Ragnahawk: The Fiery Flying Mount of Palworld


In the vast and captivating world of Palworld, players are immersed in a unique experience where they can capture, tame, and breed a diverse array of creatures known as Pals. Among these fascinating Pals, Ragnahawk stands out as a fiery avian creature that wields impressive fire-based skills and is a reliable flying mount for intrepid explorers. This article delves into the world of Ragnahawk, providing an in-depth guide to its origins, capabilities, breeding process, and strategies for efficient capture and utilization in the game.

Ragnahawk Palworld

Discover Ragnahawk’s Volcanic Island Home

Ragnahawk is an exclusive Pal that can only be found on the treacherous Volcanic Island, located on the southwest side of the Palworld map. To embark on the quest for this fiery companion, players must navigate to the westernmost side of the island, where the highest concentration of Ragnahawks resides.

The Volcanic Island is treacherous and fiery, where molten lava flows and scorching temperatures challenge even the most seasoned adventurers. However, the rewards for braving this perilous terrain are well worth the risk, as Ragnahawk possesses an array of impressive stats that make it a formidable ally.

Ragnahawk’s Stats and Appearance

Ragnahawk boasts impressive stats, including high levels of HP, defence, crafting speed, melee attack, and shot attack. Its medium-sized bird-like appearance is adorned with a vibrant plumage of red and orange feathers, complemented by black wings and a tail dotted with orange spots. Crowning its visage is a plume that ends in a striking yellow tip, adding to its fiery and majestic appearance.

How to Utilize Ragnahawk’s Skills and Capabilities

Ragnahawk’s primary Partner Skill is called “Flame Wing,” which allows it to be ridden as a flying mount and applies fire damage to the player’s attacks while mounted. This skill alone makes Ragnahawk an invaluable asset for aerial combat and traversal across the expansive world of Palworld.

To unlock Ragnahawk’s full potential as a mount, players must build a Ragnahawk Saddle at their base. This specialized Saddle, crafted from rare materials, enables the player to ride Ragnahawk and take advantage of its flight capabilities. Additionally, capturing or breeding Ragnahawk may yield rare materials like Flame Organs, essential components in various crafting recipes throughout the game.

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What Are The Strategies for Capture Ragnahawk

Capturing Ragnahawk can be a challenging endeavour, but there are strategies that players can employ to increase their chances of success. One effective method is to use Water-type Pals, which have a natural advantage against Ragnahawk’s Fire element. Additionally, opting for Hyper Spheres, which have a higher capture rate than standard Pal Spheres, can significantly improve the chances of successfully adding Ragnahawk to one’s collection.

Another strategy involves interacting with the Statue of Power, a unique Ragnahawk territory structure. Players can temporarily boost their capture rate by offering specific materials to the Statue, making it easier to trap the elusive Ragnahawk.

How to Breed Ragnahawk

While capturing Ragnahawk in the wild is an option, breeding Ragnahawk can be a more efficient and resource-saving method for obtaining this coveted Pal. To unlock the ability to breed Ragnahawk, players must reach Technology Level 19 in their Technology Tree and have unlocked the appropriate breeding combinations.

Successful breeding between specific Pal pairs, such as Mossanda and Elizabee or Nitewing and Elizabee, will result in a Large Scorching Egg. This egg can be hatched using an Egg Incubator at the player’s base, and the resulting Ragnahawk will start at level one, ready to be trained and raised by its new caretaker.

To breed Ragnahawk, players must reach character level 37 and unlock the Ragnahawk Saddle in their Technology Tree. Once unlocked, the Saddle can be crafted at a Pal Workbench using the required materials. This process allows players to obtain Ragnahawk earlier in the game, potentially saving valuable resources and Pal Spheres that would otherwise be spent on capturing in the wild.


Ragnahawk is a remarkable creature in Palworld, offering players a unique blend of fiery combat prowess and reliable aerial transportation. Whether captured in the wild or bred through careful Pal combinations, Ragnahawk’s skills and capabilities make it an invaluable addition to any player’s collection. By exploring its volcanic island home, mastering its capture and breeding strategies, and unlocking its full potential as a mount, players can soar through the skies of Palworld, leaving a trail of fire in their wake.

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