The Fastest Ground Mounts in Palworld

Ground mounts in Palworld allow players to traverse the vast open world quickly. Determining the absolute fastest ground mount can be difficult with so many options. However, through extensive testing and player experiences, a few frontrunners have emerged as top contenders for the speediest ground transportation in Palworld.

An Overview of Ground Mounts

Palworld features various ground mounts with speeds, abilities, and acquisition methods. Ground mounts can be captured and tamed from the wild, purchased from vendors, or crafted. Some mounts are available early on, while others require more advanced technology.

Ground mounts come in all shapes and sizes, from horse-like creatures to more exotic options. Stats like speed, stamina, carry weight, and health will vary between mounts. Some may be jack-of-all-trade options, while others specialize in specific abilities. Certain mounts, like the Pyrin, excel in raw speed, while mounts like the Capydeer have greater stamina for extended travel.

Choosing a suitable ground mount requires carefully weighing your priorities. Speed is essential for covering large distances quickly, but stamina ensures you don’t have to stop to rest. Mounts with greater carry weight allow for transporting more resources. Hardier mounts can better survive dangerous situations. Examining all factors will lead to picks tailored to your playstyle.

Palworld Fastest Ground Mount

The Top Contenders for Fastest Ground Mount

When prioritizing speed above all else, a few specific ground mounts stand out from the crowd as the likely fastest options in Palworld.

Pyrin/Pyrin Noct

The Pyrin and its rare nighttime variant, the Pyrin Noct, are often considered the definitive fastest ground mounts in Palworld. With an intimidating, fiery aesthetic, these mounts provide an enormous movement speed bonus. The Pyrin Noct is slightly quicker than the regular Pyrin.

Pyrin mounts are located on Mount Obsidian in the west. They are challenging to obtain, requiring sufficient technology and taming skills. But for players wanting the fastest way to cover ground in Palworld, the Pyrin and Pyrin Noct are hard to beat.


Another top speedster is the Rayhound. Found in the Desert far to the northeast, the Rayhound provides a movement speed nearly on par with the Pyrin mounts. It trades some raw speed for more significant stamina reserves but remains a highly regarded fast mount.

The Rayhound’s sleek, cybernetic appearance stands out from more organic mounts. It can keep up the momentum for longer trips without resting. For players who want both speed and stamina, the Rayhound is a compelling pick.


Also in the conversation for the fastest ground mount is the Fenglope. It offers an excellent combination of speed, stamina, and carrying capacity. While not as fast as the Pyrin or Rayhound in raw speed, the Fenglope can maintain its brisk pace for a long time before tiring.

Fenglopes inhabit a few different biomes but can reliably be found in grasslands and forests. Their broad antlers and colorful fur make them easily recognizable. The Fenglope is a great all-around option for covering ground rapidly without sacrificing utility.

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Other Notable Fast Ground Mounts

Beyond the top three, several other ground mounts have great speed and deserve consideration:

  • Direhowl – A substantial speed boost with excellent stamina. Unlocked via Technology Level 9.
  • Eikthrydeer – The Eikthrydeer provides a sizeable movement bonus, with the rare Eikthrydeer variant being even faster. Found via Technology Level 14.
  • Univolt – Another Technology Level 14 mount with superb speed and stamina. Its energetic appearance matches its performance.
  • Elkydeer – A starter mount is available early on. The unassuming Elkydeer can keep up with more advanced mounts in some situations.

The diversity of options allows players to choose a fast mount tailored to their specific needs and priorities. Testing different mounts in various situations is the best way to determine the fastest for your purposes.

How to Obtain and Utilize the Fastest Ground Mounts

To obtain one of Palworld’s fastest ground mounts:

  • Progress through technology tiers and camp upgrades to access advanced mounts.
  • Explore the biomes where these mounts can be found. Prepare sufficient pals and resources for capturing expeditions.
  • Invest in taming and breeding to acquire mounts with top-tier stats.
  • Build amenities like the Pasture to house and train mounts.
  • Spend time leveling your mount by traveling and exploring.

Once obtained, make sure to equip saddlebags and utilize your mount’s full-speed potential:

  • Regularly feed and care for your mount to maintain peak performance.
  • Stick to smooth terrain like roads to avoid speed reductions.
  • Enable auto-run for seamless long-distance travel.
  • Use your mount’s abilities and moods to augment speed when possible.

With the proper acquisition and care, the Pyrin, Rayhound, Fenglope, or your mount of choice will get you across Palworld faster than ever.


Ground mounts make traversal in Palworld’s massive world smooth and enjoyable; for players seeking the absolute fastest overland transportation, the Pyrin, Pyrin Noct, Rayhound, and Fenglope rise above the rest. But don’t overlook other mounts that can be customized and specialized for speed.

Finding an excellent ground mount requires identifying your priorities, exploring the world to locate them, and investing resources into their care and training. Do this successfully, and you’ll have a trusty speedster ready to carry you on adventures across every corner of Palworld. So saddle up, take to the open plains, forests, and mountains, and experience the thrill of riding one of Palworld’s fastest mounts.

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