Palworld: How to Get, Use Tomato Seeds & Benefits


Palworld is an exciting life simulation game where you build relationships with cute, functional creatures called Pals. An essential part of the gameplay is planting crops and harvesting ingredients that can be used for cooking and crafting. One of the most versatile crops you can grow is the tomato. This article will provide an overview of how to obtain tomato seeds in Palworld, plant and grow tomatoes, and the benefits of cultivating these nutritious red fruits.

Tomato Seeds Palworld

How to Obtain Tomato Seeds

There are a few methods of getting your hands on those precious tomato seeds in Palworld:

Defeat or Catch Specific Pals

Some Pals will drop tomato seeds when defeated or caught. Here are some to look out for:

  • Broncherry: A cherry-shaped Pal that can be found in grassy areas. They are non-aggressive herbivores. Upon defeat or capture, they can drop 1-2 tomato seeds.
  • Penking: A blue penguin-like Pal that lives in snowy areas. Penkings are omnivores but not dangerous. You can sometimes get 1-3 tomato seeds when catching them.
  • Lyleen: An aggressive lion Pal residing in the savanna. Lyleen is challenging to defeat but will reward you with 2-4 tomato seeds.

Purchase from Merchants

You can buy tomato seeds from merchants once you build the Vegetable Stall facility. Each tomato seed costs 100 Pokos. Stock up on seeds whenever you see a merchant!

Drops from Enemies

Some enemies like Gruffalo and Cave Troll have a slight chance of dropping tomato seeds when defeated. Farm them to collect seeds passively.

How to Plant and Grow Tomatoes

To use those seeds, you’ll need to unlock and build the Tomato Plantation. Here’s how to set it up:

Unlock the Tomato Plantation

The Tomato Plantation can be unlocked in the Technology tab once you reach Level 32. It costs 500 Science Points to research.

Build the Tomato Plantation

Constructing a Tomato Plantation requires:

  • 5 Pal Fluids
  • 3 Tomato Seeds
  • 70 Wood
  • 60 Stone

Gather these materials by scavenging, crafting, trading, or purchasing from NPCs. Then go to the Build menu and place down your Tomato Plantation.

Plant Tomato Seeds

Interact with the Tomato Plantation and select the Plant Seeds option. Choose tomato seeds from your inventory to plant them. Each slot can hold 1 seed which takes 6 in-game hours to grow fully.

Harvesting Tomatoes

Once grown, instruct your Pals to harvest the ripe tomato plants. Each harvested plant will yield 3-5 tomatoes. The plantation can be harvested daily.

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What Are The Benefits of Tomato Seeds

Cultivating tomatoes from seeds offers some significant advantages in Palworld:

Important Cooking Ingredient

Tomatoes can be used to cook beneficial dishes like Omelettes and Rendrix stews. These restore stamina and temporarily boost stats like attack power. Maintaining a steady tomato supply enables the constant crafting of these recipes.

Profitable Plantation

The Tomato Plantation is very cost-effective once set up. Tomatoes sell for a high price to NPCs, making plantation harvesting a lucrative daily money-maker. With enough seeds/plants, you can earn thousands of Pokos per harvest.

Food Supply for Pals

Tomatoes keep your Pals fed and happy. They love the nutritional value and yummy taste! A surplus of tomatoes ensures your Pals always have access to nourishing meals.

Automated Farming

The tomato harvesting process can be fully automated with the right Pals with Farming suitability. You can come back each day to collect tomatoes without any effort!

Key Ingredients in Recipes

Many significant combat, gathering, and health recipes require tomatoes. Maintaining a steady supply of tomatoes ensures you’ll always be able to craft these recipes when needed.


Tomato seeds are an invaluable resource in Palworld for their importance in planting, cooking, crafting, and automation. Use methods like defeating Pals and buying from merchants to collect seeds. Plant them in the Tomato Plantation and harvest frequently for ingredients and profits. Your Pals will be happy, and you’ll reap rewards from these versatile red fruits!

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