Top 3 Lifeweaver Counters in Overwatch 2

Lifeweaver is one of the newest support heroes added to Overwatch 2, providing healing and utility to his team through abilities like Life Grip and Healing Blossom. However, like all heroes, Lifeweaver has his counters that can seriously impede his effectiveness in a match. In this article, we will explore the top 3 heroes that counter Lifeweaver and how to play them effectively.


As one of the premier sniper heroes in Overwatch, Widowmaker is extremely effective at taking down Lifeweaver from range before he can react. Here are her key strengths and weaknesses against Lifeweaver:


  • One-shot potential: A fully charged headshot from Widow’s sniper rifle will instantly kill Lifeweaver.
  • Long-range damage: Widow excels at taking down targets from long range, outside of Lifeweaver’s effective healing range.
  • Infra-Sight ultimate: Widow’s ultimate reveals all enemy locations, preventing Lifeweaver from hiding.


  • He relies on headshots. Body shots may not finish off Lifeweaver before he can heal himself.
  • Vulnerable to flanks – Heroes like Sombra and Tracer can sneak up on an unsupported Widowmaker.
  • Map dependent – Widow needs long sightlines to snipe Lifeweaver effectively.

To excel against Lifeweaver as Widowmaker:

  1. Focus on setting up in positions that give you long sight lines across the map.
  2. Use your Infra-Sight to keep vision on Lifeweaver and time your shots to take him out before he can escape behind cover.
  3. Avoid close-quarters combat where Lifeweaver can damage you rapidly with Thorn Volley.
Top 3 Lifeweaver Counters


With her high mobility and defensive abilities, D.Va is uniquely equipped to hunt down Lifeweaver and counter his abilities aggressively. Here are D.Va’s pros and cons against Lifeweaver:


  • High mobility – D.Va can quickly boost into a range of Lifeweaver to attack.
  • Defense Matrix – D.Va can eat Lifeweaver’s Thorn Volley projectiles with her matrix.
  • Burst damage – At close range, D.Va’s fusion cannons and micro missiles can shred Lifeweaver.


  • Large hitbox – D.Va is an easy target for Lifeweaver to pepper with Thorn Volley.
  • Short range – Lifeweaver can keep distance and evade D.Va’s close-range damage.
  • Team reliance – D.Va lacks finishing power and needs team follow-up damage.

To play D.Va well against Lifeweaver, use your mobility to quickly dive on him, block his attacks with matrix, and try to drive him out of position for your team to finish off. Avoid fighting Lifeweaver at long distances where he can freely attack you.

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With her mysterious abilities and lethal beam weapon, Moira can successfully duel Lifeweaver and win out through attrition. Here is how Moira matches up against Lifeweaver:


  • Escape abilities – Moira can use Fade to avoid Lifeweaver’s attacks.
  • Sustain healing – Moira’s Biotic Grasp heals her rapidly during duels with Lifeweaver.
  • Beam range – Moira’s Coalescence outranges Lifeweaver’s abilities.


  • Low burst damage – Moira lacks the damage to quickly assassinate Lifeweaver.
  • Short Range – Outside her beam, Moira lacks options to damage Lifeweaver.
  • Team reliance – Moira needs teammates to secure kills on weakened targets.

As Moira, focus on using Fade to dodge in and out of cover while duelling Lifeweaver at short range. Keep your Biotic Grasp trained on him to sustain yourself while whittling him down. Coalescence can finish off a weakened Lifeweaver if he tries to escape.

General Tips for Countering Lifeweaver

When playing any hero against Lifeweaver, keep these general strategies in mind:

  • Disrupt his abilities – Stun or knockback Lifeweaver when he tries to use Life Grip or Blossoming Enlightenment.
  • Use cover wisely – Don’t expose yourself needlessly to Lifeweaver’s Thorn Volley.
  • Focus fire – Call out and coordinate to burst down Lifeweaver quickly.
  • Play the objective – Lifeweaver lacks kill power, so avoid overextending to chase him.
  • Watch flanks – Heroes like Tracer can harass Lifeweaver from unexpected angles.

While Lifeweaver can certainly provide strong healing and disruption for his team, he has clear vulnerabilities that enemies can exploit. A sniper, tank, or slippery flanker hero played properly will give Lifeweaver major problems. With practice using these counter heroes and tactics, you can send Lifeweaver back to the spawn room and give your team the advantage.

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