Semi-Auto Shotgun in RDR 2

The American Old West was dangerous, filled with outlaws looking to make a name for themselves. To survive, you needed a trusty sidearm with enough power to stop any foe in their tracks. While revolvers got the job done, few weapons could match the raw devastation of a shotgun at close range. Red Dead Redemption 2 features an array of powerful shotguns, but one stands above the rest – the Semi-Auto Shotgun RDR 2. This rapid-firing beast can quickly annihilate groups of enemies in a heartbeat.

Overview and Stats

The Semi-Auto Shotgun lives up to its name – it’s a shotgun that can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. This differentiates it from other shotguns like the Double-Barreled or Repeater, which require manual reloading after every shot. The Semi-Auto streams hot lead downrange, able to put multiple pellets on target in seconds.

Here are the key stats for the Semi-Auto Shotgun:

  • Damage: 4 out of 5 stars. Delivers tremendous damage at close range.
  • Range: 2 out of 5 stars. It has less capacity than other shotguns but is still lethal up close.
  • Rate of Fire: 5 out of 5 stars. As fast as you can pull the trigger.
  • Accuracy: 3 out of 5 stars. Scattergun pellet spread requires being up close.
  • Reload Speed: 4 out of 5 stars. Reloads shell-by-shell very quickly.
  • Ammo Capacity: 5 shells. Small capacity means frequent reloading.

In the hands of an experienced shooter, the Semi-Auto Shotgun brings the pain. The rapid rate of fire and extreme close-quarters damage make it a force to be reckoned with.

Semi-Auto Shotgun RDR 2

Getting Your Hands on a Semi-Auto Shotgun

Unlike many premium late-game weapons, you can acquire a Semi-Auto Shotgun surprisingly early in Red Dead Redemption 2. There are a couple of ways to pick one up:

Watson’s Cabin: This is the earliest opportunity to grab a Semi-Auto. Watson’s Cabin is located north of Strawberry in Big Valley (look for the giant ‘W’ formed by the outside walls). Make your way to the basement, and you’ll find a Semi-Auto Shotgun in a weapon case.

Purchase from Gunsmith: After completing Chapter 2, Semi-Auto Shotguns become available at any gunsmith. It’ll cost you $885 for the privilege, so make sure you’ve been looting valuables and treasure.

Loot from Enemies: High-level enemies like federal agents and bounty hunters may be carrying Semi-Auto Shotguns later in the game. Relieve them for their weapons if you get the chance.

With a little effort, you can pack this brutal firearm by the story’s halfway point. It’s worth setting aside some cash early to buy one.

Using the Semi-Auto Shotgun

The Semi-Auto Shotgun shines when you need to dish out a high volume of pain up close. Here are some tips for putting it to good use:

Use in Close Quarters: The Semi-Auto lacks range, so ensure you’re within 20 feet when you open fire. The wide spread of pellets means you don’t need pinpoint accuracy.

Aim for Center Mass: To maximize damage, aim for the chest and midsection, where all the pellets will connect. Going for headshots wastes ammo.

Fire from the Hip: The Semi-Auto Shotgun is adept at firing from the hip without precision aiming. Blast away while dodging and moving.

Bring Extra Ammo: You can chew through ammo fast with only five shells per reload. Bring twice as much shotgun ammo as you think you’ll need.

Use Dead Eye Ability: Activate Dead Eye to slow down time and nail every shot. This helps offset the limited ammo capacity.

Don’t Shoot Long Range: Avoid shooting at long-range targets. You’ll waste ammo and deal negligible damage.

Upgrade at Gunsmith: Visit the gunsmith to upgrade damage and reload speed to make the Semi-Auto even more lethal.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Here’s a quick rundown of where the Semi-Auto Shotgun excels and where it falls short:


  • Massive close-range damage
  • High rate of fire
  • Fast reload speed
  • Room clearing power


  • Minimal range
  • Low ammo capacity
  • High recoil while firing fast
  • Eats through ammo quickly
  • Loud noise attracts enemies

If you play to its strengths of close-range mayhem, the Semi-Auto Shotgun will almost always dominate. But you must know its shortcomings in long-range engagements and ammo capacity.

Final Tips and Tricks

Here are some final tips to help you maximize the potential of the Semi-Auto Shotgun:

  • Pair it with a long-range weapon like a rifle or repeater to offset its short range.
  • Carry twice as much ammo as you think you’ll need to account for fast ammo consumption.
  • Restock on shells during missions whenever you get the chance.
  • Use Dead Eye liberally to counteract the high recoil and accuracy spread.
  • Upgrade ammo capacity at the gunsmith when available.
  • Clean the weapon regularly to keep it in peak condition.
  • Equip shotgun shells to your item wheel for quick access during fights.

If used properly, the Semi-Auto Shotgun can become your trusty companion on your journey through the Wild West. It provides defensive stopping power that few enemies can withstand. Whether you’re gunning down outlaws during story missions or clearing hideouts, the Semi-Auto Shotgun will quickly become a go-to tool of destruction. Stay frosty out there, cowboy!

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