How to Use the Breeding Farm in Palworld


Breeding is an important mechanic in Palworld that allows you to produce new Pals. With the Breeding Farm building, you can selectively breed your Pals to create powerful offspring tailored to your needs. Successfully breeding Pals takes a bit of effort but is very rewarding. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using the Breeding Farm in Palworld.

How to Unlock the Breeding Farm

The Breeding Farm first becomes available at level 19. To unlock the ability to build it, you’ll need to invest some Technology Points into the Breeding Farm upgrade in the build menu.

Once unlocked, constructing a Breeding Farm requires the following resources:

  • 100 Wood
  • 200 Stone
  • 50 Fiber

As one of the larger buildings in the game, place your Breeding Farm somewhere with ample room in your base. You’ll want convenient access to it for breeding new Pals.

With the structure placed, your Breeding Farm will be ready to start producing eggs!

Palworld How To Use Breeding Farm

How to Prepare Pals for Breeding

You’ll first need one male and one female Pal to breed two Pals together. Their genders can be determined from icons displayed over their heads.

You’ll want both Pals to work at your base before breeding them. Assign them to stations like crafting, mining, or harvesting. Productive Pals tend to yield better chances of Breeding successfully.

In addition, make sure both Pals are healthy, with full hunger bars. Well-fed Pals breed better than hungry ones.

Once you have one male and one female Pal productively working at your base, you’re ready to get them in the mood for love with a special treat.

How to Crafting a Cake

The key to encouraging your Pals to breed is to craft a Cake for them. Cakes can be prepared at a Cooking Pot and require the following ingredients:

  • 1 Wheat Flour
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 Milk
  • 2 Red Berries
  • 1 Honey

Wheat Flour is made from Wheat at a Mill. Milk and Eggs can be gathered daily from cows and chickens. Red Berries grow on bushes around the world. Honey is crafted from Beeswax at an Alchemy Table or collected from beehives.

With the ingredients, open your Cooking Pot and select the Cake recipe. It will take in-game time to bake the Cake.

Once finished, you’ll have a fresh Cake ready to catalyze some Pal romance.

How to Initiate the Breeding Process

To begin Breeding, pick up your selected male and female Pal and place them inside the Breeding Farm building. Make sure both their status bars are full.

Next, open up the chest interface for the Breeding Farm and place the freshly baked Cake you crafted inside.

Close the chest. If all conditions are right, a “Breeding” progress indicator should appear above the farm, encircling a mystery egg icon.

Now the magic happens! Leave your Pals undisturbed in the Breeding Farm as they enjoy their Cake together. With luck, their love will flourish and produce a fertile egg.

How to Collect the Egg

After enough time passes, the Breeding will conclude successfully, with the female Pal inside laying a unique egg.

You’ll want to promptly collect this egg and place it in an Incubator to hatch your new bundle of joy.

Remove the new egg from the Breeding Farm’s chest and take it to an Incubator. Place it inside the Incubator’s inventory and close it up.

Before long, the egg will hatch, and you’ll have a brand new baby Pal!

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How to Care for the Newborn Pal

Your freshly hatched Pal will start small and weak. You’ll need to tend to its needs as it matures.

  • Keep the baby Pal fed with Milk until it grows into a Child Pal.
  • Ensure it stays housed and warm.
  • Gradually introduce it to work around the base as it ages up.

With proper care and affection, your newborn Pal will grow into a productive member of your settlement in no time.

Breeding Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips to help maximize your Breeding Farm productivity:

  • Make a fresh Cake each time you want to breed Pals. Don’t reuse old Cakes.
  • Select Pals with high Strength and Intelligence stats for the best offspring.
  • Let Pals fully rest between breeding sessions for a higher success chance.
  • Shelter, food, water, and rest impact breeding chances. Keep Pals happy.
  • Some pairings may take more tries than others to produce an egg. Be patient.
  • Rare and exotic Pals can only come from breeding special specimens.

With diligence and care, you can breed superpals to become champions of your settlement. They’ll help you defend against raids, excel at key production skills, and explore the world’s most dangerous areas.

How to Use Breeding for 100% Paldex Completion

In addition to creating ideal Pals, you can use controlled Breeding to obtain missing Paldex entries.

The Paldex tracks all Pal types you have owned. While exploring the world and completing quest chains, you’ll discover new species to register in your Paldex.

However, certain Pal variants can only be acquired through Breeding. For example, breeding a Grass Pal with a Water Pal may result in a new Moss Pal.

If missing a Paldex entry, examine parent Pal types that may produce the missing species. Breed candidate Pals and hatch eggs until you register that elusive Paldex entry.

With diligent Breeding, you can complete your Paldex to its full 100% completion.


Breeding Pals takes time and resources but opens up new possibilities for tailoring your perfect Pal companions. With the tips in this guide, you’ll be ready to run an efficient Breeding Farm and hatch Pals that excel at gathering, building, battling, and exploring. The breeding system offers rewards for Pal masters who invest the effort.

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