Palworld Roadmap: Upcoming Pals & New Features Reveal 2024

Palworld, the quirky multiplayer survival game where you can befriend and collect adorable creatures called Pals, has quickly become one of the most popular games on Steam since its early access launch in late 2022. Developers have outlined an ambitious roadmap for Palworld in 2024, giving players a glimpse into the future updates and content of this addictive game.


With its voxel-style graphics and Pokemon-inspired mechanics of catching unique Pals, Palworld has captured the hearts of many players. However, as with any new early-access game, there is room for improvements and additional features to enrich the experience.

The developers at Paspalum recently revealed their roadmap for Palworld in 2024, detailing some highly anticipated updates, including new Pals to collect, challenging boss battles, PvP modes, and better building tools. This early access roadmap shows that the devs clearly envision developing Palworld into a more polished and content-rich game.

Palworld Roadmap

PvP and Competitive Pal Battles

One of the most exciting upcoming additions is PvP combat, allowing players to battle each other directly. Palworld’s survival aspects currently focus on PvE challenges, so introducing PvP opens up new competitive and social dynamics. Players can test their skills and the strength of their loyal Pals against others.

The roadmap also mentions a Pal Arena for PvP battles, specifically between Pals. This promises to add a new competitive game mode where players can pit their cherished Pals against each other. Like Pokémon battles, this could become a vital end-game goal to train your Pals and create the strongest possible teams.

Raid Bosses and End-Game Content

For those who have already sunk dozens of hours into Palworld, the roadmap’s mention of upcoming raid bosses will provide new end-game challenges. These boss battles will test the skills of veteran players who have mastered the game’s survival loop and built up powerful Pals.

The introduction of compelling end-game content beyond just exploration and sandbox building is vital for retaining players over the long term. The promise of epic Pal-assisted battles against menacing raid bosses gives experienced players something to look forward to past the early game.

Improved Building and More Islands

Two necessary quality-of-life improvements on the roadmap are enhancements to the building system and new islands to discover. Since constructing bases and settlements is a big part of progression in Palworld, improving the building tools will make this key mechanic even more enjoyable.

Adding new islands to explore also expands the scope of the game’s world, giving veterans new challenges and environments to master. This will help keep the survival experience fresh after players have spent many hours on the existing islands.

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Steam and Xbox Crossplay

An essential technical milestone on the roadmap is enabling crossplay between the Steam and Xbox versions of the game. This will unite the player base across platforms, making it easier to play with your friends, whether they are on PC or Xbox.

The roadmap also mentions Xbox-specific improvements, showing that the developers are committed to enhancing the experience for console players and not just focusing on the PC version. Robust crossplay features and console support will help build a thriving multiplayer community.

New Pals to Discover and Collect

Of course, the highlight of any Palworld update is likely to be introducing brand-new Pals to find and collect. The roadmap teases more of these charming creatures being added in future updates. Players are already speculating what these new Pals might look like and what unique benefits they will offer.

Some players hope for more combat-focused Pals to help defend bases and fight bosses. Others want to see more whimsical and adorable Pals along the lines of the original lineup. Regardless, expanding the variety of Pals will give collectors a reason to keep playing.


While still in early access, the core of Palworld is already delightful, from the satisfaction of nurturing your Pals to the emergent fun of its sandbox world. However, this roadmap shows the team isn’t resting on its laurels and has plans to expand the game throughout 2024 greatly.

The addition of compelling new systems like PvP, raid bosses, and the Pal Arena will make Palworld a much more well-rounded and deep survival experience compared to its early access launch state. Meanwhile, Xbox features and crossplay improvements will strengthen the game’s community and accessibility.

Veteran players frustrated with the current lack of late-game goals will have plenty of exciting new challenges and milestones to pursue when these roadmap updates drop. For now, the roadmap provides a guiding light toward an even brighter future for this already addictively enjoyable game. The developers have a strong vision for this game, and 2024 promises to make Palworld bigger, better, and more polished than ever.

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