Persona 5 Royal: Madarame Palace Walkthrough


Madarame’s Palace is one of the most intricate and puzzle-filled dungeons in Persona 5 Royal. As the second Palace that players infiltrate, Madarame’s Museum provides a challenging experience filled with new enemies, puzzles, and obstacles to overcome. Understanding the layout, puzzles, enemies, and boss fights is key to progressing and changing Madarame’s heart. This walkthrough will provide a complete guide to navigating this Palace successfully.

Mad Arame’s Palace Layout

Madarame’s Palace is a grand, multi-floor museum filled with exhibits showcasing his stolen artwork. The basic layout includes:

  • Main Hall – This area’s starting point contains shadow guards and laser barriers.
  • West Building – Featuring paintings and patrolling guards, layers must sneak carefully.
  • East Building – Has dividing walls that block progress and must be moved.
  • Central Garden – An open, circular area with a towering statue.
  • Special Exhibit Room – Lasers crisscross this area, requiring careful navigation.
  • Treasure Hall – The climactic final area holding Madarame’s Treasure.

Within each area, players will find locked doors, hidden pathways, stairs, and shortcuts that make navigating the full Palace complex. Having a map or guide can help avoid getting lost.

Persona 5 Royal Madarame Palace Walkthrough

Puzzles and Challenges

Madarame’s Palace contains unique puzzles players must solve to progress deeper and reach the Treasure. Key puzzles include:

Laser Barriers

Green lasers block paths in the Main Hall and Special Exhibit Room. Players must study laser patterns and use Joker’s grappling hook ability to navigate around them safely. One wrong move triggers an alarm.

Moving Walls

In the East Building, large dividing walls block the path. Players must find switches to move the walls and reveal the true path forward.

Statue Shortcuts

The towering statue in Central Garden hides stairwells inside that create shortcuts to other floors. These shortcuts help avoid fights and speed navigation.

Real Painting

In the Treasure Hall, players must distinguish the real Sayuri painting from fakes to unlock the path to the Treasure. Checking the back of the paintings gives clues.

Solving each puzzle unlocks new areas of the Palace and brings players closer to the Treasure. Having quick wits and observation skills helps overcome these challenges.

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Shadows and Combat

Fighting shadows play a major part in exploring Palaces. Some common enemies found in Madara Me’s Palace include:

  • Security Shadows – Weak to-fire skills like Agi. Use Baton Pass to maximize damage.
  • Dancing Candelabra – Strong against physical but weak to wind skills like Garu.
  • Painter’s Left Eye/Mouth – Use Rakunda to lower defence, then exploit weakness.
  • Killbot – Has no weaknesses. Reduce attacks with Tarunda and evade physical attacks.

Madarame’s shadows are strong against physical attacks but weak to specific elemental skills. By targeting weaknesses and lowering stats, players can defeat them efficiently. Baton Pass helps eliminate shadows in a single turn.

Madarame Boss Fight

After unlocking the path in Treasure Hall, players will face Shadow Madarame, and four paintings will come to life. Each painting has unique skills and weaknesses:

  • Madam – Strong vs Fire. Weak to Electric.
  • Cloudy Girl – Resists Physical. Weak to Nuclear.
  • Nose – Nulls Physical. Weak to Psychic moves.
  • Eyes – Resists Fire/Electric. Weak to Ice attacks.

When defeated, Madarame will shift to his second form, Amara-Onna, gaining increased strength and new shadow abilities.

Key strategies include using Baton Pass, targeting weaknesses, and lowering Madarame’s attack or defence. With the right Personas and carefully chosen moves, players will secure victory.


Madarame’s Palace provides an exciting infiltration filled with unique puzzles, challenging shadows, and an epic boss fight. Careful navigation, puzzle-solving, and combat strategy are required to change Madarame’s heart and complete the Palace successfully. Understanding the layout, preparing Personas wisely, and leveraging elemental weaknesses give players the advantage to overcome this dungeon’s obstacles. The secrets and Treasures of Madarame’s grand museum will be claimed with patience and the right tactics.

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