Rise of the Ronin PS5 Release & Exclusive Pre-Order Perks

The highly anticipated samurai action RPG Rise of the Ronin finally has a release date – it will be arriving on PlayStation 5 on March 24, 2024. Developed by famed studio Team Ninja, known for the Ninja Gaiden and Nioh series, Rise of the Ronin PS5 Release to deliver a thrilling and immersive journey into late Edo period Japan.

Overview of Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin was first announced in September 2022 during the Sony State of Play livestream. The reveal trailer showcased the game’s beautiful visuals and tense combat as players take on the role of a ronin warrior in 19th-century Japan. Based on what has been shown so far, here’s a quick rundown of what we can expect from Rise of the Ronin:

Open World Adventure in Late Edo Japan

The game takes place on the island of Kyushu during the late Edo period, as Western influence begins to shake up Japan’s long isolation. Players will traverse the world on foot, horseback, or glider as they explore the serene countryside and bustling castle towns.

Brutal Melee and Ranged Combat

As a masterless samurai, players will engage in visceral sword fights with vicious foes. In addition to blades, you’ll also wield firearms and other ranged weapons in furious battles.

RPG Progression and Customization

Level up your skills and abilities across multiple combat styles to create your unique Ronin build. Craft new melee weapons and guns, as well as customize your appearance.

Choice Driven Narrative

The decisions you make will shape the story and the world around you. Team Ninja promises that player choice will have a significant impact.

Stunning Visuals

Built for PS5, Rise of the Ronin boasts incredible graphics, vivid colours, and fluid animations to immerse you fully in its world.

Rise of the Ronin PS5 Release

Release Date and Pre-Order Details

During The Game Awards 2022, a new trailer revealed that Rise of the Ronin will launch for PS5 on March 24, 2024. This will be a console exclusive, at least for some time at launch.

Pre-orders are now available for Rise of the Ronin on PS5, both digitally and physically. Here are some highlights of the pre-order bonuses you can get:

  • Early unlocks for the Iga Ninja’s Katana and armour set
  • Early opens for four combat styles
  • Iga Ninja’s Staff
  • Toyokuni Paired Swords
  • Bando Warrior armour set
  • Japanese Formal Wear set

These bonuses will give you a head start with gear and abilities for your Ronin. Check out the PlayStation Store, Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, and other major retailers to pre-order.

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What We’ve Seen So Far in Trailers

The announcement trailer back in September 2022 gave us an initial taste of Rise of the Ronin’s world and combat. It showed the Ronin protagonist descending upon a village while engaging in ferocious battles with blades, spears, and pistols.

But the extended gameplay trailer at The Game Awards got fans excited. We saw the Ronin exploring mountain trails, misty forests, and Japanese architecture as the day transitioned dynamically tonight.

Combat highlighted stealth takedowns, samurai duels, and large-scale battles where the Ronin leapt acrobatically between multiple foes to cut them down. The trailer also teased enemies like ninjas, samurai warriors, and mythic Japanese beasts.


With its jaw-dropping visuals, thrilling combat, and exploration of a pivotal era in Japanese history, Rise of the Ronin has the makings of Team Ninja’s most ambitious game yet. The 2024 release date can’t come soon enough, and pre-ordering is an intelligent choice to get all the bonuses.

Rise of the Ronin looks poised to deliver a one-of-a-kind samurai experience when it hits PS5 on March 24, 2024. We’ll closely monitor any new details Team Ninja reveals before launch day!

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