“PUBG Failed to Authenticate from External Provider” Error

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the market’s most famous battle royale games. However, many players encounter frustrating errors that prevent them from playing, like the “PUBG Failed to Authenticate from External Provider” message. This error typically appears when launching the game and is often caused by issues with the Steam platform, game files, or PUBG servers.

Fortunately, you can take several troubleshooting steps to resolve this error on your own before contacting customer support. This guide will walk through the top fixes for the PUBG authentication error to quickly get you back in the game.

Restarting the Steam Client

Restarting the Steam client is one of the first things to try when facing an authentication error. The Steam platform houses the files necessary to launch PUBG, so resetting this program refreshes those connections.

Here is how to restart Steam:

  1. Completely close out of the Steam client by right-clicking its icon in the system tray and selecting “Exit.”
  2. Open the Steam desktop app again or launch it from your Start menu.
  3. Try rerunning PUBG.

Restarting Steam will often resolve minor connectivity issues that can cause authentication errors. It only takes a moment and should be one of the first troubleshooting steps attempted.

Verifying Integrity of Game Files

If restarting Steam does not work, the following troubleshooting tactic is verifying the integrity of PUBG’s game files. Over time, critical game files can become corrupted or go missing, leading to failed authentication.

Verify integrity in Steam to scan for and replace any damaged or missing files.

To verify the integrity of game files for PUBG:

  1. In your Steam library, right-click on PUBG and select “Properties.”
  2. Navigate to the “Local Files” tab.
  3. Click the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” option.

Steam will now scan PUBG’s files and download any missing or corrupt data. This process can take several minutes, depending on your internet speed. Once completed, try relaunching PUBG. Verifying integrity will commonly fix the authentication error by replacing vital files needed to connect.

Changing Download Region in Steam

Another potential solution is changing your download region in the Steam settings. The download region determines which servers you connect to for downloading games and patches and communicating with Steam.

Sometimes, the set region becomes overloaded, creating connectivity issues. Follow these instructions to change the download region:

  1. Open the Steam desktop app.
  2. Click the “Steam” menu and select “Settings.”
  3. Choose the “Downloads” tab and locate the “Download Region” section.
  4. Select an alternative region, like one that is geographically close.
  5. Restart Steam and test if PUBG’s authentication error is resolved.

Picking a less busy download region will redirect you to functioning Steam servers for communications between the client, platform, and game.

PUBG Failed to Authenticate from External Provider

Checking Server Status

PUBG authentication relies on a handshake between your client, Steam servers, and PUBG game servers. If any link in this chain has an outage, connectivity will fail.

Before troubleshooting further or contacting support, check https://www.pubg.com/status to view server status. This site monitors ongoing issues like maintenance downtime, bugs, or outages. If servers show degraded performance or failure, the authentication error is likely temporary while engineers work on restoring full functionality.

While frustrating, waiting for the servers to recover fully rather than troubleshooting your system is the best option. As PUBG resolves their server problems, the authentication error should disappear.

Repairing the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is a common dependency for games on Steam and handles critical background processes. If this component becomes damaged, it can prevent successful PUBG authentication even when servers and files are intact.

Try repairing the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable through the following steps:

  1. Open the Control Panel on your Windows PC.
  2. Navigate to “Programs and Features”.
  3. Scroll and select the latest “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable” version installed for your system. Likely options are 2005, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2015, or 2022, depending on your version of Windows.
  4. Choose “Repair” from the menu and allow the process to complete.

Repairing this core software can rebuild crucial connections leveraged during PUBG authentication to address errors.

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Reinstalling PUBG

If you have attempted all other troubleshooting techniques to no avail, a final recourse is reinstalling PUBG completely. While time-consuming, a fresh install erases damaged files or stale platform data that could be causing persistent authentication errors.

Follow these steps for reinstalling PUBG:

  1. Open your Steam library and right-click PUBG.
  2. Select “Manage” followed by “Uninstall.”
  3. Confirm removing PUBG from your Steam account when prompted.
  4. Restart your computer once the uninstallation finishes.
  5. Open the Steam client and navigate back to the PUBG store page.
  6. Reinstall PUBG to your platform by selecting purchase (the price should still show as “In Library”).

This will freshly download, install, and link PUBG files and data. Based on internet speeds, the process can require anywhere from 30-60 minutes. After installing, verify if you can authenticate properly when launching the game.

Contacting Steam Support

If no user troubleshooting fixes the PUBG authentication error, the final option is seeking assistance directly through <a href= “https://help.steampowered.com” target=”_blank”> Steam’s Help site</a>. Here, you can open a support ticket by:

  1. Navigating to Steam Support and selecting PUBG.
  2. Reviewing existing help articles for your issue.
  3. Choosing to contact Steam Support if your problem remains unresolved.

Detail your specific error message, troubleshooting attempts, and system information so technicians can offer tailored solutions like further game repairs, Steam account troubleshooting, or investigating potential server issues.


While frustrating, authentication errors can often be resolved with patience using the proper troubleshooting techniques. Follow the steps outlined in this guide, and you should be back playing PUBG soon.

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