to take your Apex Legends gameplay to new heights, Valkyrie is the perfect Legend to choose. Let’s look closer at her unique abilities and how to master them.

An Overview of Valkyrie’s Kit

Here is a quick rundown of Valkyrie’s abilities:

Passive: VTOL Jets

Valkyrie’s passive allows her to hover in the air briefly by engaging her jetpack. This grants increased mobility options in combat and will enable Valkyrie to access hard-to-reach places. It’s great for dodging shots, repositioning in battles, or just getting a better vantage point.

Tactical Ability: Missile Swarm

Valkyrie’s tactical fires a mini-rocket swarm that damages and disorients enemies caught in the blast. It’s excellent for applying pressure before pushing with your squad, forcing enemies out of cover, or buying yourself time to reposition.

Ultimate Ability: Skyward Dive

Valkyrie’s ultimate allows her and nearby teammates to take to the skies for redeployment across large distances. This enables quick rotations to circle collapsed teams or escape dangerous situations. It’s an extremely powerful mobility tool.

Valkyrie Apex Legends

Playing to Valkyrie’s Strengths

Valkyrie thrives when played as an aggressive initiator and flanker. Here are some key tips to get the most out of her kit:

  • Use your VTOL jets liberally during fights to Dodge shots and fire from unexpected angles. The quicker you move, the harder you’ll be to hit.
  • Scout and survey the battlefield from above using your jetpack. The increased sightlines allow you to spot targets and routes for flanks.
  • Time your Missile Swarms to hit enemies immediately before pushing. The stun effect makes them easy pickings.
  • Look for chances to Skyward Dive onto isolated or weakened targets your team has called out. Coordinate for easy squad wipes.
  • Flank wide around chaotic battles and appear behind teams to catch them by surprise after your teammates engage.
  • Escape losing battles and reposition your team quickly with well-timed Skyward Dives. Don’t be afraid to reset a fight.
  • Use VTOL jets to reach unexpected high-ground locations other Legends can’t access. Surprise unsuspecting enemies from above.

Mastering Valkyrie is about staying on the move and using your mobility to gain advantages during fights. Never stay still for long!

Strong Team Synergies

Valkyrie pairs well with Legends that complement and enhance her aggressive flanking playstyle:

  • Bloodhound: Their tracking abilities pair perfectly with Valkyrie’s mobility. Bloodhound spots enemies and Valkyrie flies in for the kill.
  • Octane: Launchpads give Valkyrie more angles to initiate fights. Octane and Valkyrie together are extremely hard to pin down.
  • Horizon: Combining Horizon’s Gravity Lift with Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive allows the team to reach ridiculous heights and angles for engagement.
  • Crypto: Crypto’s drone scouting pairs great with Valkyrie’s aerial mobility. She can quickly reach targets with the drone tags.
  • Seer: Valkyrie can swiftly reposition to exploit enemies highlighted by Seer’s tactical and ultimate abilities.

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Tips for Unlocking Valkyrie

Valkyrie can be unlocked using either Legend Tokens or Apex Coins:

Using Legend Tokens:

  • Earn 600 Legend Tokens per Account level up.
  • You’ll need a total of 12,000 tokens to unlock Valkyrie.
  • Reach approximately Account level 20 by playing matches.

Using Apex Coins:

  • 750 Apex Coins are required to unlock Valkyrie directly.
  • Apex Coins can be purchased with real money in various bundles.
  • Look for sales or limited-time bundle offers to get the best deals.
  • Coins can also be earned through completing Battle Pass challenges.

Once you’ve saved enough Tokens or Coins, unlock Valkyrie through the Legends tab in the Main Menu. Then get ready to take your skills to the next level with her high-flying abilities!

Advanced Tactics to Master

Once you’ve gotten the basics down, it’s time to master some of Valkyrie’s advanced gameplay tactics:

Redirecting during Skyward Dive

  • You can redirect Valkyrie’s flight path during Skyward Dive by looking in the desired direction and tapping the jump button.
  • Redirects allow you to bait enemies, dodge gunfire, and outmaneuver opponents mid-dive.

Super gliding

  • Activate your VTOL jets, look straight down, jump, and hit the crouch button to initiate a superglide.
  • This propels you forward rapidly while keeping you off the radar. It’s perfect for sneaking up on teams.

Missile Swarm jumps

  • Time your jump as the Missile Swarm rockets detonate for a boost in height and distance.
  • Great for reaching unexpected locations and higher vantage points.

Kidnapping downed enemies

  • Use your ultimate to quickly “kidnap” downed enemies. This denies their team the chance to revive them.
  • An advanced psychological tactic to frustrate opponents!

Mastering redirects, supergliding, missile jumps, and other high-level techniques will take your Valkyrie gameplay to the next level. Learn them inside-out through practice in the Firing Range.


Valkyrie is one of the most versatile and mobility-focused Legends in Apex Legends. Her ability to take fights from unexpected angles and quickly reposition makes her extremely powerful in the right hands.

Make sure to play to her strengths as a flanker and initiator. Work on mastering advanced movement techniques. And choose squadmates who complement her aggressive aerial playstyle.

If you take the time to learn Valkyrie’s abilities inside-out, you can dance circles around opponents and soar your way to more wins in Apex Legends. Get out there, take flight, and surprise your enemies from above!

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