How to Get Electric Organs in Palworld


Palworld is an upcoming life simulation game where players control cute creatures called “Pals” to build settlements and explore the world. A key resource in Palworld is electric organs, which are required to craft and power various electric machines and gear. Electric organs must be obtained through certain methods, as they are not naturally abundant. This article will provide an overview of the main ways to acquire electric organs in Palworld.

Hunting Electric Pals

The primary method for obtaining electric organs is by hunting specific Pals that drop them. Certain Pals in Palworld have electric-based abilities and anatomy, making them good sources of electric organs. The main Pals that drop usable electric organs when hunted include:

  • Sparkits – These small rodent-like Pals can release electric shocks. Their electric organs commonly drop when defeated. Sparkits spawn in certain biomes like forests and plains.
  • Jolthogs – Large hog Pals with bulging electric sacks on their backs. Jolthogs wield devastating electric attacks but drop lots of organs when killed. They are found in wetland areas.
  • Univolts – Flying manta ray-like Pals that shoot lightning bolts. Univolts are rare but provide many electric organs. Found near coasts and above oceans.
  • Grizzbolts – Furry bear Pals with electric claws for attacking. Grizzbolts are powerful enemies but give substantial organ drops. It is found in mountain and canyon regions.
  • Vulture – Vulture Pals that utilize lightning attacks. Volturs are airborne enemies that yield decent electric organs when hunted. It is found in desert highlands.

When hunting these Pals, using ranged weapons or traps is advised to avoid their dangerous electric strikes. Tracking them to their habitat spawn areas also helps find them more easily. With efficient hunting, stacks of useful electric organs can be gathered from defeated electric Pals.

Trading with Merchants

Another way to obtain electric organs is by purchasing them from traders and merchants. Certain NPC villages in Palworld will have trading posts where a variety of items, including electric organs, are sold. Players can visit these villages and check for merchants selling electric organs.

The organs sold by merchants are often priced at around 200 gold coins each. This can be costly when first starting in the game. However, for players struggling to hunt electric Pals or locate their habitats, buying from traders can be the most convenient option. The number of organs in stock will replenish over time.

Having surplus resources like meat, fruit, or materials to trade can reduce the gold coin costs. Players with gold reserves can also buy in bulk. Trading is slower but safer than hunting to acquire electric organs early on.

Palworld Electric Organ Farm

Farming and Harvesting

Once players have located habitats where electric Pals spawn, they can return there repeatedly to farm and harvest organs. Certain areas like Sparkit forests and Jolthog wetlands will respawn electric Pals over time.

By revisiting these farming spots, players can take advantage of the renewable enemies for their organ drops. Bringing traps and weapons tailored to the specific Pals can optimize the harvesting process. Constructing shelters or outposts near the farming spots reduces travel time.

Some ideal farming coordinates for electric Pals include:

  • Sparkit Forests: 106, -461
  • Jolthog Wetlands: 62, -417
  • Univolt Coastlines: 222, 311
  • Grizzbolt Canyons: -342, 152
  • Voltur Desert Highlands: 51, -229

With renewable farming, players can mass-produce electric organs for expanded crafting options. Stockpiling tons of spare organs also prepares for future electricity demands.

Crafting and Machines

Once obtained, electric organs are primarily used to craft various base machines, weapons, and gear that require electricity to function. Some examples include:

  • Power Generator – Uses organs as fuel to produce electricity for your settlement. It is needed for nearly all electrical purposes.
  • Electric Pylon – Transmits power from generators to other buildings and devices. Allows expanding electricity.
  • Electrified Fence – Barrier wall that shocks enemies using organs as an energy source. Defends settlements.
  • Stun Baton – Melee weapon using stored electric charge from organs to stun Pals. Non-lethal but disabled Pals.
  • Shock Grenade – Thrown explosives using electric organs to electrocute targets within the blast radius. Devastating but costly.
  • Pal Gear – Special equipment like Shock Collars and Organ Packs worn by Pals to enhance abilities. Requires electric organs to function.

Electricity is vital for advancing settlements in Palworld. Having a reliable stock of electric organs enables crafting the machines and gear needed to utilize electricity.

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Supplying Settlements with Power

The ultimate purpose of electric organs in Palworld is to power player-built settlements. By connecting generators, towers, and electrical devices, entire settlements can be powered using organs as fuel. Some uses include:

  • Operating electric lights to illuminate the base at night.
  • Running electric cooking appliances like ovens and refrigerators.
  • Electrifying security systems and traps to defend from wildlife and bandits.
  • Charging electric Pal weapons and gear by connecting them to generators.
  • Unlocking advanced crafting recipes for mechanical or electronic items.

With an efficient electric grid set-up, nearly every aspect of a Palworld settlement can utilize electricity generated from spare electric organs. Surplus organs in storage ensure the settlement has backup power reserves when expanding or crafting new electrified items.


Electric organs are a vital resource in Palworld that enables utilizing electricity for crafting, combat, and building powered settlements. Players can obtain them by hunting electric Pals, trading with merchants, farming organ material, and crafting electrical items that require them as ingredients. Stockpiling organs unlocks advanced crafting options and ensures stable electricity generation across a thriving settlement. With clever hunting strategies, trading deals, and efficient farming, players can master the collection and utilization of electric organs in Palworld.

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