Palworld: List of Pals & Skills

Palworld is an upcoming life simulation game featuring adorable, mysterious creatures called Pals. These charming companions can be caught and trained to help players survive and thrive in the wild world of Palworld. With the game’s release soon, interest is growing around the full Pal roster. So, let’s look at the diverse cast of currently revealed Palworld List of Pals!

An Overview of Pals in Palworld

Pals are the core focus of Palworld’s gameplay. They are fantastical creatures that draw inspiration from real-world animals while adding a splash of fantasy. Lambballs, foxes, and chicks take on new life as Pals with elemental powers and human-like intelligence.

Players take on the role of a Pal Ranger, exploring the regions of Palworld. They aim to catch and befriend the Pals, who can assist them in various tasks and challenges. With over 100 known Pals so far, players will get to assemble their dream Pal team to take on Palworld.

Each Pal belongs to one or two elemental types that determine their skills and abilities. For example, Fire Pals excel at providing warmth and lighting fires, while Electric Pals can generate electricity. Players must catch a diverse array of Pals to handle the many challenges of surviving in the wilderness.

Let’s look at the current known Pal roster revealed and what makes them unique.

Palworld List of Pals

The Starter Trio: Lamball, Cattiva, and Chikipi

When embarking on their Palworld journey, players choose between three starter Pals:


This round, gentle Pal resembles a lamb. Its soft fur and shy personality make it a comforting companion. As a grass type, Lambballs can cultivate plants and vegetables. They’re beginner-friendly Pals perfect for starting players.


Modelled after a cat, these mischievous Pals are speedy and stealthy. Cattivas enjoy exploring, though their aloofness means they wander off alone. Their Dark type gives them strong night vision and powerful ambush abilities.


Drawing from chickens, Chikipis are reliable Electric-type Pals. They can generate electricity to power devices and equipment. Chikipis are easygoing but delicate, so players must care for these Pals.

Cute and Cuddly Pals

Palworld features many cute mammals and bird-like Pals ideal for companionship. Here are some of the friendliest faces:


Their big, round eyes and fuzziness give Lifmunks tons of charm. These passive Pals want to eat and sleep all day. As grass types, Lifmunks can detect fresh vegetables underground.


Clever and curious like their fox inspiration, Foxparks make loyal friends. Their keen eyesight helps them excel as scouts. Foxparks also have Fire-type abilities, letting them generate warmth.


Reminiscent of Tanukis, Tanzee is laid back and a bit lazy. They use their Water-type skills to fish and sail small boats. And their large tails can even serve as comfy beds!


Drawing from pandas, Sparkit are peaceful Pals who avoid confrontation. They prefer lazing about and snacking on bamboo. Their Electric-typing allows Sparkit to generate electricity, too.

Elemental Pals

In addition to the cute critters, Palworld has more mysterious Pals aligned to specific elements. These rare elemental Pals have incredible mastery over their associated element.


These bird-like Pals are agile and proud. Helzephyrs bond with the winds and can conjure gale-force gusts with their wind-type skills. They also provide safe air travel.


Hide your diamonds and gold! The lizard-esque Astegon are mischievous and obsessed with treasure. They utilize their Earth-type talents to sniff out buried riches and dig tunnels.


Jormuntides are hulking, molten Pals who love the heat. With their Fire-typing, Jormuntides can produce searing flames. They thrive in volcanoes but may prove difficult for novice Pal Rangers.


Majestic yet gentle, Frostallions resemble horses with icy horns and tails. Their ice type gives them tremendous control over frost and snow. Frostallions create blizzards to protect themselves.

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Rare and Legendary Pals

The rarest Pals in Palworld are shrouded in mystery. These unique legendaries represent the pinnacle of elemental mastery.


Sightings of this aloof, vampiric Pal are sporadic. Lyleen wields the mysterious powers of the moon with their Dark-type skills. Only expert Pal Rangers stand a chance of encountering them.


Orserks are rumoured Pal giants with unmatched strength. They can conjure quakes and crush boulders using their Ground-type might. But their existence remains the stuff of myth and legend.


Said to be a holy Pal glowing with angelic light, Paladius has powers unlike any other. This mythical Paladeus Pal can heal allies and smite foes with its unique Light element. But only the truest Pal Rangers may ever encounter it.

The Evil Pals

Of course, not all Pals are friendly. Palworld has its fair share of antagonistic Pals that players must handle carefully.


Hide your vegetables! Parrot-like Menastings have an insatiable hunger for fruit and veggies. They’ll swipe produce out of gardens with their Flying-type mobility and speed.


These ghostly Pals enjoy playing pranks and stirring up fear. With sinister Dark-type powers, Necromus can haunt people’s dreams, too. They are mischievous rather than dangerous but still creepy.


Get ready to protect your camps and food stores from this headache. Fuacks are duck-inspired Pals with big appetites and bad attitudes. Their Water-typing lets them flood areas and stir up chaos.

The Legendary Dragons

At the apex of Palworld’s creatures stand the three legendary dragons. These ultra-powerful boss Pals represent the pinnacle of Pal mastery.


Suzaku, the vermilion bird of the south, wields flames that turn rocks to ash. Its blazing Fire-type attacks demand respect from all other Pals. Taming Suzaku may be every Pal Ranger’s ultimate dream.


Lord of the eastern seas, Seiryu controls storms and tidal waves with its Water-type strength. Its scales shimmer an azure blue and can summon rain for months. Seiryu poses a tremendous challenge to catch.


Rumbling with the force of an earthquake, the black tortoise Genbu boasts untold Ground-type might. It is said to bear the weight of the entire world on its back. Genbu is genuinely a legendary presence.

Completing the Paldeck

With over 100 known Pals and more on the way, Palworld promises a wonderfully diverse experience. Catching every Pal to complete the Paldeck will be a massive undertaking requiring the expertise of Pal Rangers. But with all the cute, calm, and assertive Pals to befriend, it will be an unforgettable journey.

The game’s release is hotly anticipated as players eagerly await their chance to explore Palworld. Until then, speculation will continue about what other magnificent and mysterious Pals remain undiscovered in this charming world. One thing is sure: Palworld will begin many exciting adventures between Pal Rangers and their new Pal partners.

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