Quan Chi Second Fatality: Tips & Guide

Quan Chi, the deceitful sorcerer from the Netherrealm, has some of the most creatively grotesque fatalities in the Mortal Kombat series. His second fatality from the original Mortal Kombat involves ripping out his opponent’s eyes and twisting their head completely around in a shocking display of violence. While extremely graphic, pulling off this fatality takes precise timing and input.


To perform Quan Chi’s second fatality, you first need to unlock him as a playable character. Once unlocked, you can input the button combination to trigger this fatality on your opponent after their fully depleted health. Quan Chi will cast a spell when timed correctly, causing the losing fighter to violently remove their own eyes before facing backward.

Unlocking Quan Chi

Before accessing his gruesome fatalities, you must unlock Quan Chi in Mortal Kombat. Here is the process:

Complete Story Mode Chapter 16

The only way to initially unlock Quan Chi is to complete Story Mode Chapter 16 with Raiden. This chapter culminates in an epic battle between Earthrealm warriors and Netherrealm fighters. Once you finish chapter 16, Quan Chi will become available across all modes.

Purchase the Kombat Pack

If you need help with Chapter 16, purchasing the Kombat Pack DLC is the alternative option. This will immediately grant access to Quan Chi, five other characters, and multiple skin packs. The Kombat Pack is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

Quan Chi Second Fatality

How to Perform the Fatality

Once Quan Chi is unlocked, you can perform his eye-gouging fatality by inputting the following button commands:

Button Sequence

  • Down
  • Forward
  • Back
  • Back + Kick

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Additional Tips

  • It needs to be performed at a medium range from the opponent
  • Input the sequence quickly and precisely
  • Can be executed after “Finish Them” appears

Quan Chi will hover towards his staggering opponent and cast a spell on them when done correctly. They will then scream in horror and rip out both of their eyes in a bloody display. Finally, their head will spin completely around as they face away from Quan Chi before collapsing.


Quan Chi’s eye-gouging fatality is one of the most shockingly graphic finishers in the original Mortal Kombat. Unlocking him and inputting the precise button commands takes practice, but pulling off this fatality is extremely rewarding. Just be prepared for the gruesome display of violence as Quan Chi paralyzes his opponent with magic and forces them to mutilate themselves horrifyingly. This finishing move truly captures Quan Chi’s deceptive and sinister personality.

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