What are Special or Elite Zombies in MW3 Zombies?

In the Zombies game mode remembered for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, players go head to head against progressively troublesome influxes of the undead. In addition to the standard zombie horde, players will encounter unique “special” and “elite” enemy zombies as they progress through the rounds. These Special zombies change interactivity, act like more petite than usual manager fights.

How Many Types of Special Zombies

There are three main Special zombie types that players will go over in MW3 Zombies:


Mimics are tall, thin zombies with stretched appendages and an enormous, sparkle mouth with sharp teeth. Unmistakable arm-like members distend from their shoulders and back. Their name comes from their capacity to “mimic” the player’s development and assault designs.

Abilities and Behavior

  • Very quick and deft, fit for the quick scuffle, go after that bargain high harm.
  • Will counteract and imitate the player’s moves.
  • Will generally strike from the flank or behind.
  • Can jump from a distance to close holes rapidly.

Weak Spots and Strategy

  • Point of concern is the spark mouth. Go for the gold conceivable.
  • Avoid mimicked attacks by moving erratically and using jukes.
  • Try to Avoid allowing them to flank you – keep them in front to see assaults coming.
  • Power or AOE harm functions admirably.

Mimics are produced from tainted fortresses or as Abundance Agreement targets. They likewise get an opportunity to show up in later waves haphazardly.

Special or Elite Zombies in MW3 Zombies


Manglers are zombies covered in thick armor with one arm grafted with a massive cannon. The gun can discharge substantial laser impacts at long reach.

Abilities and Behavior

  • Fires laser guns prepared to do high harm.
  • Impacts can hit various targets, included different zombies.
  • Moderately sluggish development and assault speed.
  • Will keep terminate cannon in any event when the arm is harmed.

Weak Spots and Strategy

  • Points of concern are the head and the cannon arm.
  • Shoot off the cannon arm to restrict long-reach assaults.
  • Use explosives to shred cover.
  • Flank and assault from behind.

Manglers start showing up in level 2 danger zones, customary in Agreements.

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Disciples are floating, spectral enemies who wear elaborate robes and masks. They hover over the war zone, supported different zombies.

Abilities and Behavior

  • Can summon more zombies.
  • Heals nearby undead with energy beams.
  • Teleports around the area frequently.
  • Melee attacks at close range.

Weak Spots and Strategy

  • Points of weakness are the head and veil.
  • Kill them rapidly so they can’t uphold different zombies.
  • AOE assaults function admirably before they magically transport away.
  • Power stops their mending bar.
  • Disciples can be found near escort targets and in areas of higher threat.

General Tips and Strategy

While going head to head against these lethal special zombies, remember to follow the tips:

  • Focus on the target – take them out before they can engage the zombie crowd.
  • Gain proficiency with their shortcomings and assault points of weakness for most significant harm.
  • Try not to allow them to encompass or flank you. Could you keep them in front?
  • Use cover and move capriciously to keep away from going assaults.
  • Power, AOE assaults, and advantages like Dead Wire function admirably.
  • Save potent single-shot weapons for exceptional zombies.
  • Region control and group control advantages keep them from amassed.

While not quite as lethal as the giant Uber Plague chief, these special zombies can rapidly reverse the situation of fight whenever left uncontrolled. Stay cautious of their indications and novel profiles so you can adjust your strategies likewise. With train, you’ll have the option actually to counter every danger!


The special zombies of Mimics, Manglers, and Disciples present new moves for players to defeat in MW3’s Zombies mode. They save the extreme activity in any event for experienced zombie veterans.

These threats can be countered by learn their behaviors, attack their weak spots, and utilize the appropriate gear and perks. Eventually, their novel powers and goes after force players to remain agile in their procedures and cooperation. The thrill of Call of Duty Zombies is exemplified by these lethal special zombies, who can change their strategies on the fly, try new approaches, and master the strengths and weaknesses of each enemy. Driven players who become familiar with these illustrations will make due and flourish, regardless of what new repulsions the zombies release!

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