Palworld: Jormuntide Ignis Egg Location

Palworld is a vast open-world game filled with different biomes, quests, and various Pals to discover. One of the rarest and most sought-after Pals is Jormuntide Ignis, a powerful dragon-type Pal capable of dealing electric, fire, and dragon-type damage. While adult Jormuntide Ignis can be challenging to catch, players can also collect Jormuntide Ignis eggs, which can be hatched into babies and raised. This offers an early advantage, as the hatched Jormuntide Ignis will already be bonded to you. However, finding Jormuntide Ignis eggs is no easy feat.

Locating Jormuntide Ignis Eggs

Jormuntide Ignis eggs specifically come in the form of Huge Scorching Eggs. These fiery eggs can only be found in one extremely hazardous location — the volcano crater near the Syndicate Tower within the No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary. This rocky, lava-filled island is west of the Forgotten Islands and north of Mt. Obsidian.

Reaching this remote sanctuary will take time and preparation. You’ll need a sturdy Pal mount with plenty of HP to withstand accidental lava damage. Heat Resistant Armor is also a must to avoid catching on fire in the extreme heat. Even with precautions, this journey into the volcano crater is dangerous, so come prepared with plenty of vital items.

Once you reach the sanctuary, head to the Syndicate Tower structure protruding from the lava. The eggs can be found nearby, but you must carefully manoeuvre around lava pools to reach them. Caution is key, as one false step could prove fatal. It’s recommended to use a quick water-type Pal mount that can rapidly swim through lava while avoiding damage.

Palworld Jormuntide Ignis Egg Location

How to Capture and Hatch Jormuntide Ignis

Simply collecting the eggs is only the first step — you’ll need to hatch and raise the Jormuntide Ignis Pals safely.

Transport the Scorching Eggs carefully back to an incubation centre as soon as possible. The eggs are fragile and may crack if jostled too much.

You’ll need to maintain very high temperatures for the eggs during incubation. Use incubation boosters to increase hatching speed and success rate.

Once hatched, the Jormuntide Ignis babies will immediately bond with you. Ensure you frequently feed, play with, and train them to increase loyalty.

As the Jormuntide Ignis grows, it will become a formidable ally and battling partner. Take time to teach it new moves and abilities to reach its full potential.

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Alternate Methods to Obtain Jormuntide Ignis

While using Scorching Eggs is the most direct method, there are alternatives to obtain this rare Pal:

  • Hunt adult Jormuntide Ignis uses water-type pals like Azurobe, Jormuntide, or Suzaku Aqua. Their water attacks are super effective versus the fire/electric dragon.
  • Legendary Spheres can instantly catch wild Pals, increasing the odds of capturing elusive Jormuntide Ignis.
  • Hunt at night to avoid attracting other aggressive Pals during the search.
  • Breed two existing Jormuntide Ignis to produce an egg. However, finding parent Pals will be exceedingly difficult.


Jormuntide Ignis is one of Palworld’s most formidable Pals, capable of dishing out devastating fire, electric, and dragon moves. While finding a Scorching Egg in the volcanic No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary will take effort and risk, the payoff of hatching your ultra-rare Jormuntide Ignis is well worth it. Take the time to fully bond with and train your dragon Pal to unlock its full earth-scorching potential. With a Jormuntide Ignis at your side, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge Palworld throws your way!

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