Sibelyx Palworld: Complete Guide


Palworld is an upcoming life simulation game where players can befriend and utilize cute creature companions called Pals. One of the most intriguing Pals in the game is Sibelyx, an ice-type Pal that can be found in the chilly Tundra region. With powerful ice attacks and useful skills, Sibelyx is a formidable Pal that can aid players on their journey through Palworld. This article will provide an in-depth look at Sibelyx, including where to find it, how to catch it, its abilities and skills, and what it drops when defeated.

Sibelyx Palworld

Where to Find Sibelyx

Sibelyx inhabits the snowy Tundra region in the northern part of the Palworld map. This frigid environment is blanketed in snow and ice, providing the perfect home for this icy Pal. Sibelyx can be found in great numbers in the Tundra, especially in areas with large snow banks, glaciers, and frozen lakes.

The Tundra is a high-level area recommended for players around levels 40-45. The hostile climate and dangerous Pals make this region challenging to navigate for lower-level players. Ensure your party is at a decent level and properly equipped before venturing into the Tundra to search for Sibelyx.

How to Catch Sibelyx

Catching Sibelyx takes skill and strategy. As an ice-type Pal, Sibelyx is weak to fire. Bringing fire Pals into battle will help wear down Sibelyx more quickly. Using Pal food and vitamins that increase your Pals’ fire damage will also improve your chances in combat.

Sibelyx is a powerful Pal that won’t go down easy. Even with type advantage, battles can be long and difficult. Make sure to come prepared with plenty of healing items and Pal Spheres. Higher-grade Spheres have better catch rates, so use your best Spheres when trying to catch Sibelyx.

The most effective catching method is to strike Sibelyx from behind and throw your Pal Sphere while its guard is down. Sneaking up behind the Pal disorients it, making the Sphere more likely to capture it successfully. Exercise patience and strategy to boost your odds of adding Sibelyx to your party.

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Sibelyx’s Abilities and Skills

Sibelyx is a highly capable Pal adept in both combat and ranch work. It possesses the following abilities:

  • Medicine Reproduction Lv. 2 – Allows Sibelyx to duplicate medicinal items.
  • Cooling Lv. 2 – Provides advanced refrigeration. Perfect for keeping food fresh.
  • Farming Lv. 1 – Enables Sibelyx to grow crops on player ranches.

In addition, when assigned to work on a textile ranch, Sibelyx can produce High-Quality Cloth, an invaluable crafting material.

Sibelyx also wields powerful ice magic in combat. Its known skills include:

  • Silk Maker – Sibelyx’s partner skill. It fires a mighty Blizzard Spike at the targeted enemy.
  • Ice Missile Lv. 1 – Creates ice lances in the air that home in on foes.
  • Iceberg Lv. 15 – Summons a huge crescent blade of ice to hurl at enemies.
  • Cryst Breath Lv. 22 – Blasts frigid air to encase targets in ice, dealing continuous damage.
  • Spirit Flame Lv. 30 – Launches three malice fireballs that relentlessly chase enemies.

With both usefulness on ranches and formidable strength in battle, Sibelyx is a versatile Pal.

What Sibelyx Drops

Upon defeat, Sibelyx provides some rare crafting materials:

  • High-Quality Cloth – A textile needed to craft various armour and outfits. Sibelyx produces ample cloth when stationed at a ranch.
  • Ice Organ – A mysterious organ from Sibelyx’s icy body. It can be used to craft equipment and medicine.

Farming Sibelyx is an efficient way to stock up on these valuable crafting components. The materials can also be sold to shops for hefty profits.


Sibelyx is one of Palworld’s most interesting species – an ice-wielding creature that thrives in the Tundra biome. This powerful Pal can be an invaluable teammate with its robust skillset. Catching a Sibelyx takes time and strategy, but determined players who come prepared will be able to add it to their collection. With diligent hunting and smart use of its abilities, Sibelyx can significantly aid Palworld players on their adventures across the world and its diverse environments and creatures.

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