TFT Set 10 8-Bit Corki Comp Guide

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 10 introduced an exciting new trait called 8-Bit that breathes fresh life into the game. One of the most popular team comps utilizing this trait is built around Corki as the primary damage carrier. This innovative comp can pack quite a punch when executed properly. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to master the 8-bit Corki composition.

Overview of the 8-Bit Corki Team Comp

The core of this team comp focuses on Corki as the primary damage dealer supported by other 8-bit units. Corki is a 1-cost unit, so rerolling for him is essential. His ability also provides critical anti-heal that scales impressively into the late game.

Garen further bolsters the composition as the main frontline tank. As a 2-cost unit, finding Garen early is critical to building up the comp. Other 8-Bit units like Big Shot, Sentinel, Edgelord and Rapidfire can flexibly fill out the rest of the team.

Power spikes for this comp centre around completing the 8-bit synergy in the early game, hitting Corki 3-star in the mid-game after slow rolling on level 6, and watching Corki shred enemies with his cannon in the late game.

Early Game – Activate That 8-Bit Synergy

The 8-bit trait gains power from a ramping effect, so getting it online early is pivotal. Stay at low levels initially and focus solely on grabbing 8-bit units, even if it means settling for 1-star copies first.

Garen is the best frontline pair for Corki, thanks to his Guardian trait soak and ability to draw anger. Other suitable early-game tanks include Leona, Braum or Nautilus.

If you hit Corki 2-star quickly, he can carry items decently. But only odon’tnvest once he’s 3-he’s. Slap on temporary damage items like Hand of Justice or Shiv instead.

Mid-Game – Slow Roll for Your Carry

Stay at level 6 before rolling down for your primary carries. The reduced pool makes hitting Corki much more likely than level 7+.

You want Corki 3-star as soon as possible to start steamrolling opponents. The anti-heal on his ability also scales off star level, so the triple upgrade is very relevant.

Some other champions worth keeping on the backburner if you happen to 2-star them along the way:

  • Jhin – Devastating secondary damage
  • Lucian or Caitlyn – Good Jazz synergies
  • Qiyana or Riven – Versatile flex options

Late Game – Showcase 8-Bit’s8-Bit’seal Power

Once Corki hits his ultimate form, the fun begins. Load him up with offensive items like Hand of Justice, Infinity Force, Giant Slayer or anything with on-hit effects. He’ll be there through enemy frontlines in seconds.

The 8-bit trait continues providing value, too. By this point, you’ll have all four units active, buffing your whole lineup with substantial Ability Power and bonus gold.

Make sure to position Corki safely since crowd control spells can lock him down. Use Quicksilver to make him immune, or rely on Guardian Angel’s Angel if needed.

Corki’sCorki’s barrage will shred anyone trying to heal up. Only the most tenacious Soraka or Volibear comps can withstand the 8-Bit’s8-Bit’seal barrage.

TFT Set 10 8-Bit Corki Comp Guide

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Comp


  • High damage output from Corki
  • Excellent anti-heal in late game
  • Ramping 8-bit trait scales well


  • Very item reliant on Corki
  • Needs 8-bit units early
  • Vulnerable to crowd control effects

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Tips and Tricks for 8-Bit Corki Success

  1. Slow roll aggressively for Corki on level 6. His triple rocket upgrade is a huge spike.
  2. Build Hand of Justice early. The on-hit damage synergizes perfectly with Corki’sCorki’syle.
  3. Position Corki in the back corner. This makes it harder to reach for enemy Assassins or crowd control.
  4. Add a secondary damage threat. Backline Jhin or Lucian gives insurance in case Corki gets locked down.


While risky if not hit early, a flawlessly executed 8-bit Corki composition showcases everything fun about TFT innovation. Clever ability usage, synergistic traits and razor-sharp decision-making combine to make this one of the most formidable underdog builds in Set 10.

So next time the reroll odds seem against you, believe in the Heart of the Cards and assemble Corki’sCorki’s8-bit battalion. Your opponents will soon find their healing shredded through and Nexuses obliterated in the face of its relentless onslaught!

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