Palworld: Dungeon Map Guide & More!


As an open-world survival crafting game, Palworld offers a vast and diverse map for players to explore. One of the most intriguing aspects of this game is the presence of dungeons scattered across the island of Palpagos. These challenging and rewarding locations provide players with a unique opportunity to test their skills, gather valuable resources, and uncover the mysteries of ancient civilization. This comprehensive guide delves into Palworld dungeons, offering insights into their locations, time locks, boss fights, and tips for successful dungeon runs.

Palworld Dungeon Map

How to Locate Dungeons in Palworld

Dungeons in Palworld are often located near massive rock formations, appearing as giant black squares that serve as entrances. You can utilize several resources to locate these dungeons, including your in-game map, known dungeon locations, and online maps.

Open your in-game map: Dungeon locations are marked on your map. Look for the dungeon icons to lead you to the entrance.

Known dungeon locations exist in Palworld, such as the Windswept Hills and the Land of Absolute Zero. Refer to the coordinates in this guide to find dungeons in these areas.

Online maps: IGN’s Palworld map and the Interactive Palworld Map on Map Genie offer detailed information on dungeon locations across Palpagos Island.

Cave systems: While not marked on your map, cave dungeons are smaller, easier-to-tackle options that often contain Alpha Bosses and rare resources.

Understand Time Locks

Some dungeon entrances might be inaccessible due to time locks. These locks are temporary barriers that prevent players from entering a dungeon during a specific period. If you encounter a time-locked dungeon, it’s best to seek out another available dungeon instead of waiting for the lock to expire.

How to Prepare for Dungeon Runs

Successful dungeon runs require careful preparation and planning. Here are some tips to help you gear up for the challenges ahead:

  1. Gather a strong team of Pals with diverse abilities and strengths.
  2. Upgrade your equipment, including weapons, armour, and tools.
  3. Stock up on resources like coal, Palladium, and sulfur for crafting and repairing.
  4. Plan your route using your map to locate the dungeon entrance and the most efficient path to the boss.
  5. Carry healing potions and other recovery items to keep your team healthy.

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Conquer Dungeon Bosses

The primary objective of a dungeon run is to locate and defeat the dungeon boss. These bosses have unique abilities and weaknesses, so it’s crucial to research them before entering the dungeon. Defeating a boss rewards you with rare gear, weapons, and Ancient Civilization Parts.

Tips for Successful Dungeon Runs

  1. Please keep track of your progress by marking down the dungeon locations you’ve discovered to make revisiting them easier.
  2. Stay updated on Palworld’s Early Access changes, as details are subject to change.
  3. If you fail to defeat a boss, learn from your mistakes and adjust your strategy for future runs.
  4. Enjoy the challenge and the thrill of discovery that Palworld’s dungeons offer.


Palworld’s dungeons offer players a unique and engaging experience filled with challenges, rewards, and the opportunity to uncover ancient mysteries. By following this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to locate dungeons, navigate time locks, prepare for runs, conquer bosses, and enjoy the adventure that awaits. Remember to gather a strong team, upgrade your equipment, plan your route, and stay updated on the game’s progress. Happy dungeon diving!

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