Palworld Passive Skills List & Benefits

Palworld is a new life sim that lets players recruit and manage cute creatures called Pals to help build a thriving community. One of the fundamental mechanics in optimizing your Pals is through passive skills. Passive skills provide bonuses and benefits that activate automatically without the player’s input. Understanding and utilizing passive skills effectively can give you a significant edge in Palworld. This article “Palworld Passive Skills List” will provide an overview of passive skills and how to use them strategically.

What are Passive Skills?

Passive skills provide statistical bonuses or special effects for a Pal. Unlike active skills that need to be manually activated, passive skills are always involved in the background. They can increase a Pal’s HP, damage, critical hit chance, work speed, and more.

Passive skills are randomly assigned to each new Pal you recruit. You have no control over which ones a Pal spawns with. However, through training and breeding pals, you can eventually cultivate them with optimal passive skills for your play style.

Categories of Passive Skills

There are several broad categories of passive skills in Palworld:

General Passives

General passives provide essential statistical boosts to attributes like HP, defence, movement speed, and hunger rate. Examples include:

  • Sturdy: Increases max HP
  • Swift: Increases movement speed
  • Glutton: Increases food consumption rate

These passives are helpful for general survival and exploration.

Combat Passives

Combat passives enhance a Pal’s fighting abilities. They include:

  • Brawler: Improves unarmed damage
  • Marksman: Boosts ranged weapon damage
  • Berserker: Increases damage at low HP
  • Counter: Chance to counterattack when hit

These skills make a Pal more effective in battles.

Work Passives

Work passives increase Pal’s productivity in various tasks like farming, mining, fishing, etc. For instance:

  • Miner: Faster mining speed
  • Lumberjack: Improved woodcutting ability
  • Farmer: Increased crop growth speed

Work passives are vital for resource gathering and base-building.

Specialty Passives

Specialty passives provide unique benefits outside of the above categories. Examples:

  • Chef: Better cooking skill
  • Tamer: Higher chance of taming wild Pals
  • Pack Rat: Can carry more items

These quirky skills have niche uses.

Palworld Passive Skills List

The Importance of Passive Skills

Passive skills are essential for several reasons:

  • They provide easy statistical bonuses without any effort from the player.
  • Certain passive combinations can synergize for powerful effects.
  • Passives compensate for any weaknesses in a Pal’s base stats.
  • End-game Pals with optimal passives significantly outperform regular ones.
  • Passives can customize a Pal’s role to fit your playstyle.

In short, passive skills give a substantial boost to your Pals. Acquiring Pals with the right passives is vital to mastering Palworld.

Recommended Passive Skills

Here are some of the best passive skills to look out for:

For General Exploration:

  • Sturdy (HP boost)
  • Swift (movement speed)
  • Hearty (hunger recovery)

These will help your Pal survive while exploring the world. Swift Pals can also serve as scouts.

For Resource Gathering:

  • Lumberjack
  • Miner
  • Farmer
  • Fisher

Pals with these skills will rapidly gather the resources needed to develop your community.

For Crafting:

  • Artisan (work speed)
  • Chef

Artisan massively boosts the construction of buildings, tools and weapons. Chef enables cooking bonuses.

For Combat:

  • Brawler
  • Berserker
  • Glass Cannon

These provide big damage bonuses to defeat enemies quickly. Brawler is great for unarmed Pals.

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Breeding for Passives

Breeding Pals pass down passive skills from parents to offspring. Some tips:

  • Breed Pals with 2-3 complimentary passives you want.
  • Avoid breeding Pals with negative passives like Glutton.
  • Pass down passives from high-level/star Pals for a better chance of inheritance.
  • Use evolution stones to guarantee the passing of 1 skill to offspring.

Patience is vital, as breeding the perfect Pal takes time. But the payoff is worth it!

Potential Downsides

While passive skills provide many benefits, they also have some downsides to keep in mind:

  • Random assignment means you can’t pick skills directly.
  • Negative passives like Glutton can hinder a Pal.
  • Certain passives like Glass Cannon have significant tradeoffs.
  • Passives alone cannot compensate for low base stats.
  • Inheriting multiple passives through breeding has low odds.

Do not overly rely on passives to carry a Pal. Make sure to look at the complete package.


Mastering passive skills is crucial to getting the most out of your Pals in Palworld. Passives can bolster your Pals’ strengths, shore up weaknesses, and customize your play style. Pay close attention to passive combinations when recruiting and breeding Pals. With the right passives, you will be on the path to building your ideal Pal paradise!

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