Palworld: Paldeck List & Guide

Palworld is an exciting new open-world life simulator game currently being developed by Pocketpair. In this whimsical game, players can explore a vibrant world filled with cute and colourful creatures called Pals. One of the most intriguing aspects of Palworld is the diverse roster of Pals that players can recruit to their Paldeck.

What is a Paldeck?

A Paldeck is the player’s party or team of Pals in Palworld. As players progress through the game, they can encounter over 100 species of Pals in the wild. Once befriended, these Pals can be added to the player’s Paldeck and utilized in various ways.

The Paldeck functions similarly to a Pokémon party. Players can have up to 6 Pals in their Paldeck at one time. These Pals can aid the player in exploring, gathering resources, battling foes, and more. Strategically choosing which Pals to keep in your active Paldeck is an essential game element.

Palworld Paldeck

The Different Types of Pals

Palworld features 9 elemental types that Pals can belong to:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Grass
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Dragon
  • Dark
  • Ground
  • Neutral

Each type has its strengths and weaknesses when battling other Pals. For example, Fire Pals deal extra damage to Grass Pals, while Grass Pals have an advantage over Ground Pals. Building a Paldeck with type coverage and synergy is crucial.

In addition to types, each Pal has the skills that make it useful for specific tasks. Some Pals are better at exploring, others at gathering resources, and some specialize in combat. Choosing Pals with complementary skills is another crucial Paldeck strategy.

Notable Paldeck Pals

While the full Pal roster is still being finalized, here are some interesting Pals we know about so far:


This fluffy neutral type Pal is one of the starter options. Lamballs have skills like shielding, Handiwork, Transporting, and Farming. They can also produce wool and lamb meat.


Another neutral type, Cattivas, is cat-like. Pals are adept at gathering, mining, transporting, and collecting berries. Their helper skill could make them valuable partners.


These neutral Pals are skilled at gathering and Farming and can provide eggs. Their egg-laying ability could be precious for cooking and quests.


This icy water Pal looks adorable, but we don’t know much about its skills yet. It could have powerful ice abilities.


Nox is a sinister-looking type of Pal. Shady Pals are strong against neutral types, so Nox may be helpful when battling standard foes.


Another dark type, Killamari, is likely geared for combat like Nox. However, its specific skills remain a mystery.

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Planning Your Paldeck Strategy

When assembling your ideal Paldeck, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Coverage: Make sure you have Pals of different types to exploit weaknesses. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable.
  • Balance: You’ll want Pals suited for different roles like combat, gathering, exploration, etc. Don’t limit yourself.
  • Synergy: Find Pals that complement each other’s abilities. Certain skill combinations may be very effective.
  • Flexibility: Needs may change over time, so try to have Pals that can fill multiple positions. Keep options open.
  • Favourites: While strategy is essential, you’ll have the most fun with the Pals you like! Pick some personalities that appeal to you.

As you journey through the world meeting new Pals, be selective when adding members to your Paldeck. But don’t be afraid to mix things up and experiment with different Pal combinations. A well-rounded Paldeck will help you thrive in Palworld!

How Paldecks Factor Into the Gameplay

Your Paldeck is integral to almost every aspect of the Palworld experience. Here are some of the key ways it will impact your adventure:


Specific movement or terrain-traversal-focused Pals will allow you to access new areas. Specific field skills may also help you find hidden items and locations.

Resource Gathering

Pals with gathering, fishing, mining and other resource-collecting abilities will boost your crafting and building potential.


Your Paldeck will be by your side in combat against rogue Pals and other enemies. Make sure it’s battle-ready!


Many quests will require utilizing your Pal’s skills in unique ways. Keeping some versatility in your Paldeck will allow you to complete more quests.

Base Building

At your home base, your Pals will pitch in with construction, Farming, and maintaining various facilities. Choose helpers accordingly.

Your Paldeck truly allows you to tailor aspects of the game to your preferred playstyle. You can focus on exploration, combat, resource gathering or base building by selecting appropriate Pals.

Exciting Updates Planned

Palworld is still in active development, and the devs at Pocketpair have hinted at many exciting upcoming features. Here are some Paldeck-related updates to look forward to:

  • More Pals – New Pal species are waiting to be discovered across the islands of Palworld!
  • Rare Variants – Unique, rare versions of Pals with particular traits and abilities.
  • Bonding – Deeper bonds with your Pals will unlock bonus powers and skills.
  • Side Quests – Pals may give you side quests to complete and grow closer to them.
  • Competitions – Test your best Paldeck against your friends in competitive challenges!
  • Customization – Ways to visually customize your favourite Pals with accessories and gear.

The devs have promised robust after-launch support with new content, so Palworld will continue to grow and evolve after its release.


Building your personalized Paldeck is one of the most enjoyable elements that gives Palworld much replay value. You’ll want to carefully curate a roster of Pals that match your playstyle and priorities in the game.

Keep an open mind, experiment often, and don’t hesitate to switch things up if a Pal isn’t working out. The journey of discovering all the Pals and forming bonds with them promises to be a magical experience.

With so much still to learn about the mysterious world of Palworld, one thing is sure: your Paldeck will be your trusty group of companions through every step of this grand adventure. The possibilities are endless!

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