Palworld Quivern – How to Find, Defeat, Capture, Breed & Use

Quivern is an elusive Dragon-type Pal in the popular monster-taming game Palworld. This mystical creature is coveted by players for its powerful abilities and valuable skills in gathering resources, transportation, and combat. This guide will cover everything you need to know about obtaining, battling, and mastering Quivern in Palworld.

Overview of Quivern

Quivern belongs to the Dragon family of Pals in Palworld. It has a serpentine body covered in green scales and large, colourful wings. Quivern is a rare Pal that can only be encountered in specific high-level locations within the game world.

At level 23, Quivern emerges as an Alpha Pal – a particular boss variant of standard Pals. Alpha Quivern possesses boosted stats and a more expansive arsenal of attacks than normal Quiverns. Defeating and capturing Alpha Quivern presents a difficult but rewarding challenge for experienced players.

Regarding abilities, Quivern specializes in dealing Dragon-type damage, summoning tornadoes, and using acid-based attacks. Once captured, Quivern unlocks unique skills for the player, including Spirit Fire, Draconic Breath, Grass Tornado, Acid Rain, and more. It is also a ridable flying mount when the proper saddle is equipped.

Quivern’s strengths make it invaluable for mining, gathering, transportation, and battling high-level enemies. However, it takes effort and strategy to add this mighty Dragon to your Pals collection successfully.

Quivern Palworld

Where to Find Quivern

Quivern only spawns in a handful of high-level locations across the world of Palworld. Here are the two places players can encounter Quivern:

2 Wildlife Sanctuary

This nature reserve in the northwest region contains diverse ecosystems and challenging boss Pals. Alpha Quivern appears here as a level 23 Field Boss. The recommended player level for this sanctuary is 23.

To reach the No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary:

  1. Use the Ruined Fortress City Fast Travel point and head northwest.
  2. Look for signs leading to the sanctuary entrance.
  3. Expect mobs of Wood, Water, and Grass-type Pals on the journey.

Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant

A portal to this dungeon realm can be found in the northeast mountains past the Forest of Origin. The realm’s boss is an Ancient Quivern at level 80. Normal Quiverns also spawn here from levels 23-50. A minimum grade of 23 is needed to enter the realm.

Use the Celestial Peak or Ancient Tree Fortress Fast Travel spots to find the gateway to the Sealed Realm. Strong Ice-type Pals are essential for surviving the draconic inhabitants within.

How to Defeat Alpha Quivern

Battling Alpha Quivern at the Wildlife Sanctuary presents a steep challenge. Here are some tips to defeat the level 23 Field Boss:

  • Bring several Pals resistant to Dragon-type attacks like Sweepa, Swee, and Reindrix. Ice-type Pals also work well.
  • Equip armour and accessories with increased evasion. Quivern attacks swiftly with tornadoes and breath attacks.
  • Use hit-and-run tactics. Get close to land hits, then retreat when Quivern charges strong attacks.
  • Save MP for healing and buffs. The battle can last a while, so manage MP wisely.
  • Target Quivern’s wings to ground it temporarily. This leaves it vulnerable to close-range combos.
  • Stocked supplies include recovery potions, buffing elixirs, wake-up herbs, and shock traps.

With the right party and strategies, Alpha Quivern will eventually fall. Just stay patient and avoid its sweeping breath and tornado attacks. Once defeated, it’s time to catch this magnificent Dragon!

How to Capture Quivern

When Alpha Quivern’s health is low, start throwing Pal Spheres at it to capture it. Here are some tips for successfully catching this rare Pal:

  • Have a total stock of Giga or Hyper Spheres. Higher-level spheres boost capture rates substantially.
  • Paralyze or put Quivern to sleep first to make it an easy target for spheres. Shock traps help immobilize it.
  • Upgrade the globe throwing skill tree for perks like multi-throw and excellent release.
  • Equip capture accessories like the Snake Charmer Band to boost success rates.
  • Save the game first! Reload if the capture fails so you can try again.
  • Be patient. The capture chance for boss Pals is always low. You may need many sphere throws.

Keep lobbing those high-quality spheres until the Pal is finally caught! With some luck and persistence, you’ll soon add the mighty Quivern to your collection.

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How to Breed Quivern

In addition to finding them in the wild, players can breed Quivern by pairing them with suitable Pal species. Here are two confirmed pairings that can produce Quivern offspring:

Nitewing + Relaxaurus

This combo combines the Nitewing’s Dragon genes with Relaxaurus’s Field specialization. Any eggs produced have a chance of hatching into a Quivern.

Both species spawn commonly in level 15+ mountain and grassland areas. Please bring them to the breeding centre and wait for an egg to appear. Hatch the egg in an incubator and hope for a Quivern!

Mossanda + Relaxaurus

This pair joins Mossanda’s Grass genes with Relaxaurus’s Field environment affinity. Like the first combo, eggs from this breed potentially carry Quivern.

Mossanda live in forested areas beyond level 11. Capture and breed with a Relaxaurus. If an egg results, incubate it and watch for a Quivern to emerge.

With some luck, these breed pairs offer an alternate way to obtain the ordinarily rare Quivern Pal. Be sure to have an empty Pal slot before hatching any eggs!

How to Use Quivern Effectively

Once captured, Quivern becomes a versatile asset. Here are some ways to utilize its strengths as you adventure across Palworld:


At level 36, the Quivern Saddle is unlocked in the technology tree. Equip this to ride Quivern as a flying mount. It can swiftly fly over rivers, mountains, and other obstacles.

Upgrade Quivern’s stamina for increased flight duration. Its aerial mobility makes navigation and exploration much more accessible.

Mining & Gathering

Send Quivern mining into mountainsides to extract valuable ores using its Draconic Breath. For gathering, it can utilize Grass Tornado to harvest lumber, fibres, and more.

Level up Quivern’s mining and gathering skills to improve output. Pair with a Relaxaurus for an even more considerable field harvesting boost.


Quivern wrecks opponents with Dragon-type attacks like Spirit Fire, Acid Rain, and more. Use it to defeat Dragon, Water, and Grass-type Pals easily.

Boost Quivern’s strength at the Pal Laboratory for more significant damage. Defeat dungeons and enemy encampments faster, with Quivern leading your squad.


Obtaining the Quivern Pal represents a significant accomplishment in Palworld. Mastering Quivern requires ample time and resources for training, breeding, and battling. But the power of this mystical Dragon Pal makes it all worthwhile.

With clever strategies and enough perseverance, you can add the incredible Quivern to your roster. Use this guide to understand where to find Quiverns, how to defeat and capture them, create optimal breeding pairs, and utilize Quivern’s strengths in action. Soon, you’ll be soaring the skies and dominating Palworld with your new Dragon companion!

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