Find the Mageth Brothers Location in FF16

The Mageth Brothers are a formidable trio of Notorious Marks that can be hunted in Final Fantasy 16. Defeating these coordinated fighters will require skill, strategy, and knowledge of their whereabouts in the land of Valisthea. This guide “the Mageth Brothers Location FF16” will walk you through unlocking the Mageth Brothers hunt, pinpointing their exact location, and offer tips for taking down the brothers in an epic showdown.

Unlocking the Mageth Brothers Bounty

Before you can track down the Mageth Brothers, you first need to unlock access to their hunt. Here are the steps:

  • Progress through the Main Story Quests until you complete the “Fire in the Sky” quest. This key story quest opens up the world map and allows you to travel between regions freely.
  • After completing “Fire in the Sky”, the Hunt Board will become available. This is where you can pick up special bounties to track down and defeat unique monsters and beasts in the world of Valisthea.
  • Visit the Hunt Board in your current location and browse through the available marks. Select the bounty titled “The Mageth Brothers” to officially unlock the hunt.
  • With the Mageth Brothers bounty selected, a waypoint will appear on your world map indicating the general region where they can be found.

Now that you’ve unlocked the ability to hunt the Mageth Brothers, it’s time to track down their exact location.

the Mageth Brothers Location FF16

Pinpointing the Location of the Mageth Brothers

The Mageth Brothers reside in the Quietsands region of Rosaria. Here are the steps to find their precise location:

  • From the Hunt Board, open your world map. You’ll notice a waypoint in the Quietsands region.
  • The easiest way to reach the Quietsands is to first travel to the Port Isolde Obelisk. This should be available as a fast travel point.
  • From Port Isolde, head northeast along the main road, then go north when the path splits. Continue following this route.
  • You’ll pass through a rocky tunnel-like structure before entering the Quietsands region.
  • Once in the Quietsands, hang a left and head west towards the shoreline.
  • Follow the beach, and you’ll soon spot the Mageth Brothers awaiting your arrival!

Knowing the optimal route to the Quietsands from a nearby fast travel point is key to minimizing travel time. Now, let’s look at some winning strategies for facing the brothers head-on.

Battle Strategies and Tips for Defeating the Mageth Brothers

The Mageth Brothers are a force to be reckoned with. Here are some key tips for defeating them in battle:

– Assess the threat level before engaging – The brothers are on an A-Rank hunt, around level 38. Make sure Claude and his party are at least level 35 before attempting this fight.

– Isolate and focus fire – The brothers coordinate attacks together. Pick them off one by one to even the odds.

– Master dodging and blocking – Dodge and block to avoid their heavy hits. Time your dodges to avoid being surrounded.

– Bring your best Eikons – Eikonic abilities like Scarlet Cyclone and Wicked Wheel are great for crowd control.

– Exploit weaknesses – Use wind and fire attacks to hit their elemental weaknesses.

– Heal often – Keep potions and healing spells ready to recover from their onslaught of attacks.

– Be persistent – This is a tough fight; don’t get discouraged! Adjust your tactics and try again if you fail.

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Here is a more in-depth look at combat strategies for each phase of the Mageth Brothers’ fight:

Early Phase (All 3 Brothers)

  • Keep moving and look for chances to isolate a brother. Take them down one at a time.
  • Dodge frequently to avoid being surrounded. Look for tells before their heavy attacks.
  • Block their weaker combos using Claude’s shield. Follow with quick counterattacks.
  • Use abilities like Eikonic Meteor or Firestorm to deal serious AoE damage when they cluster together.

Mid Phase (2 Brothers Remain)

  • The remaining brothers gain a deadly single-target strike called “Crea y Cwm”. Watch for the tell (weapon raised overhead) and be ready to dodge.
  • Burst down the injured brother quickly so you can return to a 1v1 fight.
  • Your Eikons are crucial here for stunning both brothers at once. Coordinate their attacks for maximum impact.

Late Phase (1 Brother Remains)

  • The final brother gains a 4-hit combo called “Iron Gavel”. Keep your distance and wait for an opening after they complete the combo.
  • With only one foe left, go all out with your strongest spells and abilities. Hold nothing back!
  • If you need to heal or recover, now is the time since you only have one brother to contend with.


The Mageth Brothers are worthy adversaries that will test your combat skills and mastery of Final Fantasy 16’s systems. By unlocking their hunt, tracking them down in the Quietsands, and employing smart strategies tailored to each phase, you can topple these notorious marks. The rewards for success are well worth the effort. With the guidance above, you’ll be ready to take on these deadly brothers and relish the challenge. Happy hunting!

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