Phasmophobia Christmas Holiday Event 2023


The annual Phasmophobia Christmas Holiday Event for 2023 started on December 11th at 11 AM GMT and will end at midnight on January 1st, 2024. This festive event is a Phasmophobia tradition that occurs every holiday season. The event features a scavenger hunt-style gameplay where players must eliminate all the dancing snowmen around seven different maps. Completing the whole event requires gathering three mysterious parts found only on one specific map and then proceeding to hunt down snowmen across the other levels. The Christmas Holiday Event aims to spread cheer through this unique Phasmophobia gameplay.

Phasmophobia Christmas Holiday Event 2023

Starting the Event

To begin the Phasmophobia Christmas Holiday Event, players must first collect three mysterious parts that can only be found on the Sunny Meadows Mental map. These parts are hidden around the asylum, and players will need to explore thoroughly to locate them. Once a player gathers all three parts, they can be used to craft a particular snowball gun at one of the workbenches in the asylum. This snowball gun is required to eliminate the dancing snowmen during the scavenger hunt portion of the event. With it, players can complete the entire holiday gameplay.

Scavenger Hunt Gameplay

After obtaining the snowball gun, the scavenger hunt across seven different maps will become available. The dancing snowmen are scattered across various spots on each map, ranging between 30-40 snowmen per location. For example, on the Ridgeview Road House map, there are 38 snowmen. Players will find them on the windowsill, fridge, microwave, and more. Similarly, Camp Woodwind and 13 Willow Street have 34 dancing snowmen to locate and eliminate.

Players must hunt throughout every nook and cranny of the maps to find these holiday decorations. Once a snowman is found, players can shoot it with the snowball gun to make it disappear. Eliminating all of the snowmen on a map will trigger a special holiday-themed ghost hunt. Completing the snowman scavenger hunt on one map grants credit toward finishing the Christmas event.

Holiday Content

In addition to the dancing snowmen hunt, the Christmas Holiday Event has some festive touches. The game’s lighting uses a reddish, green, and golden tone to match the holiday season. The maps are decorated with wreaths, Christmas trees, candy canes, and more. Even the journal section of the menu has been redecorated into a gift box with bows and ribbons.

The patch notes for the Holiday 2023 update also include some other Christmas-themed changes. The Summoning Circle has updated textures, audio, and effects to make it more magical. New holiday decorations and snowmen are also added to the Prison map for this year’s event.

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Completing the Event

To fully complete the Phasmophobia Christmas Holiday Event 2023, players must eliminate all dancing snowmen across the seven available maps. These include:

  • Tanglewood Street House
  • Ridgeview Road House
  • Edgefield Street House
  • Grafton Farmhouse
  • Bleasdale Farmhouse
  • Prison
  • Asylum

The number of snowmen varies per map, ranging from 30-40. Once every single snowman has been found and shot with the snowball gun, the Christmas event is considered complete. Finishing it unlocks a particular holiday skin for players as a reward.


Phasmophobia’s festive Christmas Holiday Event brings the ghost-hunting game seasonal joy. Players can celebrate the holidays with this unique scavenger hunt-style event across multiple maps. Locating and eliminating all of the dancing snowmen allows fans to complete the event and earn unique holiday cosmetics fully. As a yearly tradition for Phasmophobia, the Christmas gameplay aims to spread cheer through this spooky game. The event will run for about three weeks, from December 11th, 2023, until January 1st, 2024.

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