Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Achievement Guide

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is the latest instalment in the iconic Resident Evil survival horror franchise. The game takes players to a decrepit plantation in rural Louisiana, where they must escape from a deranged family and solve the mysteries surrounding them. With 58 achievements to unlock, this guide will help you 100% of the game and earn every last trophy.

Story and Exploration Achievements

The story achievements make up the bulk of the game’s trophies. They range from completing each chapter to beating the game on harder difficulty levels. Here are some tips for earning these achievements:

She’s Alive: Travel to Louisiana

This achievement unlocks automatically after the opening segment when Ethan arrives at the plantation.

Welcome to the Family, Son: Escape from the guest house

Make your way through the guest house while evading or fighting Jack Baker. Once you make it outside, the achievement will unlock.

You Better Start Running: Escape from the Baker family home

After Jack catches Ethan, you’ll wake up at the dinner table. Escape from the house and defeat or evade Mia to unlock this achievement.

Into the Depths: Escape from the Ship

In the ship section, solve puzzles and find keys to unlock doors while avoiding enemies. The achievement unlocks when you take the elevator to exit.

The Grave Will Out the Truth: Obtain all three dog heads and unlock the door

Find all three dog head keys hidden around the house. Then, unlock the chained door to earn this achievement.

There are also achievements for beating the game on Easy, Normal, and higher difficulties. Play on higher difficulties to unlock additional achievements.

Many collectable achievements involve finding Mr Everywhere statues and Antique Coins hidden around the environment. Use an online guide to locate them all. I also achieved success in finding certain files and watching all videotapes.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Achievement Guide

Combat Achievements

Resident Evil 7 tests your survival horror combat skills against the Baker family and grotesque moulded enemies. Here are some combat-related achievements:

Brutal Dissection: Dismember an enemy with a knife

Equip the knife and slash moulded enemies until their limbs come off to get this trophy.

Out Before Dessert: Defeat Jack before dinner

During the intro dinner sequence, damage Jack enough, and he’ll mutate. Defeat him then to unlock the achievement.

Can’t Catch Me: Evade Jack’s attacks ten times in a row

When Jack chases you, run and dodge his attacks without getting caught ten times consecutively.

Rock A Bye Baby: Kill ten moulded with the shotgun

Once you acquire the shotgun, blow away ten moulded monsters, and the achievement will unlock.

There are also achievements for killing enemies with the magnum, flamethrower, grenades, and more. Mix up your arsenal!

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Miscellaneous Achievements

The rest of Resident Evil 7’s achievements involve miscellaneous tasks:

Be Kind, Please Rewind: Watch all videotapes

There are 24 videotapes hidden in the game. Find a VCR to play them and watch each to unlock this achievement.

The Nightmare’s Finally Over: Complete the game on Easy

Finish the story on Easy mode, and this achievement will unlock. There are also trophies for completing the game on Normal, Hard, and higher difficulties.

Under 1 Hour: Complete the game within 1 hour

Rush through the game quickly, skipping cutscenes and rushing past enemies. Complete it in under 1 hour total.

Just Get Me Outta Here!: Complete the game with a minimum of 10 saves

Only save your game ten times or less on a single playthrough to earn this. Save sparingly!


With creepy locales, challenging enemies, and plenty of puzzles, Resident Evil 7 is a thrilling horror ride. By using this guide, you’ll unlock every achievement in no time. Stay vigilant, keep your ammo stocked, and be prepared for anything. Just remember to have fun chasing that elusive 100% completion.

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