Phase Spider Matriarch Mastery: A Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide

The treacherous depths of the Underdark hide many horrors, but none so feared as the lairs of the phase spider matriarchs. These massive spider queens possess unnatural abilities, allowing them to phase between the Material and Ethereal planes. Aided by their spiderling offspring, a phase spider matriarch presents a lethal challenge to even seasoned adventurers.

This guide offers strategies for facing one of these deadly foes, drawing from lessons learned by bold heroes who ventured into the Whispering Depths seeking to defeat the phase spider matriarch and claim her treasures. From ideal party compositions to tactical spells and abilities, these pages contain hard-won knowledge for contending with the phase spider matriarch and emerging victorious. So gather your allies and steel yourself as we delve into facing one of the Underdark’s most dangerous creatures – the phase spider matriarch!

Introduction to the Phase Spider Matriarch

Baldur’s Gate 3 introduces a formidable boss, the Phase Spider Matriarch, located in the treacherous Whispering Depths. This massive creature presents a substantial challenge due to heightened health and the company of two Phase Spiders during the encounter.

Strategies for Defeating the Phase Spider Matriarch

A. Destroying Spider Eggs Before Combat

Commence the battle by eliminating as many spider eggs as possible to limit reinforcements during the fight.

B. Spider Queen’s Wrath at 50% Health

Watch for the Phase Spider Matriarch’s transformation at 50% health, casting Spider Queen’s Wrath. This increases strength but reduces armor class, altering the dynamics of the battle.

C. Using Fire Spells on Spider Webs

Utilize fire spells to burn the webs supporting the Matriarch, causing her to suffer fall damage and creating a vulnerable moment.

D. Dealing with Other Spiders and Spiderlings

Manage additional threats by taking out other spiders and Phase Spiderlings while focusing on the primary target.

E. Looting the Poisoner’s Robe

Upon victory, loot the Phase Spider Matriarch’s corpse to potentially acquire the Poisoner’s Robe, enhancing poison damage for spellcasters.

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Recommended Party Compositions

A. Stealth and Ranged Attacks

Include a character with stealth and ranged attacks to efficiently eliminate spider eggs before the main confrontation.

B. Strong Shove Abilities

Deploy a character with potent shove abilities, like a Barbarian or Paladin, to manipulate the battlefield by knocking spiders into chasms.

C. Ranged Attacks for Matriarch

Ensure a character with strong ranged attacks, such as a Mage or Archer, focuses on diminishing the Matriarch’s health.

D. Healing Spells and Abilities

Incorporate a character with healing spells or abilities to revive party members, ensuring endurance throughout the fight.

Character Builds and Abilities

A. Monk with Tongue of the Spider

Utilize a Monk with Tongue of the Spider to grapple the Matriarch, preventing spellcasting and gaining control.

B. Warlock with Eldritch Blast

Empower a Warlock with the Eldritch Blast cantrip for consistent damage to both the Matriarch and her spiderlings.

C. Web of Entrapment Spell

A character with access to the Web of Entrapment spell can effectively immobilize the Matriarch, simplifying the battle’s complexity.

Spells and Strategies

A. AoE Spells and Throwables

Utilize area-of-effect spells and throwables like Alchemist Fire to clear spiderlings and destroy eggs before engaging the Matriarch.

B. Spells that Shove Enemies

Leverage spells like Thunderwave, Repelling Blast, or Void Bulb to manipulate enemy positions, potentially knocking them into chasms.

C. Fire Spells for Web Burning

Burn the Matriarch’s webs with fire spells to induce fall damage, creating a temporary advantage in the battle.

D. Stealth and Sneak Attacks

Use spells like Feather Fall for strategic positioning, enabling sneak attacks or well-timed shoving spells.

E. Web of Entrapment Spell Usage

Employ the Web of Entrapment spells to control the Matriarch’s movements, simplifying the battlefield dynamics.

Using Weapons and Abilities

A. Warlock with Repelling Eldritch Blast

Employ the Repelling Eldritch Blast to push the Matriarch or other enemies, creating opportunities for strategic control.

B. Battlemaster Fighter with Pushing Attack

Utilize the Pushing Attack maneuver to push enemies, including the Matriarch, for better battlefield control.

C. Swordbard with Mobile Flourish

Leverage the Mobile Flourish ability to push the Matriarch or reposition, gaining tactical advantages in the battle.

D. Spells that Shove Enemies

Use spells like Thunderwave, Repelling Blast, or Void Bulb to manipulate enemy positions, potentially knocking them into chasms.

E. Fire-based Weapons and Spells

Utilize weapons and spells with fire damage to burn the Matriarch’s webs, causing fall damage and creating vulnerabilities.


In the challenging battle against the Phase Spider Matriarch, coordination and strategic planning are key. By following these strategies, leveraging specific character builds, spells, and weapons, players can triumph over this formidable foe.

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