The Majestic Univolt of Palworld: Guide

Deep in the untamed wilds of the mysterious world of Palworld lurks an elusive and wondrous creature – the Univolt. With its vibrant blue fur streaked with jagged yellow patterns and a large black horn protruding from its forehead, this mystical horse-like Pal commands power over lightning itself. Univolt’s unique appearance and electrifying abilities have captured the imaginations of Palworld inhabitants and explorers alike.

An Intriguing Hybrid Design

Univolt’s visual design seamlessly blends elements of horses and unicorns with creative flair. It possesses an athletic quadrupedal body topped with an elegant, flowing mane and tail. Sharp hoofed feet allow Univolt to traverse rugged terrain. However, its most striking feature is the single black horn projecting from its forehead, evoking myths of the magical unicorn. Univolt’s vivid blue coat is decorated with angular yellow stripes reminiscent of lightning bolts. This visually conveys its mastery over electricity. The creative hybridization of real-world animals with imaginative details makes Univolt a truly novel and compelling Pal.

Univolt Palworld

Harnessing the Power of Lightning

But Univolt is more than just a beautifully designed creature. Its most invaluable asset is its ability to generate and control electricity naturally. Univolt can channel and direct lightning strikes at will. It can also store electrical energy within its horn and expel it as ranged shocking attacks. When mounted, Univolt can imbue the rider’s weapons with crackling electrical damage. Its electrical prowess allows Univolt to power generators, making it an extremely useful asset for electrifying Palworld settlements. This grants Univolt great utility as a mount, worker, and defender.

An Enigmatic Past Shrouded in Mystery

According to scattered legends, Univolt was once closely associated with the gods, particularly the Thunder God. Early Palworld civilizations purportedly revered Univolt as a divine messenger capable of invoking the Thunder God’s might. This accorded the creature a protected status, sheltering it from conflict or exploitation. However, a pivotal event cast Univolt in a more mundane light. Witnessing a Univolt seemingly smite a person with a fatal lightning strike shattered its perceived divinity.

Stripped of its exalted status, Univolt became a target for capture and pragmatic use by Palworld inhabitants. But much of Univolt’s history and origins remain shrouded in mystery. Where did this mythical creature come from? How did it develop its singular abilities? Univolt’s past may contain intriguing secrets waiting to be uncovered by intrepid explorers.

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A Valuable Addition to Any Settlement

In the contemporary era of Palworld, Univolt has become a highly valued creature for its versatile utility. Its capacity to generate electricity makes it an indispensable asset for powering machinery and infrastructure. Univolt provides a mobile, renewable power source that can electrify settlements far from conventional grids.

As a mount, Univolt provides transportation while also augmenting its rider’s fighting abilities with electric attacks. It can hold its own in battle thanks to its electrical horn and lightning strikes. Univolt’s lumbering ability allows it to fall trees and gather resources. This multifaceted skillset enables Univolt to serve many critical roles for Palworld inhabitants seeking to tame the wilds.

The Process of Obtaining the Majestic Univolt

Capturing and breeding Univolt requires knowledge, patience, and the right resources. Wild Univolts roam mountainous and electrically active areas but rarely appear. Building a Breeding Farm allows systematically producing Univolt eggs by breeding compatible Pals.

The key is pairing Pals with electric abilities like Celaray and Elizabee. Their Electric Egg has the potential to hatch into the coveted Univolt. Other viable pairings include Mossandra, Melpaca, and certain evolved forms. The breeding process can take time and multiple attempts but offers better odds than finding a wild Univolt.

Once obtained, the Univolt egg must be incubated in a specialized Egg Incubator. After the incubation period, the egg will crack open, revealing a young Univolt ready to imprint! With proper care and training, this Univolt will mature into a loyal companion boasting immense power.


Univolt remains one of Palworld’s most mysterious and multifaceted creatures. From its imaginatively designed appearance to its mastery over electricity, Univolt possesses wondrous qualities and valuable abilities. While its origins are obscure, Univolt continues to demonstrate its worth as an ally and asset. As an embodiment of nature’s beauty and danger, the elusive Univolt ensures Palworld remains a realm of mystery and surprise waiting to be explored.

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