Quadri Shopping Center in MW3 Zombies

The Zombies game mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 contains hidden secrets and Easter eggs for players to uncover. One of these secrets is locating the Essence Samples scattered across the maps, which reward players with perks and points. The Quadri Shopping Center is one of the critical locations players must explore to find an Essence Sample and unlock rewards. This guide will provide an overview of the Quadri Shopping Center, details on finding the Essence Sample, and tips for surviving the Zombies horde.

Overview of the Quadri Shopping Center

The Quadri Shopping Center is located in the western section of Zaravan City, one of the main points of interest (POIs) in the southwestern part of the Zombies map. Zaravan City contains winding streets, dense buildings, and plenty of open shops and stalls. The architecture features Middle Eastern influences with arches, towers, and decorative tiles.

The Quadri Shopping Center is around a large central roundabout with roads extending in each cardinal direction. It is an open-air shopping plaza with various restaurants, food stalls, and market shops. A small main kiosk stands in the Middle of the roundabout.

This shopping plaza sees heavy foot traffic from locals and tourists alike. By day, it is crowded with shoppers and diners, while by night, it takes on a more relaxed atmosphere as patrons sit at cafes and eateries. Various cars, trucks, and buses roll through the roundabout, weaving between the pedestrians.

Quadri Shopping Center

Finding the Essence Sample

The Essence Sample required for the Easter egg is hidden within the Quadri Shopping Center, specifically inside a small food shack called Cargrill. This little take-out joint sells kebabs, falafel, hummus, and other Middle Eastern street food.

To find Cargill, head west from the central roundabout into the maze of side streets. Take the second right turn, follow this road halfway down, then take another right. The open-front Cargill food stand is on the left side of this street, nestled between other shops and stalls.

The Essence Sample rests on the front counter next to the cash register. It is contained in a small glass canister with a metal base. The purple Essence fluid inside glows faintly. Be sure to grab the sample during the early rounds before the Zombies overrun this area.

Surviving the Undead Onslaught

While searching for the hidden Essence Sample at the Quadri Shopping Center, players must defend themselves from the unrelenting undead hordes. Here are some tips to bear in mind when holding out against the zombies:

  • Utilize barriers – The various market stalls and restaurants provide plenty of counters and obstacles to duck behind. Use these for cover while reloading and reviving teammates.
  • Watch choke points – The plaza’s winding alleys have tight choke points. Oversee these access points to detect incoming zombies.
  • Maintain mobility – Don’t get cornered inside a shop. Keep moving between stalls and buildings to outmaneuver the horde.
  • Buy weapons early – Purchase guns off the wall as soon as possible. The M4A1 and AK-47 are effective starter weapons located nearby.
  • Pack firepower – Save up to access the Pack-a-Punch machine. Upgraded weapons with extra damage will be essential in later rounds.
  • Use traps – Trigger environmental traps like propane tanks and sentry turrets to thin out large crowds.
  • Stick together – Stay close to teammates to revive each other and avoid being surrounded. Coordinate your defenses.

Surviving the zombie hordes at the Quadri Shopping Center tests players’ skill at balancing evasive movement, finding defensive positions, and dishing out damage. Remaining alert, mobile, and packing heavy firepower will be vital in collecting the Essence Sample and living to tell the tale.

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Rewards for Collecting the Essence

Retrieving the Essence Sample hidden within the Cargill shop at the Quadri Shopping Center will reward players in two ways:

Speed Cola Perk – Collecting this first Essence Sample grants Speed Cola, one of the signature perk machines featured in Zombies. This green soda reduces reload times significantly, allowing players to take down more zombies and spend less time vulnerable.

2,000 XP – On top of the valuable perk, players also receive an XP bonus of 2,000 points. This experience can help level your character and unlock more weapons and upgrades for future matches.

Speed Cola’s faster reloads perfectly complement the heavy firepower needed to hold off the zombie swarm at the Quadri Shopping Center. The perk’s benefits will be felt immediately during the higher-intensity rounds. Make acquiring this Essence Sample a top priority in the early game.


The Quadri Shopping Center is an essential location in Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode as the hiding place of a powerful Essence Sample. Braving the undead hordes in this Middle Eastern marketplace offers excellent rewards but requires skill, teamwork, and upgraded firepower to survive. Collecting the Essence here unlocks the invaluable Speed Cola perk and nets a hefty XP bonus. Stay alert to chokepoints, keep mobile between shops, and unleash devastating weapons against the advancing zombies. With preparation and practice, the secrets and perks of the Quadri Shopping Center can be yours.

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