Top Web3 Games To Explore In 2024

The rise of Web3 and blockchain technology is revolutionizing the world of gaming. Web3 games provide players with true ownership of in-game assets, greater transparency, and the ability to earn real rewards through play. With so many exciting new titles launching in 2024, here are some of the top Web3 games for gamers to explore across various genres and interests.

For Axie Infinity Fans

Hunters On-Chain

Hunters On-Chain might become your next obsession if you love breeding and battling Axies in Axie Infinity. This Ethereum-based RPG features thrilling monster hunts, deep character customization through NFTs, and a unique land ownership system. Players can obtain monsters, weapons, armour and other items as their NFTs. The compelling gameplay and real ownership of in-game assets make Hunters On-Chain a must-try for Axie lovers.


Inspired by classic monster-collecting RPGs like Pokémon, Pixels brings the concept into Web3. Players can collect and breed adorable pixelated creatures, explore a vibrant open world, and battle other players in online arenas. With true ownership of your Pixels as NFTs, you can trade or sell them like real collectables. For Pokémon fans, Pixels offers a new twist on monster taming and training gameplay.

Top Web3 Games

For Competitive Gamers


Calling all card game enthusiasts: Skyweaver brings stunning visuals, innovative mechanics, and blockchain integration to the CCG genre. Players can build their ultimate deck, battle opponents using skill and strategy, and climb the ranked ladder to become the top Skyweaver. With true ownership of your cards as NFTs, you can trade them on open markets. The competitive Ranked play makes this a must-try for CCG fans.


Another fantastic crypto card game option is Splinterlands, featuring an active community, tournaments, and play-to-earn rewards. Players pick from six powerful factions and build decks to conquer their foes in epic card battles. You truly own your cards as NFTs and can freely trade them. Splinterlands is great for casual and hardcore CCG players with its easy learning curve and deep strategy.

For Metaverse Explorers

The Sandbox

Step into the virtual world of The Sandbox, where you can own land, create experiences, and interact with others as your custom avatar. Its user-generated content and decentralized governance make it a true metaverse platform that its community owns. The endless creative possibilities, from hosting parties to making your games using VoxEdit and Game Maker tools, make The Sandbox a must-visit metaverse.


Like The Sandbox, Decentraland allows players to buy LAND parcels as NFTs and build structures and spaces. You can explore its bustling districts, attend live events, or hang out with friends. Decentraland offers a vibrant and diverse social metaverse experience, from casinos to underwater lounges.

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For Casual Gamers


Sparkball offers short bursts of fun with its action-packed brawler gameplay. The simple controls and addictive matches make it the perfect intro to Web3 for casual gamers. Team up with friends and battle it with various characters in zero-gravity arenas. With customization through cosmetic NFTs, Sparkball brings blockchain benefits without complex mechanics.

Ember Sword

Experience the adventure and fun of classic RPGs in Ember Sword’s stunning pixel art world. Complete quests, battle monsters, and conquer dungeons alongside fellow players in this community-focused MMORPG. Its charming retro graphics, chill gameplay and NFT integration create a perfect casual gaming experience.

Bonus: The Walking Dead Empires

For fans of The Walking Dead, this strategy game allows you to build settlements, scavenge resources and form alliances in a post-apocalyptic Walker-filled world. The ability to own land and assets as NFTs takes the gameplay to another level. If you love the TV series, The Walking Dead Empires offers an immersive survival experience against hordes of undead walkers.

The world of Web3 gaming brings fresh innovations that empower players in new ways. With so many exciting new titles across genres releasing in 2024, there are amazing gaming experiences for everyone to explore. Do your research, find a game tailored to your interests, and step into the future of fun, community and ownership through blockchain gaming. The possibilities are endless in this rapidly evolving ecosystem – it’s an exciting time for gamers to dive in!

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