How to Recruit Minthara & Halsin

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers players complex moral choices and storylines with real consequences. Two of the most pivotal story decisions centre around Minthara, the manipulative goblin leader, and Halsin, the noble druid imprisoned by the goblins. Their quests seem opposed at first glance – free and recruit Minthara & Halsin while taking down treacherous Minthara for good. However, creative players have found workarounds to walk both paths – saving and recruiting unusual companion pairings like Minthara and Halsin.

The Intended Story Paths

Minthara and Halsin represent opposite sides of Baldur’s Gate 3’s central moral conflict. Minthara leads the goblin raid on the peaceful Grove settlement, massacring many innocents. She comes across as ruthless and power-hungry. Halsin tries to protect the Grove, only to be captured and psychically tortured by Minthara. He represents hope and moral courage against Minthara’s violent ambitions.

Their quest lines intentionally clash – Halsin sends you to stop Minthara’s plans and bring her to justice, while Minthara wants you to help wipe out Halsin and the Grove. Following one questline blocks typically off the other companion. If you help Halsin first, he kills Minthara later on. If you assist Minthara in destroying the Grove, you lose your chance to free Halsin.

The game’s design pushes the player to pick a side in the central conflict, ending up with either Halsin or Minthara, not both. This heightens the moral weight behind each choice. Saving Halsin but losing Minthara feels heroic. Helping Minthara attack the Grove, however, makes you partly responsible for the deaths of many innocents.

Recruiting Both: An Unintended Outcome

However, creative players discovered that you can carefully navigate both storylines in Act 1 and recruit unusual companion pairings like a reformed recruit Minthara & Halsin. This provides some unique benefits but also has downsides compared to the intended single-companion story experience.

To recruit Minthara, you must knock her out non-lethally when confronting her in Act 1. This is only possible if you first promise to help in her assault on the Grove, then betray her in the confrontation. Knocking her out this way gives her “Hostile” status, causing her to reappear later for judgment.

You can find Minthara again in Act 2, being sentenced to death by gith patrol leader Ketheric Thorm. There is a problematic persuasion check to spare her life. If you pass, she becomes available as an unusual evil-aligned companion.

You can still choose to free Halsin from the goblin fortress later on, adding him to your party. So with care, foresight and a bit of luck, players discovered that they could unlock an unusual companion duo – the goblin warlord Minthara, who wanted Halsin dead and Halsin himself.

Recruit Minthara & Halsin

The Pros: Unique Dialogue and Dual Perspectives

Recruiting both Minthara and Halsin together provides some real advantages over the standard single companion story path:

  • You gain insight into both sides of the central conflict in Act 1. With only Halsin, you miss Minthara’s perspective. Recruiting only Minthara makes you partly responsible for attacking the Grove. Having both companions lets you see the story from two fully realized vantage points.
  • In their campsite dialogues, Halsin and Minthara offer unique, sometimes morally complex, observations on people and events. As a duo, these distinct viewpoints provide increased depth and engagement.
  • There is a particular delight in pulling off an unusual companion pairing like Minthara and Halsin that the game doesn’t expect or intend. The extra effort pays off in a more layered and rewarding story.

The Cons: Lack of Interaction, Lost Companions

However, this unusual companion duo also comes with distinct downsides:

  • Halsin and Minthara have no direct interactions or dialogue. They act as if the other does not exist, leading to strange situations like both commenting on the same event without acknowledging each other.
  • Their models often clip or overlap each other at campsites with glitchy results. The game did not anticipate players recruiting arch-enemies Minthara and Halsin together.
  • Choosing to spare Minthara in Act 2 can make you lose up to three other potential companions – Wyll leaves the party after his patron warns him away from the unrepentantly evil Minthara. Karlach sees too much of herself in Minthara, disapproves of letting her live and departs. And oddly enough, recruiting Minthara first blocks off recruiting good-aligned Halsin later on.

So recruiting limits your overall companion options and has some immersion-breaking technical issues. Yet many players feel it ultimately provides a more layered narrative experience worth the downsides.

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Combat Compatibility: Complementary Classes

Fortunately, Minthara and Halsin work surprisingly well together in combat despite their opposing backstories.

Minthara specializes in melee attacks and survivability via heavy armour as a paladin. She also has functional Charisma-based diplomatic abilities and is an excellent healer when needed. Halsin is a ranged spellcaster with potent Druid crowd control, damage and healing magic.

Their combat skills complement each other – Minthara tanks enemies in melee with her high AC and HP while Halsin hurls spells from a safer distance. And both can heal and resurrect fallen allies. So, while their personalities clash, they synergize nicely on the battlefield.

In Conclusion: An Engaging Challenge

Recruiting opposing companions, recruit Minthara & Halsin, together requires care and clever choices but ultimately results in a surprising narrative reward. Despite their lack of interactions, hearing their distinct takes on events breathes fresh life into Baldur’s Gate 3’s morally complex central storyline.

Walking two morally complex paths simultaneously also hugely increases the complexity and depth of your journey through the game’s world. The challenge of slowly earning the trust of an initially hostile Minthara while also befriending noble Halsin pays off in extra replay value.

Don’t expect warm fuzzies between these two narrative foils when they clash at campsites! But their complementary combat skills, unique insights and extra quest rewards make Minthara and Halsin an engaging, forbidden companion duo for adventurous players. Their uneasy coexistence creates opportunities for additional excitement, morally complex observations and unexpected player choices.

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