PUBG Secret Basement Key and What It Unlocks

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) became famous as a battle royale game centred around scavenging weapons, ammo, and other gear across a massive map. While racing against the deadly encroaching circle, players comb through buildings and spots marked on their mini-map search for potent weapons and protection. However, veterans know that the best loot is not marked at all – it’s hidden behind locked doors that require a particular key.

The Legend of the PUBG Secret Rooms

Soon after launching the PC version of PUBG, players discovered unusual locked metal doors embedded within random buildings around the Erangel map. These doors blended seamlessly into the walls around them without markings or signs to distinguish them. However, upon closer inspection, it became clear these were not ordinary doors.

Shooting and damaging these unique doors had no effect. Even excessive explosives couldn’t blast them open. It quickly became apparent that these doors required a unique key that players called the “secret basement key.”

The Great Key Hunt Begins

Early secret door discoveries sparked a global hunt by PUBG players to locate and secure the keys necessary to unlock this tantalizingly inaccessible loot. Scouring every inch of every building became the goal during each match, even if it meant almost certain death at the hands of an enemy lurking right outside.

Streamers and content creators began documenting their searches, racing to be the first to reveal what lay behind the secret doors. It didn’t take long before enough players secured enough keys to glimpse what everyone was relentlessly hunting for.

PUBG Secret Basement Key

Sweet Secrets Behind Locked Doors

The intense search proved worthwhile. Behind each locked and once-hidden door lay an underground bunker stuffed full of top-tier Level 3 armour, backpacks, first aid, and the most powerful assault rifles and sniper rifles available in PUBG. It was a treasure trove of gear that could set any player up for success in a PUBG match.

Different rooms generated slightly varied loot, but all guaranteed an epic loadout for anyone lucky enough to unlock access. Of course, with such great reward also came intense competition. Players who successfully located keys and opened the rooms still had to outgun any enemies in pursuit of the same goal while racing against the clock to grab the goodies before the environment’s electric field or blue zone swallowed everything up. But it was all worth it.

The secret rooms represented PUBG’s “end game” content years before tiered weapon progression became standard in the genre. Unlocking a secret bunker mid-match could catalyze an epic and explosive finale should players complete the gearing-up process without being assassinated by more patient opponents.

How To Find a Secret Basement Key

With 15 total secret room placements confirmed on PUBG’s original Erangel map, dedicated players developed strategies, clues, and tools to assist the hidden key hunt critical for accessing exclusive gear.

Popular spots like the Military Base, Mylta Power, Prison, or School tended to generate keys more often due to a high density of random loot generation. Developing a route that swung through these high-yield areas offered the most excellent chance for success.

Keys themselves tend to visually resemble a standard key ring with a single modern dull brown key attached. But environments are cluttered, so keeping a sharp eye is vital lest the tiny item be missed amongst the various guns and backpacks scattered about.

Steam user BloodStoneBat memorably created a custom Erangel map overlay marking every confirmed secret room location. This became hugely popular with the player base for efficiently coordinating multiplayer secret room raids once a key had been secured.

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Sneaky Strategies

Thanks to altered spawn logic, secret room keys today have become even rarer finds in PUBG. It’s led to veteran players developing sneaky strategies to secure access still.

Some players known as “rats” or “snakes” have leaned into stealth tactics, focusing on hiding and trailing other players who successfully locate keys themselves first. Trailing just out of sight, rats follow their unwitting quarry across the map, patiently waiting for them to tackle-breaking into a secret room and dealing with any resistance guarding it.

Ambushing other players

At an opportune moment, the rat slithers into the room, making quick work of the weakened and distracted survivors freshly hurt from their skirmish. With luck, this allows the crafty rat to slide in and sweep up all the tempting Level 3 loot suddenly up for grabs after critically ambushing and eliminating threats within the enclosed space.

It’s a high-risk, high-reward play that rat players specialize in. Playing patiently for the end game while saving energy and resources pays off hugely if a snake pulls off stealing the rewards from bold secret room raiders. It exemplifies how such emergent player strategies even exist because of PUBG’s sandbox of mechanics and lack of clearly defined rules. It adds to the legacy of PUBG’s secret rooms and their rare keys, creating even more lore and stories for veterans to recall in disbelief or awe.


The secret basement keys of PUBG represent the very origins of battle royale end-game content. Their discovery sparked wild excitement in unlocking exclusive access to top-tier weapons and gear that set lucky warriors up for heartstopping chicken dinner finishes.

To this day, Secret Room Keys continues its legacy of feeding exciting player-driven narratives in PUBG matches by facilitating ruthless player dynamics and cunning strategies even now, years after its introduction. There is no greater reward than unmasking where a secret door hides on Erangel, coming into possession of a basement key out of the blue, and breaching into an untouched bunker overflowing with potent firepower just waiting to be seized.

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