PC Game Chrono Trigger Patch v19 32c1

For fans of the classic Super Nintendo RPG Chrono Trigger, few games capture the magic and charm of the original experience. However, with the release of the PC port, players quickly noticed technical issues that detracted from the timeless gameplay. Enter the Chrono Trigger Patch v19 32c1 – this fan-made modification aims to smooth out the PC port’s rough edges through a variety of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

By addressing graphical glitches, random crashes, and saving issues, the patch helps recapture the reliability and polish of the SNES classic. The patch also introduces exciting new customization options, including alternate character sprites, backgrounds, and music choices to make the adventure your own. So if you’ve tried the official PC release of Chrono Trigger but found it lacking, this patch could be the upgrade you need to properly relive one of the greatest RPGs of all time.


In the vast world of gaming, the classic PC game Chrono Trigger has stood the test of time. However, even the most beloved games can have their quirks and imperfections. Enter Chrono Trigger Patch v19 32c1, a fan-made patch designed to elevate your gaming experience by addressing bugs and introducing exciting new features.

Bug Fixes: Polishing the Gaming Gem

Graphical Glitches Vanquished

Chrono Trigger enthusiasts know the frustration of encountering graphical hiccups. This patch meticulously sweeps away these glitches, ensuring a visually seamless experience.

Crash Prevention Mechanism

Nothing dampens the gaming spirit like an unexpected crash. The patch incorporates a fix that puts an end to those untimely disruptions, letting you delve into the game without worry.

Save Woes Resolved

Imagine making significant progress, only to discover your game won’t save. This patch eradicates such concerns, ensuring your journey through Chrono Trigger is saved and ready for continuation.

Minor Bugs Squashed

The devil is in the details, and the patch doesn’t overlook them. Numerous minor bugs meet their demise, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

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New Features: Unveiling Exciting Possibilities

Character Customization: Sprites Galore

One of the standout features of this patch is the introduction of different character sprites. Now, you can tailor your gaming experience by choosing the appearance of your favorite characters.

Background Variety: Setting the Scene

Immerse yourself further into the Chrono Trigger universe with the ability to use different backgrounds. Customize your visual journey and make each gameplay uniquely yours.

Music Control: Your Game, Your Soundtrack

For those who desire control over the auditory atmosphere, the patch introduces an option to disable the in-game music. Now you can play your favorite tunes as you navigate the captivating world of Chrono Trigger.

Speed Hack: Fast-Track Your Adventure

Feel the need for speed? Enable the new speed hack option and breeze through your quests at your preferred pace, adding a dynamic element to your gaming experience.

Installation: A Seamless Upgrade Process

Installing the patch is a straightforward process. Extract the ZIP file contents into your Chrono Trigger installation directory and run the patcher executable. Enjoy an enhanced gaming experience in a matter of minutes.

Compatibility: Universally Compatible Gaming Enhancement

Fear not, as this patch harmoniously integrates with all versions of the PC release of Chrono Trigger. Embrace the improvements without worrying about compatibility issues.

Important Notes: A Few Caveats

Unofficial Status

It’s crucial to note that this patch is not official and lacks support from Square Enix. While it enhances gameplay, use it at your discretion.

Mod Compatibility

This patch may not play nice with all mods. Exercise caution and ensure compatibility with your desired mods before proceeding.

Save Game Caution

Some users may experience issues with saved games. Proceed with awareness, and consider backups to safeguard your progress.

Overall Verdict: Elevate Your Gaming Odyssey

Chrono Trigger Patch v19 32c1 is a commendable enhancement for the PC version of this classic game. With bug fixes and exciting new features, it breathes new life into a beloved title. However, users should tread cautiously, recognizing its unofficial nature and potential compatibility quirks.

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