Red Dead Redemption: Trophy Guide

Red Dead Redemption is a massive open-world Western action-adventure game developed by Rockstar Games. Earning the prestigious platinum trophy in this game is no easy feat, requiring skill, strategy, and dedication across a variety of tasks. This comprehensive guide “Red Dead Redemption Trophy Guide” will walk you through all the key steps and tips to unlock every trophy on your way to platinum glory.

Starting Your Journey: Story Missions

The first step to earning the platinum trophy is to complete the main story missions. This forms the backbone of the game, following former outlaw John Marston as he is forced to hunt down his former gang members. Take your time to relive this epic tale across over 20 story missions in the base game. Completing all these missions will net you several trophies like ‘Bearly Legal’, ‘Have Gun Will Travel’, and ‘The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed’.

Owning Your First Steed

Early in the game, you will be required to break and own your first horse. To earn the ‘Buckin’ Awesome’ trophy, you’ll need to own one horse while playing through the entire course of 20-story missions. Stick with just one mount, without switching it out at any hitching posts, to unlock this trophy. Choosing a horse with good stamina and health can make completing long missions easier.

Checking Detailed Trophy Guides

There are some excellent trophy guides available online that can assist you in your trophy-hunting journey. Websites like PSNProfiles and PlayStation Trophies provide detailed roadmaps on how to unlock trophies and warnings about missable ones. These guides also offer tips and recommended sequences for knocking off trophies efficiently. Reading through trophy guides can help you strategize and create a plan for reaching platinum status.

Red Dead Redemption Trophy Guide

Understand Boosting and Patch Information

Some of the trophies in Red Dead Redemption may require ‘boosting’ with a partner, such as the ‘Posse Up’ trophy. Boosting involves working with another player to meet the trophy requirements through coordinated gameplay. Trophy guides provide information on the easiest ways to boost tricky trophies. It’s also important to understand how patches and title updates to the game can impact aspects like XP gain, which may affect unlocking trophies.

Avoiding Missable Trophies

Red Dead Redemption contains a number of missable trophies, meaning they can only be earned during certain missions or under specific circumstances. For example, the ‘Spurred to Victory’ trophy requires winning a race while wearing spurs. If you don’t do so early on, you may miss your chance at this trophy. Consulting trophy guides can help identify which awards you need to pay special attention to.

Tackling the Toughest Trophies

While most trophies in Red Dead Redemption require playing through missions and activities, there are a few particularly tough trophies to unlock. The ‘Gold Rush’ trophy requires earning a total of 70 gold medals from story missions and side quests. This means replaying missions and meeting tough requirements to earn gold rank. The ‘Notorious’ trophy also causes headaches, requiring you to reach the highest positive or negative honour rank. These trophies test your skill and patience.

When it comes to the most challenging and time-consuming trophies, the consensus is that earning 70 gold medals in ‘Gold Rush’ is the biggest hurdle. The requirements for gold medals are quite demanding, meaning most missions will need to be replayed several times to hit the benchmarks. Carefully upgrading health and Dead Eye ability is key. On the other hand, reaching maximum positive or negative honour for the ‘Notorious’ trophy just takes time through consistently honourable or dishonourable actions. Patience is vital.

Mastering Mini Games

Red Dead Redemption features a variety of mini-games like poker, blackjack, five-finger fillet, and more. Earning the ‘High Roller’ trophy requires you to win 2,000 chips in a poker game, presenting a stern test of your poker face. Other awards are linked to dominating in Five Finger Fillet or scoring over 2,500 points in a single round of Liar’s Dice. Brushing up on strategies for these mini-games can help you knock out several trophies.

Clearing Out Gang Hideouts

Taking down gang hideouts dotted around the world map is needed for trophies like ‘Best of the West’ and ‘Expert Hunter’. Make sure to revisit gang hideouts after completing story missions, as the gangs there can change and offer a chance to clear them again. Visiting each lair marked on your map and decisively taking down the leaders will tick off several trophies related to eliminating gangs.

Completing Challenges

There are over ten challenge categories in the game, with ten ranks each, spanning hunting, sharpshooting, gathering, gambling and more. Complete the highest rank of each challenge category to earn associated trophies like ‘Buckin’ Awesome’, ‘Clemency Pays’ and ‘Expert Hunter’.

Achieving 100% Completion

To earn the ‘Redeemed’ trophy, you’ll need full 100% completion across missions, ambient challenges, outfits collected and more. This represents one of the most time-consuming trophies. Carefully track all your progress in categories like missions, ambient challenges and businesses to inch toward 100% completion. Be prepared to put in hours of gameplay to finally unlock the ‘Redeemed’ trophy and complete Red Dead Redemption.

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Final Tips for Earning Platinum

  • Use multiple save files to return to specific missions and replay for better scores.
  • Read trophies descriptions carefully to avoid missing any.
  • Upgrade health, stamina and Dead Eye early on.
  • Play the first run honestly, then use dishonourable tactics on replay for trophies.
  • Coordinate with a boosting partner online to speed up tricky trophies.
  • Be patient and determined – this platinum requires dedication.

Use this guide to complete awards across story missions, challenges, mini-games and all other content available. Stick with it, cowboy, and eventually, you’ll unlock that ultra-rare platinum trophy in Red Dead Redemption!

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